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  1. Found the issue. Added driver via SDDP and it updated. Was using a different driver that the AMS was still able to be ID in.
  2. So i found the login its "triad" and "triad" but there is no where/way to force the update. It still failing the update. Have tried setting the DNS to through the webpage but still no luck. Anyone have any hints? Thanks
  3. New audio matrix and it fails to update multiple times. Anyone know a way around this? Also anyone know the password to the web portal for the triad audio matrix? Tried a factory reset and it seems to keep failing the update. Thanks Ryan
  4. Barely used Doorbird doorstation D202 model Don't have a back box for it. https://www.doorbird.com/downloads/datasheet_d201_en.pdf $200US plus shipping OBO
  5. Its is all happening all the time since yesterday. Ryan
  6. Seems like the driver is broken with 1.0.2 when i try and refresh location data i get this 04/04/14 20:30:34 : Initializing iCloud session. [string "Lua Code"]:1653: unexpected termination of json while looking for object ({ or [ or ' or " or number or boolean or null expected) (ReceivedAsync) Has been working great till about 11 this am. Thanks Ryan
  7. I get an error when trying to add my email to the latest 0.9.2 communication driver. This is what is in the lua window [string "C4Commands"]:28: bad argument #1 to 'char' (invalid value) (OnPropertyChanged) Ryan
  8. Id be interested in trying it out. You might have more luck finding testers on the dealer forums. Ryan
  9. Lol Composer is hard to find cause only dealers are suppose to have it!!! Are you talking about Home edition? Ryan
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