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  1. There is a DS2 lock driver that allows you to create users, code and schedule from the T3 or the apps.
  2. I am using the Blackwire (Domaudeo) DMX driver and it works well on both T3s and ios and android. Uses the camera proxy.
  3. In every project we limit the rooms in general and especially for audio. We then use the global inout on the power amps to group zones. Additionally we use media scenes if not all linking is possible from the global input.
  4. We will be using this on all our projects using pakedge pdus. Great for the modem and for video sources.
  5. I am confused. If you use the C4 door station (or 2N Helios) will you not get a video pop up and be able to speak (if you want) and open the door on the T3 screens?
  6. There is not much too it, it can be done since it is very easy to talk to a Crestron processor. You can kind of actually create the commands to be what you want. I think if you are interested in this you should find a dealer that does both C4 and Crestron and is very experienced with both. You will loose the ability of the Crestron Room Boxes (advanced "baluns" with control on tv side) to control the tv but this is expected. The room boxes only need 1 wire from the main switcher - better to use the Crestron wire but now it will even work with cat5e - and will deliver HDMI, ethernet and control (IR/RS232) to the display. The room boxes can also be powered by PoE. It is a complicated and very expensive system but does HDMI switching much faster and more reliably than anything else on the market. Here is a picture from a Cytaxone installation that I remeber seeing in the past (this shows a 16x16 DM switcher above the C4 audio matrix in the middle rack): http://photos.cytexone.com/Technology-Assembly/public/12866445_uKkro#!i=926560504&k=chd4N
  7. Crestron DM does work with C4. You can send it direct IP commands but the best way to integrate it is using a small Crestron processor e.g QM-RMC or MC2E. I know and I have seen pictures of installations where the control system is C4 or AMX and video distribution is handled by Crestron DM.
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