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  1. It looks like it does. In the manual “4:4:4,4:2:2,4:2:0(10,12bit deep color) HDR10,HDR10+,Dolby Vision, HLG” Although their previous matrix said the same and it didn’t work. Not sure if they are referring to the cat6 hdbaset outputs or the hdmi
  2. Alan, does the latest driver (with Irusb support) allow direct access to Kodi or do you still have to run kodi as a launcher. The video storm driver has the ability for mini app access so in theory I think you can run any mini app directly?
  3. Ever since the upgrade to the hydra interface for the TiVo’s the stop button in the driver does not seem to work. Anyone else have a similar experience.
  4. LMK if anyone has any knowledge about Araknis networking gear. I am having an issue and I am sure it is in the network configuration with the system. So far no one has been able to help. thanks!
  5. Anyone here know anything about Araknis gear. C4 recommends these settings for Shairbridge but I can't seem to find them all in the Araknis router, switch or AP interfaces. Specifically the things I found were below (ok) but I couldn't find things that are (?) any ideas Enable the "multicast" function on the wireless network. (?) Enable "UPnP" (Universal Plug and Play) (ok) Disable "IGMP Snooping" (Internet Group Management Protocol) (ok) Disable the "Privacy Separator" function at the router. (?) Disable "WMM" under the wireless settings (?) Disable "Wireless isolation" (QoS setting).(?) Disable "Spanning Tree"(ok) Disable "Flow Control"(?) Disable "PaGP" (Port Aggregation Protocol)(?) Disable Block multicast / broadcast MAC address.(?)
  6. Sorry. Using a EA5 and HC800. Arakis router and switch and APs. I can use Airplay through a AV receiver or AppleTV. Its when I play through sharebridge is when i have an issue. Nothing plays. Rebooted the AV receiver and dealer added/readded the driver to no avail. Other digital music plays fine (TuneIn etc)
  7. did you ever figure this out. i am experiencing similar issues.
  8. figured it out. You need to install the FLRIC software on your PC, perform any firmware upgrades and then load the profile attached. Then the C4 Shield Driver works. for those of you who need it here is the FLRIC config file. The buttons are: Up Down Left Right Select Prev (mapped to CNCL) Home (mapped to MENU) my_flirc_config.fcfg
  9. No. I am assuming you are saying I have to program the FLIRC. If the driver being used is the an NVIDIA Shield IR driver what do you program the FLIRC as?
  10. I recently picked up the Nvidia Shield 2017 16gb version with a Flirc since it doesn't have a IR input. I have the nvidia driver but the commands are being recognizing. Anyone integrate a nvidia shield with flirc into Control4? Any ideas ? Thx.
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