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  1. I just went back and looked at the 2-button. The leds are blue (top and bottom) not green. Sorry for the misleading info. Have any suggestions?
  2. I have an older system running 2.5.3 (I know, I know, I need to upgrade) However, I had a 2-button go bad. I replaced it with on older 2-button I had in stock. Once installed the 2-Button shows both its Leds (top and bottom) as green. It cannot be identified into the project. I believe this is because it is on the old Zigbee. How can I upgrade or fix the issue. Tim
  3. Cybuch - I might take you up on your offer if I can get anything worked out. Still trying a few options.
  4. Sally - Haven't tried the restore stick. I thought it would have to be already on 2.24 to do the restore.
  5. Me and my dealer have been working on upgrading my system from 1.74 to 2.24. All has worked perfectly except for two 10.5" touch screens. They start to take the upgrade but freeze (lockup) once they need to reboot. Manually restarting doesn't work. We have heard from Control4 that upgrading the 10.5's can be problematic but no clear direction. Any suggestions on things to try.
  6. To make sure there wasn't an issue with the static IPs, we did set all the devices to DHCP. It didn't make a difference. The mini touch screen still did not display the network icon so it could be programmed nor does it see the director. Any other thoughts?
  7. We have an Ethernet Mini Touch Screen v2 running version I recently reassigned the static ips in my house and have issued new ips to all Mini Touch Screens. On one touch screen, it locked up on restarting the network connection. I unplugged it from the POE switch, waited, and plugged it back in. Now it does not show the network access icon under info nor does it see the director. We have done the button sequences to reset the network configuration as well as the factory defaults. This did not work. We have also reflashed the unit with a USB. That did not work either. We have
  8. Any other thoughts? Is there a way to go to a factory reset and reflash to 1.7.4?
  9. On a 3 1/2 inch ethernet touch screen? It is not a 10.5 panel.
  10. Regretably time was not the cure. The problem still exists. Any other thoughts?
  11. Okay, here is bizarre one that I need help with. We have an ethernet TP v2 running director 1.7.36. It was using a static ip. We recently have restaked the static ips and have reissued a new ip to the TP. Once the new IP was entered, we had a power blurp. Now the TP does not show the network access icon under info. We have reflashed the unit with a USB to reset it and that did not work. We have removed the unit from the wall and have directly connected it to the POE switch to verify there are no cableing issues. We get POE power fine and we get an IO blinking light from the network.
  12. Sorry for not responding. Been out of pocket of a good while. I have not tested the script on any version greater than 1.7 at this time. It will be this summer before I have the chance to test on the updated versions. That said, as long as the newer versions have an import media list function it should work. The only thing could be a problem is if the html file layout has changed. If so, this can be adjusted in the script.
  13. I do agree with you Dan. However it would interesting to see, maybe in six months, if there is any market shift and the impact. We could possibly see something at a dealer level. But I'm thinking more from the Control4's market view.
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