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  1. I'm using the wakeup agent and not the Wakeup/Goodnight agent as I like to be able to turn wakeup on and off using my phone or remote. When the wakeup fires, the TV comes on to the correct channel and the lights come on slowly. After 5 minutes the lights shut off. This is exactly what I want. Question is how do I leave 1 light on in the same room? set a timer to turn it back on after 5 minutes? How would that programming look? I've never used timers so do I have to stop the timer etc? Thanks
  2. Thanks! This is exactly the info I was looking for, screenshots really helped. This worked great, except for two lights I've labeled island and loft. Google recognizes this, but the lights don't repond. I've tripple checked spelling, deleted and re-entered programming etc, but I just can't get these two to work. Any ideas? I also tried to create "lock garage door". IFTTT and google recognize this, but the door just wont lock.
  3. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately My google assistant says same thing. It can't help with that. I must be entering something wrong
  4. This must be something I'm overlooking, I apologize if this has been asked before I have installed the IFTTT driver. To start with I have tried programmed turning lights on and off. This is working great, and surprisingly fast. One thing I cannot get to work is using the # as a variable for dimmer settings for example. The problem seems to be in IFTTT not control4. I pick "Say a phrase with a number" for example : "set island light to # percentage" but my google assistant doesnt recognizse this? It says sorry I can't help with that. I believe all other programming on the control4 side is fine. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. That was it! Thanks very much, appreciated.
  6. For some my 4sight is not working from a computer. The app on my phone works great, but it has stopped working on any computer/browser. It never gets past loading devices in room. I've tried Chrome and Edge browser. Any info appreciated.
  7. I ended up asking my dealer, who logged into my system remotely. It took him about 2 minutes to fix it. Mine now turns on and off and all the inputs work (Netflix, Amazon etc) and show up on the SR 250 remote Not sure what the problem was but my dealer is excellent!
  8. That's interesting. Mine is set to Web API now and it still will not turn off. However it will using composer directly. This makes me think somehow the video or audio end points are not right.
  9. I am having the same issue here. Would love to know what to do. Aso my xbr900 series tv will turn on, but not off. The TV can be controlled directly from composer though. Maybe the end points are messed up?
  10. To turn off this project, without a remote requires you to press the power button, wait a second and press it again. This can be replicated in the ir driver with a macro for power. No need to double tap the power button on the sr260. The macro will take care of this, needing you to just press it once.
  11. I believe my dealer edited the Projector driver o do just this. When powering off the projector it requires a press, then pause then press again. This can be done in the driver. That way when you hit power off it sends the command twice
  12. Thanks for the response. Those are the exact settings under my lte apn. I just didnt scroll down far enough. It works on every app I have. Except Control4
  13. Yes I pay for 4sight. This apn works: APN internet.com Username wapuser1 Password wap This one doesn't for control4, but does for all other apps I have (Including Chrome Browser) Settings Details APN ltemobile.apn Username Not required Password Not required My phone will work with GSM HSPA LTE all auto connect, but you do have to pick one or the other apns. So this is a pain as I have to switch my apn just for the control4 app :
  14. So this app works great on my phone when I'm connected to wifi. Problem is is won't work on my phone when I use an lte .apn (Chrome works great) It only works on a non lte apn on my phone. All other apps work when in the lte.apn mode except Control4 app. It has to be set to a lower apn. I'm on Rogers in Canada. I did contact them and they said maybe the developer has restricted the app? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  15. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a driver (IR, or IP) available for the vizio P series TV's? This model comes with a tablet, which I'll never use but it makes me think it may not even have and IR receiver. Thanks!
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