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  1. Need a gently used C4-16AMP3-B. Customer (had) one and needs the matrix function, and space is tight. PM me with pricing and details...
  2. Would like 2 of these zigbee modules if possible... 1 for sure for now.. Please let me know if you have any available... Ive already contacted a few members by PM who had some, but no responses.. PM me please if you would.
  3. Don't forget to set the Device Authentication user name, and password to something you know, or copy the info from the site and give to the other tech... https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/205146020-UniFi-Advanced-Adoption-of-a-Managed-By-Other-Device
  4. What is the model of the AV receiver....
  5. Wasnt thinking 1 way.... was always used to 2 way wiring.... thanks for the clarification.... (brain fart on my end)
  6. Are you saying your doing RS232 with 2 wires? Could you elaborate.
  7. Have 3 extras left in my garage...BNIB SW120277-SW Offer? plus shipping,....PM me
  8. So after reading this post I went and got the driver, but after following the link to https://www.wunderground.com/weather/api The main page has this below: To improve our services and enhance our relationship with our users, we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program. If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution. What will this mean to the driver?
  9. What is the projector brand and model?
  10. Is the TV on the correct input? Try cycling the inputs through and see if someone accidentally switched to another input.
  11. Been checking Ebay and here, but nothing has panned out. Needs to be in good shape no rack ears needed. PM me with info and pricing w/shipping. Nothing over 400 bucks.
  12. PM me your email and I'll send you a master list for ID#00-ID#9 control on these panels 00 controls all the Samsung panels regardless of ID# and everything after the first one on the RS232 link.
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