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  1. Small project for a friend on a budget. Installed a Denon S540BT.... Does anyone have a driver already built for this one? help... please...
  2. Can you send me private message with pricing for outlet dimmers, 6 button keypads and table top kit pricing please and thanks.... God I might have to get an HC300 just to get these updated.... #facepalm...hahaha And I am a dealer.... its for my personal home.. Not ready for all new stuff in my own home.... "the shoemaker's children go barefoot" in this case not barefoot but Gen1..
  3. Still for sale $425 + shipping..... Boxed and ready to ship.
  4. Sale pending to Vitali....will repost if things change.
  5. Found a set and unsure if they are correct....send me a PM with your email and Ill send a picture tonight or this weekend
  6. I might have a set.... Ill check tonight when I get home.
  7. Apologies that I didn't see your response.... Yes it is.
  8. HC-250 HC-300 7" In-Wall 7" Portable v2, 5" In-Wall (FKA: Infinity Edge) 7" In-Wall (FKA: Infinity Edge) 7" In-Wall (FKA: Infinity Edge) Exterior Door Stations Interior Door Stations Speaker Points IP Cameras that utilize the Camera proxy v1 Security systems that utilize V1 Security Drivers Blinds that utilize the Blinds v2 proxy
  9. Are you talking about these? PM me.... I have a few
  10. 4 sale for $425 buyer pays shipping I have this thing boxed well, then within another box... #34 pounds and 24x18x13 Worst case on shipping is East Coast to West Coast roughly $85 This is from a gently used system, and the customer moved....shipping covered by buyer...from GA 30188
  11. Control4® 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier C4-16AMP3-B https://www.control4.com/docs/product/4-zone-matrix-amplifier/data-sheet/english/latest/4-zone-matrix-amplifier-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  12. I have an 8 zone matrix amp i'll sell for $500 plus shipping.....
  13. I tried to spec that in for a client.... Distributor said "Per the vendor, no new orders are accepted for this specific model; this is no longer available." You may find one in the wild.... to me that may mean that they had issues with that model and are no longer making it.
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