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  1. Are you talking about these? PM me.... I have a few
  2. What is this going rate for this amp? This is from a gently used system, and the customer moved....shipping covered by buyer...from 30188
  3. Control4® 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier C4-16AMP3-B https://www.control4.com/docs/product/4-zone-matrix-amplifier/data-sheet/english/latest/4-zone-matrix-amplifier-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  4. I have an 8 zone matrix amp i'll sell for $500 plus shipping.....
  5. I tried to spec that in for a client.... Distributor said "Per the vendor, no new orders are accepted for this specific model; this is no longer available." You may find one in the wild.... to me that may mean that they had issues with that model and are no longer making it.
  6. Does this look like what you have? https://www.control4.com/docs/product/zigbee-extender-3/data-sheet/english/revision/A/zigbee-extender-3-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf This helps to "extend" the zigbee, but it should be closer to the processor, rather than at the other end of the house.... think of it as a relay race..or a hand off of such. Try bringing the zigbee extender, if that's what you have, closer towards the processor. Within 40-50 feet would be optimal. but Ive seen them work further without obstructions. The zigbee will have to readjust after this,. This may solve your issues, and may not. If you take the remote in the closest room to the equipment, closer to the processor does it find the network..? I still run an HC800 for my entire house, but I also have 40+ dimmers and switches and thermostats so my mesh it very solid.. I wouldn't give up on the 800 yet. You do have a very sparse setup (zigbee wise), and the recommendations for Z2IO and other dimmer/switch additions are great suggestions. Especially since the Z2IO are on the hardwired network and would act as repeaters for your processor which equals better coverage away from the equipment. ** You still need to find the version of the OS on the processor ie.. 2.53, 2.6, 2.9, 2.10 etc... I would like to see you have a better experience with Control4 than what you have gone through recently, so id be more than happy to look at your system remotely. If you want you can PM me and I can explain how we can do this.
  7. Have you rebooted the controller Its been mentioned to tou several times and you have yet to reply that you did that. Also you have failed to reply to my basic questions of distance and such. And for your new quote. $200 an hour on programming is way more than the $125 an hour that we charge.....Did he state . this would fix it or your money back? Surprise me on your answer and actually have rebooted the processor and looked at all the questions everyone has asked, including me, and all the other pros on here have asked and given you free time and respond accordingly. Im skeptical that your system, without anything other zigbee devices, besides the processor has been solid for 5 years.
  8. How far away are you from the controller (with the remote that is waiting for network) Did your installer install the extended zigbee antenna on the processor... (Small black puck with a 3 meter length extension cable?) Possible solution: Adding some light switch/dimmers or keypads in the middle between the processor and remote would help the zigbee network. Cheaper than a new processor and adds light into the mix. This would help the remote to talk to the controller... Let us know...
  9. I have one available maybe two depending on if I upgrade my own system.
  10. I had a custom button play the announcement sound in the house of clinking ice cubes in a glass, and the text to speech say "cocktail please"....My wife thought it was funny twice then made me erase it.
  11. Those amps almost always failed for me.... contact Control4 for an RMA....
  12. Need a gently used C4-16AMP3-B. Customer (had) one and needs the matrix function, and space is tight. PM me with pricing and details...
  13. Would like 2 of these zigbee modules if possible... 1 for sure for now.. Please let me know if you have any available... Ive already contacted a few members by PM who had some, but no responses.. PM me please if you would.
  14. Don't forget to set the Device Authentication user name, and password to something you know, or copy the info from the site and give to the other tech... https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/205146020-UniFi-Advanced-Adoption-of-a-Managed-By-Other-Device
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