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  1. weird...just tried to set this up on my iphone, but its not firing. when i type the "http:/192.168.8x.xx:8080/frontdoor" into my iphone browser it will fire. however it wont in siri shortcuts....any help would be appreciated. what command are you using in siri shortcuts?
  2. are sr 250's obsolete in os 3.1?
  3. Very cool. Im going to stick these on all my exterior doors, and garage doors.
  4. very cool. can you get the confirmation window disabled on the iphone?
  5. so I want to use the iphones shortcut app to program an NFC tag. i.e. when I touch my phone to the NFC tag, the "shortcuts" app will fire a url to control4. What is the name of the driver that accepts incoming url's? Thankyou
  6. my current porch light is a single LED bulb with a control4 switch.
  7. I want to wire this https://www.amazon.com/Upgrade-Transformer-Suitable-90V-130V-Waterproof/dp/B07QSF3ZV7/ref=sr_1_17?keywords=low+voltage+transformer&qid=1571234023&sr=8-17 inline with my porch light. The 12volt/50 watt transformer will power 6 LED lights for my walkway. Can I use a regular control4 switch to power this transformer and porch light?
  8. where is the best place to see control4 cedia news?
  9. how do i get "netflix" to show up on the remote? right now I have to select "roku" and then find netflix. is there a way to just have netflix show up?
  10. I too would love apple watch support.
  11. Changed the DNS setting, now I cant find it under system manager. Tried the network reset i.e. hold identify button and plug power in and wait for data/link lights to light. however I did not see the lights stay solid.
  12. if they announce at CEDIA, how long after do they typically launch?
  13. Have an HC-800 and want to upgrade. My installer said wait for a couple months a new one may be coming out. Any word on this yet?
  14. solved. bought t he suggested hdmi splitter and it worked. thanks guys.
  15. Thanks for the great information! I have just ordered a EDID splitter to see if that works. If not I will order an old tivo mini. I could not find any literature online to update my Binary 300 Snap AV.
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