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  1. atrunco use the IFTTT driver (chowmain i think) its pretty new. u can use the "webhooks"
  2. I’m slowing changing to this. The Roku driver is perfect and the picture quality is excellent. The only thing holding me back is my wife’s Tivo. Which is in the rack. Once the Tivo app hits the market for Roku it will be perfect for my setup
  3. I’m doing the programming through composer. So I did a reset by pushing the upper left button 15 times and it reconnected
  4. its an old keypad from 8 years ago. zigbe pro. it does not need to be reidentified.
  5. weird, my keypad is not responding. i can execute the command in composer for the button on the keypad. But if i physically press it, it does nothing. any ideas?
  6. In my Mancave If i have the TV on and several minutes later try to play music on the in ceiling speakers, the TV will turn off. How do i stop this from happening?
  7. You where correct sir! When I factory reset the TV the setting got wiped out. Thanks.
  8. trying to use a wemo switch to control a desk lamp. when i bind the driver in composer, I can only bind it to a device with a relay i.e a pond pump. doing so, I cant get it to show in the lights section in composer. any generic light driver that I can bind this to?
  9. Hey guys have a 55inch TCL TV with wifi connection. The Blackwire driver works great, but if the tv sits with the power off for a couple hours the wifi connection drops...so that the driver can not connect to the TCL TV. Have updated firmware on the tv. Anyone ever hear of this?
  10. why are the mini drivers putting numbers on them. i.e. netflix2 doesn't look i can change the number inside composer
  11. I receive my new car in 2 weeks! Has anyone integrated it into c4 yet? I saw some old posts about webevents....but what about IFTTT? would be need to precondition the car with c4.
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