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  1. weird,,, cant control anything on the shield. I installed the nvidia remote services...disabled all the CEC stuff on the shileld and cant control it. works fine from the shield remote...nothing from c4 remote. brand new shield, updated firmware new c4 driver was installed.
  2. you are the man! looks like the drivers did not auto update. they are updated and working thanks.
  3. I have both the chowmain belkin wemo driver and the chowmain outlet driver for some reason they are messing up looks like the binding is getting messed up. anyone have this experience? or know how to fix it? i have deleted both, reinstalled and binded them...nothin. (just updated to 3.2)
  4. Does the new TiVo stream work with Control4 via the old IP driver?
  5. reading mixed things. Is the new 4k firestick still not able to be controlled via IP? You still have to use chowmains IRUSB hardware? Thanks
  6. what are peoples thoughts on Wemo/Wiwo?? I have a dozen of them and find them hit or miss
  7. Lost power last night and my EA5 is not showing up. Pretty sure it was set to a static IP. When I go into the router I do not see its MAC Blue light on the front of ea5 is on and not flashing. any ideas? (already reset power to it for 30 sec.) Thanks
  8. Mujaba, I have rebooted. I forgot the OS number but its pretty recent (not the most recent) 2 of the devices are controlled by the paid wemo driver. 1 is controlled by the c4 switch LD1 i think is the model. and then i have a axxess wireless relay to operate the garage door.
  9. Bill, I like the idea of changing the channels, but why would controlling the individual light work 100% I think it may be over taxing the EA5 when 60 devices are firing, maybe its bogging it down. will try switching channels first because thats cheaper and easy.
  10. 4 Yale door locks going strong. About 6 years now.
  11. weird. system with an EA5 about 60 devices. has been working great for several years. Certain programming events are screwing up occasionally now. Such as my "all off" doesn't turn off all lights. My "away" doesn't shut the garage door sometimes. I can control the c4 switch, garage door, and the wemo plug all fine, individually through the c4 ap. any ideas how to make it 100% reliable again? Thanks
  12. atrunco use the IFTTT driver (chowmain i think) its pretty new. u can use the "webhooks"
  13. I’m slowing changing to this. The Roku driver is perfect and the picture quality is excellent. The only thing holding me back is my wife’s Tivo. Which is in the rack. Once the Tivo app hits the market for Roku it will be perfect for my setup
  14. I’m doing the programming through composer. So I did a reset by pushing the upper left button 15 times and it reconnected
  15. its an old keypad from 8 years ago. zigbe pro. it does not need to be reidentified.
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