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  1. And in 20 years we will have enough 8k content to justify the 8k TV [emoji16]
  2. The Sony is the enxt goof option ans the image processing is superior to LGs
  3. Definitely OLED. I have a Panasonic oled and the picture is superb, much better than the LG counterpart. The other option is Sony OLED. Bot, Panasonic and Sony offer Control4 IP control which works great on my Panasonic
  4. Well with such a FW state they have no choice. No thermostats, incomplete security menuy, no search..... It's an absolute beta WIP FW
  5. Hue is no real solution because : Control4 doesn't detect changes done via Hue apps - Hue needs 2way communication Hue bridge/FW doesn't detect if bulbs are switched on/off via hard wired light switches Those 2 point makes the use of Hue bulbs challenging at best. Both can be fixed by using a phoscon gateway instead of the Hue bridge but there is no Control4 driver working with the phoscon gateway - it's similar to the Hue bridge but not identical
  6. And I will never be [emoji1787]. I was referring to a real public beta like Msft Insider program or similar
  7. Mhh no public betas, no public end user support directly from C4, no bug tracker etc.... I would say C4 doesn't get direct input from end users so I guess it's hard to know what they want....
  8. Right. I totally forgot about Honeywell.
  9. There is no German forum. For floor hearing there are Heatmiser Neo stats. You might check if the have something for radiators, I don't think they have. Theoretically there is eq3 which once had a driver with control4. Enocean might have devices and there is an enocean driver, maybe 2 that support thermostats. There are Danfoss thermostats for radiotors but they use a proprietary protocol like somfy
  10. I know. But I would actually expect Ecc for a new HC featuring Redundancy. It's a bare minimum requirement for reliability
  11. Then that's a design flaw. If CPU development has shown us one thing in the last years it's that frequency isn't likely to go up. And actually you are technically are wrong : 9900k doesn't support ecc ram, so no way it's a good fit for a 24/7 controller. Even a xeon gold wouldn't have a significant higher single core score than the current 16 and 24c Epycs and xeon gold is like 3x the price..
  12. Let us know how it goes. From a theoretical point of view one could load control4 on a brand-new Epyc 7302 and 64gb of ram and run millions of driver instances - so control4 is really holding themselves back [emoji23]
  13. As far as Redundancy goes control took the easy route here. Raid 1 and redundant power is nice and will cut the failure rates quite a bit. But it is not really redundant. If RAM, or anything on the Mainboard brakes the system is toast anyhow. A really redundant approach would be a system with 2 CA-10s and active fail over. But on the software side that's quite a lot of work as everything happening in the main HC has to be mirrod on the 2nd instantly
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