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  1. The HC800 can be used for anything besides displaying a GUI. OT: Prices go up! WOW and I believed Trump who said China is gonna pay for the tariffs - looks like that was only half the truth... Gesendet von meinem LYA-L29 mit Tapatalk
  2. That's not gonna be the new UI. The looks are from the 80s, control isn't that outdated... Gesendet von meinem LYA-L29 mit Tapatalk
  3. Since the ea series just updated to v2 versions I would guess another 1 to 2 years for a replacement of the whole lineup. However nothing keeps Control from expanding the ea series to ea5-4k versions for extra $$$ Gesendet von meinem LYA-L29 mit Tapatalk
  4. Just because :-) Another reason is that if cams or intercom can be presented as 4k the GUI would need to switch resolution from keys day 1080p to 4k - if all is 4k it's smoother and 1080p intercom could just be upscaled
  5. Mhh let me guess: We will get T4 gen. Touch screens! Please don't sue me, I am just guessing [emoji848]
  6. I don't see my custom buttons on my android phones - however I see them on my android based T3 portable touch, which is weird
  7. This doesn't mean that they have to be removed from the project. Usually if components can't be upgraded to the new major release they will stay on the old OS and will still work - I.e. connected IR buds and audio out will continue to work
  8. Sounds like an era of fun 😉 But anyone who wired Cat5 to any light switch probably did never regret that decision !
  9. To that list I can add the icommand system , boy was that a piece if work...
  10. Wouldn't fit without moving the shade mountings in either direction - which is a real PITA to do...
  11. True. But that's how much space I have and with the clips it's a really tight fit and if the motors need a larger diameter it won't fit at all - pic is attached I hope
  12. k, thx finally it works for somebody 😂 - Are you using the PowerView blinds?
  13. Yes this is true. Currently it comes down to: HD and Somfy. I will need to wait for the quote on HD and see if I can re-use the window treatments which are still looking like new. I also gotta check if I could re-use anything when buying somfy. One disadvantage of the Somfy motors is that the batteries are in an external housing which go next to the motor. I just saw it when going through the manual. The HD motors have the batteries internal if I am not mistaken, I gotta check that again. This however could be a tight or maybe impossible to fit as my blinds are "recessed upwards" so there is little to no extra space for another housing.
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