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  1. I also just found some ZigBee Control4 compatible pucks from InSona including pucks - http://www.insona.cc/ However I have no idea where to buy those
  2. Yeah most licensed are lifetime linked to the controller. However I don't think DC will change the whole licensing model to store the certs on the Controller. However a function to keeps licenses active for up to 90 days after the last checkin should be easy to implement - maybe we should send DC an email. If they get enough feedback there is a fair chance, especially if one considers security equipment and heating - both can have catastrophic effects if not functional
  3. I am also not a fan of the "check license every x days model" as one of our systems sometimes is offline for weeks and I am not sure if the system will work then - until now we were never at the house when that happened. Personally I would like a license system that keeps working 3 months until the next check in as long as the MAC hasn't changed. I am pretty sure that would not be to any disadvantage for the driver manufacturer or DriverCentral
  4. Those have 3: https://www.elektro-wandelt.de/?cl=details&anid=6779e1ccfdd4b2a2ef257da261a37ed5&adword=pla/Gira/03.283203&adword=DE/Shopping | Beta | DE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7t2Lw8CH4QIVqr_tCh1AIQNzEAQYAiABEgKpZvD_BwE Just an example. I am sure there are more brands offering 3. However the puck also needs to go somewhere..
  5. A really neat feature would be to have the "connected" status as a variable true/ false. Sometimes I change the video device away from Kodi and after a while the Kodi HTPC shuts down. Then when I turn off the room Control4 doesn't send the command to turn "off" (which I send via a timer give the HTPC time to change the resolution back to standard,) and when I later turn the Kodi HTPC back on again it immediately shuts down because the command from last time is received. Via such a variable I could program Control4 only to shut down the HTPC if it is still connected.
  6. The C4 hardware (new full switch solutions) is more capable in terms of functionality - multiple taps etc... The Ubisys hardware can be used with a standard decoration style toggle switch - which is great for a retrofit. Together with the Phoscon gateway 2-way control to Control4 is available for all devices which the Gateway support (and if you look at deconz github those are many) - "all it needs is a driver".
  7. If you can write drivers yourself a great option would be the Zigbee 3.0 gateway "Phoscon" based on deconz. It has support for many ZLL light bulbs, contacts, motion sensors, light level sensors and even retrofit switches and dimmers from ubisys - this would open the Zigbee 3.0 world to Control4.
  8. Ah ok via Control4 centralized lighting then. I get it now!. Thx We are currently trying to figure out how to retrofit a house built in 1998 with control4. It doesnt look to be easy without pulling new wires and a major issue is lighting and heating control since many Control4 products or solutions are not available in Europe or just look plain ugly
  9. How does that work? Toggle switch - connected to cat6 - IO extender - load control? What brand and make is the IO?
  10. Those "pucks" are around since 2014 or 2015 when I remember correctly. They are designed to fit into UK/EU wall boxes, in the EU those are called UP60 boxes meaning 60mm in depth - depending in how many cables are in the box it is a tight fit. You the connect toggle switches with any decorative faceplates you like to the puck. It's the n controlled at the box via the toggle switch and via Control4. As far as I can remember double and triple tab is not available and there is also no "keypad puck" available - so there are some limitations. The new Control4 240v dimmers and switches also fit in the same boxes and work as any US version however the drawback is that they cannot be matched with available decorative faceplates available in the EU - so those will always look kinda out of place. I have never understood why control4 never designed keys compatible for EU 55mm faceplates systems - they only need keys and a trim plate to accommodate the faceplate. Could probably be done in less a month
  11. Not all functions or information you see on a T3 touchpad are available at the mobile app. What 1st comes into my mind is the outside temperature but I am sure there are some other things as well. So you might consider just moving the T3.
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