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  1. I know. But I would actually expect Ecc for a new HC featuring Redundancy. It's a bare minimum requirement for reliability
  2. Then that's a design flaw. If CPU development has shown us one thing in the last years it's that frequency isn't likely to go up. And actually you are technically are wrong : 9900k doesn't support ecc ram, so no way it's a good fit for a 24/7 controller. Even a xeon gold wouldn't have a significant higher single core score than the current 16 and 24c Epycs and xeon gold is like 3x the price..
  3. Let us know how it goes. From a theoretical point of view one could load control4 on a brand-new Epyc 7302 and 64gb of ram and run millions of driver instances - so control4 is really holding themselves back [emoji23]
  4. As far as Redundancy goes control took the easy route here. Raid 1 and redundant power is nice and will cut the failure rates quite a bit. But it is not really redundant. If RAM, or anything on the Mainboard brakes the system is toast anyhow. A really redundant approach would be a system with 2 CA-10s and active fail over. But on the software side that's quite a lot of work as everything happening in the main HC has to be mirrod on the 2nd instantly
  5. Yea finally a controller with redundancy. Was about time...
  6. Well cedia is around the corner, isn't it? So I guess Control4 just spilled the beans and we will see OS 3.1 next week or so
  7. yep. We did it remotely on a really whacky internet connection with our dealer back then and it worked, although it took 2 days - but it worked
  8. OK, good to know. However I was unable to reproduce the issue in my setup though
  9. I have quite a number of manual shades which are starting to show signs of wear and broken mechanics. So I was looking for motorized replacements for about a year now. Qmotion ZigBee is not available in my country, Hunter Douglas PowerView has an external battery module for which I don't have an space left in most locations and the Somfy MyLink RTS isn'tavailable in my country and has an external battery - so I was pretty disappointed until I found the Rollease motors with the internal battery. What held me back was the serial connection and time constraints for now, but with the V2 Hub it looks like it's time to ask them if they sell the motors in Germany and if they have a retailer.
  10. Works for me: Start Session in room1 and add room 2 Turn off room 2 via "room off" on android nav. Roo. stays off. When I turn off room1 the stream on both rooms stop however room1 is still powered on, which is a minor bug. Nothing turns back on.
  11. All the GUI customizations are really nice but it's a PITA to do that on every phone screen etc... Is there a way to export, store or copy a devices settings to another device?
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