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  1. Stupid film industry will find a way sooner or later..
  2. Mhh I wonder how long it takes before they will be in court for that
  3. Hi I would like to install a Control4 compatible door station. So far I prefer either the: Hikvision DS KD8003 Doorbird 1101V Does anyone have experience with those models and Control4 integration? Thx for any input
  4. Wrong driver? I recall rollease had full close and open in reverse to industry standard and they changed that with pulse v2 - I would double check the driver and talk to the driver developer
  5. Yes motion sensor works on v2 bridge just fine.
  6. I would stick with the current driver and just assigns the Apps page to a custom button - since it's a minor inconvenience and there are other apps Amazon prime also available. The TVs are really good only drawback is high power consumption in standby when WOL is activated - its 15w on my 2018 OLED. I did however program a workaround and turn it in via IR and use IP control for the rest
  7. I have 17 Neo tstats. They work well with Control4. Profiles need to be done via App and then one can decide to apply them to the rooms either via Control4 or the App scheduler.I do the latter and use Control4 for personal on the fly adjustments and not for general scheduling.
  8. U can assign the "app page" to a custom button on the remote. I gotta check tonight how I did it, buts easy
  9. Theaxk of ZWave support is a Control4 drawback, but not as much as the absence of Zigbee 3.0 - the latter already has issues to compete against ZWave and Control4, the leading Home Automation Company, not supporting Zigbee 3.0 is really a bad song. I really wonder what Control4 wireless device will use if zigbee just slowly dies....
  10. Zwave and Control4 is waste of time, as far as I know the list has stayed the same - someone please correct me if I am wrong
  11. Hi Is it possible to program in Composer based on the "now playing" title or file name?
  12. [emoji16] If that would be the only thing missing for 240v regions it would be great... Another example: faceplates and KeyCaps for lighting products have absolutely no matching design and color for anything that is commonly used in Europe - all Control4 would need is wider KeyCaps to accommodate 3rd party standard 55mm faceplates of which there are like 100 different designs. Or general innovation: something like this: That's really cool
  13. Conversation of the week [emoji1787]
  14. Skip Hue look for something else. Hue: No 2way communication - this is a really a drawback Hue bridge needed since Control4 doesn't use Zigbee 3 Some bulbs keep dropping from the bridge time to time, so more work Hue is OK for a couple of lights, but anything over 25 or 30 will give you a lot of additional work if you want to keep it in a good condition.
  15. Still looks ugly AF..... I just can't wrap my head around ahy Control4 doesn't start supporting Zigbee 3, so many great devices which can't be used. Control4 using any Zigbee 3 device would certainly boost zigbee in general and that's needed as ZWave is doing much better
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