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  1. Cload based is OK if it has basic working parts that work when the system is offline. If it's broken when offline I am certainly not going to buy it.... Just too many issues if anything network related brakes down
  2. Panasonic has a really good Control4 integration. Only drawback is the high standby power of 15w when WOL is enabled. However those do not seem to be available in NA anymore
  3. Write a Bug report to the driver developer /creator. In the meantime your dealer could make a dummy IR driver with Off or toggle on/off command and just fire that via programing when you turn it off.
  4. Of course there will be updates, otherwise Control4 could close shop. If it fixes the issues your dealer is talking about we don't know as we don't know the issues which they are talking about and for the fact that control4 has no public bug tracker
  5. That's so something I do not understand. Searching in my programming in HE would be sooooo much appreciated to find bugs.....
  6. And that is why I say Control4 has to move away from hardware sales as the main driver for revenue. Then they could easier afford to keep an older HC in the system working as a secondary HC or a ZAP or IR device. It would also be better for the environment....
  7. And exactly that is my point. There is NO reason for a device like a door station NOT to work with a new OS, just like a light switch - it does not need a new function, it could continue to "just be a door station". Therefore it is NOT OK to have to remove it for the new OS - such behavior does not benefit the brand, it will scare ppl away as no one wants to spent 1200$ every 6 to 8 years just to stay on the current OS. If you believe different then please explain to me why the DS cannot work with OS3 on a technical level - I. E. Why can't it continue to provide a door bell sound and audio video under OS while it can do it with OS 2.x
  8. You cannot compare a smartphone with something that is part of house. Home automation is in between long lasting parts for houses, like HVAC etc., and short lasting technology - it's a balance act. For me everything that is somehow built into a house, like switches or a door station is something that I expect to work until it breaks, even if it is part of a HA system. So an update to OS3 requiring to remove the doorstation is kinda a red flag here - it's supposed to make sound when someone pressed a button and provide audio and video - since the device was built to do that I don't see a reason why that should not work with OS 3 - it's not like the DS is 100$ piece of kit. I don't expect an older device getting all the new functions, it's just about keeping it working. The next step would be that all light switches are not compatible with OS 3.1 or so..
  9. True, and they shouldn't.. But a doorstation is like a light switch, it is built into the house and should not go EOL / not have to be removed for OS3
  10. Exactly what I am thinking plus more revenue in not hardware based sales..
  11. I didn't mean it was a bailout. The financials were way too good for that. The 40% Premium is nothing compared to the SP being over 30$ for quite a while in 2018 and 2017 - so actually they sold it quite cheap and screwed retail investors (no, I don't own or had owned CTRL) If the company is doing great - Home automation is still in the beginning and the market is growing - and you want to cash in you don't sell at 24 when SP was 30+. Additionally leaders in a market segment, especially if that segment is still growing, don't put themselves up for sale..... that's kinda rare.... In such a position, in case you wann sell, you wait out the China mess, which was one of the reasons for the lowered guidance in the q3 ER call when I am not mistaken, and sell at a higher price later on. For some reason they really wanted to sell and I can't come up with another explanation than that they didn't believe in their product anymore - SnapAV took the chance after the SP droped and baught it on the cheap.
  12. You could have sold over 30$. Last year...
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