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  1. Ask your Control4 dealer. Someone with training should know all that
  2. I doubt it's the processing power limiting to show graphs - the T3 should be able to display whole fully packed web pages via HTML5.
  3. No not that I know of. You can program custom buttons to select/cycle through modes but it won't show that on a C4 GUI
  4. For anyone that does not want to spend a ton of money on Crestron, Control4 is a perfect compromise besides RTI. Control4 does have disadvantages in Germany, but that's more about lighting integration and not AV
  5. It is a strong and a weak point of contro4. On one side it'll always look the same. On the other side you cannot have flooe plans showing open windows, lights, custom stuff like water levels solar and so on....
  6. Panasonic works well too but uses 15w if standby power when WOL is on. So I disabled it and use an IR command to turn it on
  7. Hello, I ran out of plungers for the Axxess in line dimmers after fitting new lamps. Also I would like to finally add some other dimmers still have from NA. Can anyone source me the plungers for European cables type B and D? I would take 10 each. Thx
  8. Rarely use rgb function of the remaining hue, it's just for the fun of the kids - yeah its a gimmick
  9. Grouping Hue bulbs and dimming this group is also a PITA via control4 - Hue is fine if one wants a couple of Hue lights. But for a whole house setup and Control4 it a PITA experience, it really is. It's unreliable can't do scenes etc... The motion sensor works great, however since it's not 2way communications there is a delay of 5s or so - but for humidity and light sensing it's awesome for the price
  10. Multiroom I would go Control4 amps if you have hard wired speakers in the rooms, TV Samsung LG or Sony, if you are located in the EU Panasonic is also very good,
  11. Easiest way is to find a dealer who is willing to sell the hardware, you do all the physical installing, cabling rack etc... The dealer then does the Control4 setup what you cannot do and then you can do the programming with Composer He yourself Should save a couple of thousand if you can do the installation
  12. Simple: If you have Control4 stay away from Hue for a whole house setup Reason: You cannot use the hue dimmers within control4 Any change you make on the Hue side - any iPad Android app, any hue compatible dimmer or switch - will not be reflected back to Control4 - so if you use your dimmer to turn on a light, within Control4 it would still be listed as "off" If you group bulbs in hue to have "one lamp" the dimming via Control4 sucks - it is laggy and unreliable AF Source: I tried as there isn't any retrofit in wall switch and dimmers that work with Control4 and have a matching design in Europe
  13. Hello Is there any option for Control4 to display a list of currently turned on lights, open doors or windows insode the GUI (C4 App and OSD in TS)? Sometimes I really want to see a list of all currently opened windows.
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