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  1. Hue is no real solution because : Control4 doesn't detect changes done via Hue apps - Hue needs 2way communication Hue bridge/FW doesn't detect if bulbs are switched on/off via hard wired light switches Those 2 point makes the use of Hue bulbs challenging at best. Both can be fixed by using a phoscon gateway instead of the Hue bridge but there is no Control4 driver working with the phoscon gateway - it's similar to the Hue bridge but not identical
  2. And I will never be [emoji1787]. I was referring to a real public beta like Msft Insider program or similar
  3. Mhh no public betas, no public end user support directly from C4, no bug tracker etc.... I would say C4 doesn't get direct input from end users so I guess it's hard to know what they want....
  4. Right. I totally forgot about Honeywell.
  5. There is no German forum. For floor hearing there are Heatmiser Neo stats. You might check if the have something for radiators, I don't think they have. Theoretically there is eq3 which once had a driver with control4. Enocean might have devices and there is an enocean driver, maybe 2 that support thermostats. There are Danfoss thermostats for radiotors but they use a proprietary protocol like somfy
  6. I know. But I would actually expect Ecc for a new HC featuring Redundancy. It's a bare minimum requirement for reliability
  7. Then that's a design flaw. If CPU development has shown us one thing in the last years it's that frequency isn't likely to go up. And actually you are technically are wrong : 9900k doesn't support ecc ram, so no way it's a good fit for a 24/7 controller. Even a xeon gold wouldn't have a significant higher single core score than the current 16 and 24c Epycs and xeon gold is like 3x the price..
  8. Let us know how it goes. From a theoretical point of view one could load control4 on a brand-new Epyc 7302 and 64gb of ram and run millions of driver instances - so control4 is really holding themselves back [emoji23]
  9. As far as Redundancy goes control took the easy route here. Raid 1 and redundant power is nice and will cut the failure rates quite a bit. But it is not really redundant. If RAM, or anything on the Mainboard brakes the system is toast anyhow. A really redundant approach would be a system with 2 CA-10s and active fail over. But on the software side that's quite a lot of work as everything happening in the main HC has to be mirrod on the 2nd instantly
  10. Yea finally a controller with redundancy. Was about time...
  11. Yes it is, it's really noticeable
  12. Well cedia is around the corner, isn't it? So I guess Control4 just spilled the beans and we will see OS 3.1 next week or so
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