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  1. Zigbee 3 module for all the goodies out there More flexible GUI with HTML5 pages (floor pan etc) Web based control for PC via Browser Web based media management, like Emby or plex Compatibility for European system 55 faceplates with matching KeyCaps - Noone buys the current line because it just doesn't blend in and it does not have options for 3 or 4 way gangs - it's just a little plastic piece come on!!
  2. I guess your are not the only one. Mine are dim too, and are older and way out of warranty. Best would be if anyone could find an LCD for a replacement.... so far I haven't found one...
  3. Hi The thing is that control4's own lighting products are great and I just don't get it why there aren't any adapters for system 55 - it like Control4 doesn't want to sell anything here. The en-ocean you mentioned was, by the time I checked it out, limited to certain dimmers and switches. The setup would have been to add a keypad (no battery or wires needed) and then the actual dimmer behind inside the wallbox - the dim modules are about 45x45x35mm, so th Since I needed someone to program the enocean system and then Control4 the cost was adding up and I decided against it. I currently use the MyOpus system based on Enocean. The physical footprint is a little smaller inside the wallbox so the installation should be possible in any location. The setup was via Apple Homekit which meant there was no actual cost for it since a kid can do it 😉 - price to performance is good but it is not as good as Control4s own lineup as the MyOpus System has 1 or 2 bugs for the time being, maybe they'll fix them. But its hands down the only retrofit solution that is actually feasible and worht it at the moment for Germany.
  4. Hi I know this isn't a C4 issue. But the lack of 2-way feedback is a driver/Hue bridge issue. As Gary said you can run it all via sensor but I agree with you that this is not what most people prefer. I also agree that with hard-wiring the lights to "always on" will solve this issue with the exception to changes made via iOS or Android apps. However in this setup one would need keypads in the house with Control4, so "Friend of Hue" keypads which are available for a year I think are not working at my satisfaction and I am personally not going to get "Hello Alexa or Google into my house...". So it all comes down to C4 compatible keypads and about 1,5 years ago the only solutions offered to me here in Germany was wired KNX Keypads and Control4 - re-wire a whole house with KNX cables was something I did not want, Control4 keypads were quoted at about 200€ + faceplate and keycaps - for the Control4 keypads one would need to be brain-dead to spend so much for a keypad that doesn't even blend in to a European design as neither color nor style matches anything over here as Control4 is not compatible with system 55 sets - same goes for the switches and dimmers.... - @Control4 how hard can it be to make a trim mechanism and keycaps to match the European system 55 design !? - I know from more than 4 Control4 dealers that the lighting system doesn't sell well due to design differences and the exceptional high price in relation to price/perfomance (no tft/oled option and no thermostat) So for anyone located in Germany retrofitting a home with a Control4 compatible lighting solution was basically impossible - now that there is a solution with Enocean via Apple Homekit called "MyOpus" there is at least one option that might do a fairly decent job for "plug'n play" retrofit.
  5. I had about 50 lights. Whenever I turn a light off or on at the mechanical switch the status is not reflected to Control4 - this makes programming in Control4 something between impossible and a nightmare
  6. I doubt the if that's helpful with the short bettry life - when you really start missing the remote it'll be empty..
  7. I doubt the if that's helpful with the short bettry life - when you really start missing the remote it'll be empty..
  8. I'm not saying it is bad, I have not tested it. I need battery powered motors with internal batteries as there is no space to mount an external pack. Since qmotion is not sold in my country I chose rollease - they should be installed this year
  9. I have given up on somfy I will get rollease motors - they are 2-way
  10. Not available in EU.
  11. LG OLED or if in EU Panasonic oled, the latter has better software capabilities
  12. What would you recommend instead? I'm generally really happy with the Hue hardware ecosystem - colored bulbs look great and there are many options. I would prefer to avoid the Hue Hub if I could, and would love something with 2-way communication. There is a 2way hub from a German company but there isn't a C4 driver available (Phoscon Gateway) - the regular hue Bridge driver we have doesnt work with it. Honestly I would go with any lighting system that has 2-way control.
  13. Not that I know of. However I ditched Hue as it's basically useless for generell lighting since it is lacking 2 way support and it's laggy as hell with bulb groups - its OK for a couple if lights, but that's it.
  14. I use Kodi for 7 years now with PVR/DVR and movie. It has proven to be reliable - I tried Linux ans windows, however Windows turned out to be more reliable in the end. My movie backend is Emby. It has served me well, is stable and works flawless in Kodi. Alans Kodi driver works perfectly with Kodi. Since Kodi can now do HDR I see no reason to look anywhere else...
  15. Ask your Control4 dealer. Someone with training should know all that
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