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  1. Hi I have 2 quesrions: Can I force the VDB to use 5ghz WiFi? - I have 2 units and one switches ith 5ghz, the other one stays at 2.4ghz even though 5ghz reception is good in that location. I just wanted to check the video on my TV which is hooked up my EA3 and noticed that it won't display the VDB video as it's 1600x1200 - the controller is 720p only. So far so logical but why the heck does the VDB not allow 720p??? - the next resolution below 1600x1200 is 1024x768 which I find is kinda ridiculous considering the VDB is a C4 product but still they aren't able to off
  2. You answer is the response from a typical Apple shill, completely ignoring facts. Instead of at least showing me that other manufacturers have as many issues with class action lawsuits and also saying to their customers "ur holding/using it wrong" you say I am biased, I would say your bias esceeds mine by a lot! BTT: What do your customers complain about what they are missing that u switch them from C4 to Savant?
  3. Did I say that Control4's HW is better? - I didn't. But seriously if u think Apple makes good HW than you are walking blind folded through life - they literally have one class action law suit after another devices failing one after another because of the same mistakes in different generations.. just the ones I remember from the back of my head: Your holding it wrong Improper cables in notebooks causing short circuits Apple new butterfly keyboard where small particles made typing impossible - first they said there is no issue then Apple said you are using it in the wrong en
  4. Well just from a technical point of view it is correct that savants controllers are much more powerful than the ones from Control4 - since Apple doesn't have a good track record when it comes to quality of their hardware and customer service (GPU issues, flexing cases etc.. "your holding it wrong" .), so using Apple is not directly an indication of high quality HW....
  5. Well. It is an improvement. Savants top end CPU is a Mac Pro so... True. It would be easy for Control4 to just release a VM and let customers buy a license Key. The one could run it on an Epcy with 2GB Ram if anyone wanted 😂
  6. Ok, that would be 8GB, combined with the processing speed of the CA10 I would good for 10+ years 😉 - with my only 360 instances/devices in the project.
  7. I guess that would be overkill. I only need a little more processing power and more RAM - the EA% has also only 2GB of RAM, how much does the CA10 have?
  8. Anyone's guess when we will likely see new controllers with more RAM and processing power? My EA3 is getting slow and I don't want to spent 3k on an EA5 which will be EOL within a year or so?
  9. LOL, true. A MatePad T10 is 200$, a qhd unit 700 to 800. Considering this the T4 unit are priced astronomical, manufacturing them can't be more that 200$ including customs and shipping.....
  10. Ok, thx. So the back box says the same, but T4s come with a new "in box" which can't handle high curre t. That makes me wonder how the did get the old one certified for high voltage 🤔
  11. I have the Rollease Acmeda motors, they work really well. They are battery powered and from my calculation need to be re-charged every 11 months if used once or twice daily.
  12. No it is not. In the one location where I have WiFi on my T3 pace is really tight as it in between two doors an the there is metal on each side holding the drywall. Do I need a new wallbox/larger cut out or is at least that still compatible? But I really don't understand how one can ruin a perfect and easy installation with the new version.....seriously from a scale from 10 to 10 that is a solid -13. Should just have kept both power options
  13. Oh that's a bummer, so it is not a drop-in-replacement. Why POE only, so to run a T4 with WiFi I need to put a POE injector behind the drywall to power the T4 - honestly I don't get that, srewing the AC wires on was so convenient
  14. I have no clue how to update anything in the Pulse ecosystem as there isn't a GUI entry in the app. I have a 3 story house which is built of concrete so the reception is a nightmare. I used a repeater for 3 months now but got fed up with drop outs in the upper floor - the hub is stationed in the middle floor and serves the basement very well without dropouts. I just did get 2nd hub an paired, it had FW 0.9 and the other hub has 1.1 - I took the time and removed the new hub, reset it via the "button" at the backside and re-added/paired it and it come up with FW 1.1 - thats all I can s
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