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  1. True, but for that I need two devices: stereo amp control4 EA, most likely EA4 for serial/IR control and audio delivery to the amp Edit:This setup will be about 2200€ just for amp and EA, plus speaker it'll be around 4000€ just for a tiny room The appealing factor for the Triad One is that it is relatively small and I only have to place one device in that room.
  2. Hello everyone I want to put a Triad One into one of my rooms and replace a Denon HEOS there. The Triad one is rated for 4ohm up to 100w, so what speakers do make sense here? I was looking into B&W 707 / 706 S2 and Dynaudio Evoke 10/20 - but all of them actually "require" a more beefier amp. I am not about cranking up the volume but for "normal" listening it should work and sound good - are those speakers worth connecting to the "one" or should I either look at cheaper speakers or another amp solution? thx, any input/experience is welcome
  3. 1) hybrid of the SR260 and the NEEO - the Sr260 looks outdated, the NEEO is useless without backlight keys and the battery live is horrible for a portable remote. Just an SR260 with OLED touch, a few keys less and a beefy battery would be perfect 2) Zigbee 3 support 3) HTML5 GUI for customized pages like floor plan etc... 4) and support for european decore style faceplates
  4. Dealer says bindings are set, and the motors work. Sometimes the bindings all show up correctly and an hour later it is missing in a couple of motors - strange
  5. Hi, V2 pulse hub. Ok, so Ill skip the calibration. When I look at the annex4 page 0.55 is the newest driver for the motors
  6. Hi After like 12 months or so I finally got my motorized blinds... 🤣 .. oh boy what a journey.... So after getting the installed and integrated into Control4 the blinds do work, however I see 2 issues: 1) The calibration does work but the corresponding driver fields aren't getting populated, it stays at the default 8000 - in the debug log I can see the correct values are being received by the driver 2) some blinds show as being "partly disconnected" - the blinds do work via Control4, howeber it looks odd to me:
  7. Yeah that is a possibility, however that would be quite a lot. I had hoped for something below 10w, better in the 5w range for an idle chip and a running NIC - maybe some has a spare moment and use a KillAWatt on one of those
  8. Hi, quick questions: Does anyone know what the standby power usage on the Triad One is when it is basically doing nothig like during the night. thx
  9. Hello,

    I'm sorry to hear about your issues with our dimmer, I'm a representative at Axxess Industries and we'd like to send you a replacement device.

    Please fill out this form on our website so we can contact you directly with more details: https://axxind.com/get-in-touch

    We apologize for any inconvenience this caused, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

    Thanks for your time,
    The Axxess Team

    1. blub


      Hello, thx for reaching out to me.

      The issue happened twice until yesterday afternoon. Since then it did not happen again. All I did was unplug the dimmer and hard-reboot of the controller - so far that seems to have fixed it.

      If the issue re-appears I will get back to you for an exchange unit.

      thx, kind regards


  10. Hi I have just added an new Axxess in line dimmer (FW 3.0 and uptodate driver) and that damn thing just keeps turning itself on every couple of hours (random pattern) 🥵😡!!! I have set the properties to: I have 2 other in-line dimmer which don't do this.... Anyone ever had that? What can I do? I did mark the post as "solved - sort of" as the issues did not re-appear since I unplugged the dimmer and hard-rebooted the EA3 - this is something I also did before I posted but for now it is gone and I cannot reproduce it at the moment.
  11. Is there any difference between the Annex4 driver for v2 and the one available at the Rollease Homepage?
  12. Zigbee 3 module for all the goodies out there More flexible GUI with HTML5 pages (floor pan etc) Web based control for PC via Browser Web based media management, like Emby or plex Compatibility for European system 55 faceplates with matching KeyCaps - Noone buys the current line because it just doesn't blend in and it does not have options for 3 or 4 way gangs - it's just a little plastic piece come on!!
  13. I guess your are not the only one. Mine are dim too, and are older and way out of warranty. Best would be if anyone could find an LCD for a replacement.... so far I haven't found one...
  14. Hi The thing is that control4's own lighting products are great and I just don't get it why there aren't any adapters for system 55 - it like Control4 doesn't want to sell anything here. The en-ocean you mentioned was, by the time I checked it out, limited to certain dimmers and switches. The setup would have been to add a keypad (no battery or wires needed) and then the actual dimmer behind inside the wallbox - the dim modules are about 45x45x35mm, so th Since I needed someone to program the enocean system and then Control4 the cost was adding up and I decided against it. I cu
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