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  1. It was a bit of a pain for me as well to get a replacement C4 Yale lock working but fixed now. From my recollection, I had the same question regarding adding users with the latest Yale driver thru UI and was told that some features were not yet available in this driver even if they appear to be there but hopefully they would be upcoming in the future. So yes, there are a several options in the old driver with C4 app not available in the new one.
  2. Have had a Yale Lock since they became available but unfortunately multiple issues with it, too many to describe! Yale has exchanged hardware over time (last time ~ 8 mos ago). Main issue related to poor communication with C4. Have been on Version 3 of the Yale driver, C4 zigbee module version 2. Components are: HC800, HC 300 (two) and H 200. HC200 is 20 feet from the lock at most. Yale fine for last eight months now not communicating with Control 4. Have taken batteries out, replaced with fresh, module in-out, rebooted all C4 components several times and nothing. Lock reads 'online' in Composer HE. I have an excellent remote dealer and pending his help on this. He previously indicated my Zigbee coverage was poor in the house (two stories). All light switches are C4 and I have other C4 devices but as per C4, the lock does not do well hopping around and apparently talks to the Zigbee server directly. Any ideas or suggestions to try? I was going to move the HC200 in immediate proximity to the lock temporarily using a long network cable just to see if it can communicate. I cannot place C4 hardware closer to lock on a permanent basis. Now almost at the point of replacing the lock with another type of unit that can be operated remotely because I need house access for an elderly person in case of an emergency. I checked out the Nest x Yale but don't know if that might be better or not. I prefer having the key option in the C4-Yale unit, of course need whatever I get to work remotely. Any suggestions on this also appreciated! I have absolutely no Zigbee issues in my home, NONE, even for devices much further away (outside the house) so getting tons of C4 hardware hoping the lock works better not super appealing! Just curious if anyone has any thoughts while I await the reply from my dealer. I read about changing Zigbee channel but suspect I cannot do that in Composer HE. Many thanks!
  3. Thanks for the posts and the helpful information. Could you provide examples of how/when the "UP, DOWN, SET " functions might be useful? Sorry if that is obvious! Just want to understand these features.
  4. I appreciate the suggestions! I can be crafty to try to resurrect the remote. Matt, can you please expand on your reply. Thanks!
  5. Hello, My remote (C4 SR-250-Z-B) works except for the "Select" button. When I press is it nothing happens. New batteries, no drops. Searched forum but did not see this issue mentioned. Any thoughts? Thanks! RosRiv
  6. I had the same issue and posed the question here and to my dealer. As I remember, you could to this in the original EV Sonos driver. I say this because I remember using the shuffle option in programming for my playlists. I also was disappointed because I am not able to use any of my playlists in Spotify, etc unless I listen to the same songs in the same order as you point out. My only option was to ask my dealer to reach out to C4 and note it as a request for an enhancement.
  7. Good experience for me as well with UniFi AP Pro and all Apple stuff at my house. Not a single issue. Excellent range to my detached garage on wall farthest away from the unit (almost next door). Oldish Linksys router, seems to work fine but when it dies may go UniFi Edge.
  8. Answering my own question... I suspect there is not a way to do this (as above). Asked my dealer about it and he was planning on asking C4 for these as future enhancements. Cheers!
  9. Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding music and would appreciate any help. I am using Composer HE. 1. I set up a Spotify playlist and would like to trigger using a keypad press. Is there a way to shuffle the songs so that it does not always play them in the same order. I added a line "Set shuffle to on for room X" to programming (Digital Media Actions) but does not help. 2. Is there a way to use the Stations created in Rhapsody under Library (Control 4, not Sonos) to program a button on a keypad. Thanks a bunch! Rori
  10. Hello, I have Sonos and very much like it, agree that it provides many options. Regarding your original question, my application was not exactly like yours but I also I wanted to get analog stereo sound out of my Apple TV and digital surround sound, actually I wanted to do this simultaneously. I was able to do so while keeping keep the Apple TV Dolby setting on ON using a DAC I picked up in Amazon for ~$50 (FiiO D07 Multi-Channel TV Digital to Analog Converter). I have nothing to do with the company or Amazon, just looked around a bit for options, ordered one, and it has worked perfectly to date. Good luck.
  11. Hello, I have exactly this same issue - message indicating that back up has completed but it reports some drivers/proxies could not or need not be backed up. I am running Composer HE in Windows 8 via Parallels on a Mac (always have gotten this message). Was going to try to use Boot Camp instead but my Mac Mini is a bit old and cannot run WIndows 8 via Boot Camp. Just checking before having to buy a Windows system. Thanks.
  12. Hi All, System upgraded to 2.6 last week by dealer. All went well except one issue as noted below. One of my six button keypads working fine for a long time even up to few minutes before the upgrade. Immediately after going to Composer 2.6 keypad noted to be offline and no LEDs lights seen. There is power to it for sure. Upon cycling power the lights flash only for a second and then off. Our feeling is that it may have died somehow-maybe just coincidence but a bit strange. I wonder if there are any other thoughts on this before replacing unit. Thanks!
  13. Dealer will be upgrading my C4 system to 2.6 this week. I am a Mac user but use a laptop PC (Windows XP) to run Composer HE (I know that I can run it on a Mac using Parallels or equivalent software just have not done so). I read here that the lastest version of Composer may not work with Windows XP. Should I assume that this means Composer HE will not work either and will need to consider alternatives? Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
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