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  1. Your dealer must have installed the driver (assuming it is working). I'm not sure how much access you have with HE.
  2. firmware v224+ would be the firmware on IRUSB itself (it ships with V223) Programming would be in composer, commands on our IRUSB driver.
  3. In programming, the long press select is QHIDCODE6000065 Make sure you have updated your irusb firmware to v224 or higher
  4. IMO the best thing Home Automation can provide is user customization. Giving people the interfaces and information THEY want makes their system feel like they are made just for them. The latest SplashTiles tool feature below is a huge improvement for Amazon and Android streaming devices. (below is from the press release) SplashTiles has added Screen Saver mode to our Amazon and Android apps, making it the ultimate custom screen saver for Fire TV and nVidia Shield! Now you can set any of your custom, drag & drop designed SplashTiles screens as your default screen saver. Works on Amazon Fire TV / Stick, nVidia Shield, and most other Android or Android TV devices. * YouTube video backgrounds * Recent photos from your Google Photos library * News, Weather, Traffic, Stocks, Twitter, Facebook, and more! * Cameras & live notifications * Even external web sites * Easily designed in our drag & drop dashboard * Share your screens across all your devices All the remote control, driver integration, and custom PIP features are included as well. Full free C4 driver support for all these functions. Best of all, SplashTiles is now either completely FREE or only $25/year. https://splash-tiles.com
  5. Most likely you haven't verified your NetPlay Cloud account (when you created it in Splash-Tiles, it sends you an email to verify your email address). If that isn't it, just submit a ticket at netplay.freshdesk.com with your specifics and we can help you.
  6. Not sure what you mean here. The C4 matrix amp ITSELF is not a music streaming device.... You do need a streaming source connected to it's input. Voice control has two parts: 1. The voice command to start playing music on the streaming device ("Alexa, play Depeche Mode") (optionally add the streaming device name if it is not IN THIS ROOM) ==> this command goes straight to the Alexa streaming audio device (not C4 or our driver) 2. If the streaming device is not also the speakers in this room, you must give a voice command to select it ("Alexa, set listen to Fire Stick"). This will turn on your matrix amp etc. ==> this command goes to our driver to control your C4 gear You can then adjust volume or stop using voice commands. ==> these commands either go to the streaming device or C4 depending on what controls your speakers
  7. With our skill (SimpleC4), you would control the c4 matrix amp as follows: "Alexa, set Listen to Pandora" (just like the Listen button, substitute Pandora for your C4 audio source names) "Alexa, turn off tv" (turn off all the AV the room) "Alexa, volume up tv" (turn up room volume) "Alexa, set volume to 25%" (level or delta control) "Alexa, mute the tv" (mute the room) In our skill, all the AV in the room is controlled as a TV device. Voice volume control maps to the room volume setting. You might be right that you can't control the volume on the TV device in the original C4 driver. It depends on how it is written. It does definitely work on ours.
  8. Both the c4 skill and our SimpleC4 skill can control the C4 matrix amp. What you CAN'T do is give SINGLE command to your Control4 equipment AND Alexa music service. This is because C4 itself cannot control Alexa / Amazon music. You control C4 with one command, and Alexa / Amazon music with another. You might be able to create an Alexa scene (in the Alexa app) to do both with one command.
  9. Our SimpleC4 skill will give you the command: "Turn on the lights" or "Turn on lights" and it will control all the lights defined for that room. The specific light commands you mentioned you can already do with the official C4 skill. You can use both at the same time if you want to.
  10. I use an Alexa in each room for voice control. In some rooms that don't have centralized audio, that alexa also provides music. For the centralized zone, I use a single Fire stick in the rack. For centralized zones, I use "Set listen to fire stick" and then "play Imagine Dragons on Pandora on Fire stick". (need to include "on fire stick" so Alexa knows not to play on THIS alexa) Decentralized zones is just "play Imagine Dragons on Pandora" (plays on local alexa device using it's speaker) Our driver & skill gives you the "Set watch to source" and "Set listen to source" commands. Easy to use for people familiar with C4 remotes, since the source names are the same as what they see on the remote when they push those same buttons.
  11. You can also use our free skill (& driver) for more intuitive Alexa control
  12. You can text your family, but can you text your HOME?? With Splash-Tiles new Text-2-Screen feature, you can send text messages to be displayed on any TV in your home. Simply add your contact for the kitchen TV to your text thread, and it will immediately be shown on the that TV. No more claims that "they didn't see your message"! Text-2-Screen can even optionally control your home via text message. Text contacts can be created that will run any of our easy to design scripts or macros. With our NetPlay Cloud C4 driver, you can do pretty much anything in C4 via text (but remember texts aren't that secure, so only allow programming for convenience tasks. Don't unlock the doors... ) Text-2-Screen is great for: ⦁ Getting the attention of people who ignore their phones ⦁ Sending surprise pictures to your family or friends ⦁ Chore or bedtime reminders ⦁ Controlling your home via text message Demo video Best of all, everything above is completely FREE. Seriously. We do have paid options if you love the service and intend to use it extensively (we certainly appreciate the support). To get started, create a new account at https://splash-tiles.com, check out our TTS example screen, and then make your own! Full instructions at https://splash-tiles.com/help/tts_doc.php Service tiers: Free: completely FREE. Control pages have banner ads and you need to login to verify you are human once a month Verified: $79 one time fee. Control pages have banner ads, but no periodic verification required. Pro: $75 / year. No ads, no verification.
  13. Awesome I'll fix the typo in our version also.
  14. Might be a typo in the xml. Where do you see the icons (on screen navigator, etc)?
  15. Seems correct. Check the file names in the driver XML file to make sure they are correct and have the correct paths.
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