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  1. You can use the "External" tiles to embed any HTML5 web page as a tile. You can use a "text" tile with your own HTML5 code for simple stuff. Finally, you can dynamically push HTML5 code to a tile using the API (this is how notifications are sent to the screen, etc). Tiles can always customize the size, color, and styles. Some tiles have more options as well (specific to the function). There are also completely custom tiles as mentioned above. On Android devices, you have full remote control via our C4 SplashTiles driver. You can use a C4 trigger to pop up a full screen or overlay camera display (several cams if you like). SplashTiles can handle MJPEG and JPEG camera streams. If you need rtsp, NetPlay can added (seamlessly) to do that. The C4 app itself cannot be a functional PIP (their app doesn't support it). Other options: SplashTiles can display transparently over the functional C4 app SplashTiles has a C4 list navigator tile (functionality like the SR260) that CAN be used as a functional C4 control overlay Security Spy tile? Probably, but would need specifics. Apple versions? Technically fairly easy, but would require a rather large bribe since they are a pain to work with......
  2. I'll send him an email Agree it is unlikely they will link to our app directly. But easy options would be to just allow people to load their own screen saver or we could clone a version of SplashTiles just for Snap to have.
  3. So ADB is disabled? If not, you could set a screen saver that way. It wouldn't interfere with it being a single app device. Screen saver code is built into the platform and has system properties which define the specific executable to run. If ADB is disabled, that device may be a little TOO locked down. Custom homes need custom screen savers on their panels IMO. Would be a great way for dealers to be able to add special touches to the system.
  4. Odd, so no apps at all? RyanE, maybe you guys should add our ScreenSaver as an option. It does basically everything and would put to bed any criticisms in that area.
  5. We actually DID take the time to develop what is probably the worlds most configurable Screen Saver (SplashTiles). You can do exactly what you were asking for, with lots of panel (tiles in our lingo) options to choose from. Works on all Android devices, so it "should" work on the C4 touchscreens. Has anyone ever tried it? It is actually free..... I don't have a C4 touchscreen. Never made an IOS version.
  6. NetPlay top features PIP and / or tiled display of multiple sources at once Graphics or data overlay on your screen (stocks, tasks, calender, etc.. maybe network status in your case?) IP camera PIP / popup on triggers (motion, programming, etc) Simultaneous synched display across your TVs (which you might not use) Easily share any potential future HDMI source across all your TVs So basically adding "bells and whistles" Nothing critical but does certainly add some cool factor to your home and isn't too expensive.
  7. Good choices on the AV gear! Shield Pro @ each TV with local AVR & speakers is the best experience for really minimal spend. If you do end up adding the DTV STBs in the future you can consider adding NetPlay to distribute those. It fits nicely with your hardware & network. Also fully standards based as you prefer.
  8. It doesn't require that you actually USE facebook, just have an account. Oculus has it's own app and everything. Personally my preference is to never buy anything from Apple. However, if they had the best VR headset I would have to change my mind on that
  9. For those of you who haven't tried VR yet, something to consider.... A $300 Oculus quest 2 gives you everything you need to watch your favorite movie in your choice of venue. High end theater, top of mount Everest, bridge of the Enterprise...... If you add a nice USB headphones the audio is also top notch. Apps like "Bigscreen" even allow you to watch your favorite movies with friends remotely. Functionality wise most streaming services have native apps (Netflix, YouTube, Disney, etc). For movie rip playback there are also many options. You can even run NetPlayTV to get all your distributed sources. The new multiprocessing update now allows you to have multiple apps running at the same time (it arrays the app "windows" around you automatically). IMO, it is an awesome experience for the times you are stuck in a hotel room or at home and don't want to disturb the rest of the family. Quest is an Android device so it should be able to run the C4 mobile app as well (control your house from VR).
  10. The only content that is 24 Hz are movies (regardless of player/service, only movies are shot in 24hz). Most streaming content is sent as 30Hz (or 25Hz in PAL countries). It is usually converted by the player 60Hz. Then TV also converts to the panel refresh (60/120/240hz etc). PAL countries it is 50Hz/100Hz etc Where the frame rate conversion occurs doesn't really matter, although in general you want the TV to do it unless you have a really nice player (like Shield). So 4K @ 30Hz for video distribution is good enough, unless it isn't HDCP 2.2 (because most sources won't send any 4K unless HDCP 2.2). Eventually sports will be broadcast in 4Kp60 as they benefit from the full frame rate.
  11. Yeah Then you just have to decide if you the small models for just Alarm mode or the larger ones for advanced features...
  12. You can install the C4 phone/tablet app on any Android based streaming device or TV via ADB. I imagine the navigation would be wonky / non functional via the remote though, so you would likely need an air mouse to control it. Porting the app for TV display is literally just adding the DPAD navigation code, a few lines in the app manifest, and updating the store page......
  13. Just finished added two huge libraries (>100K pieces) of free digital procedural art to our SplashTiles app / service. What is it? Digital procedural art is created with code and renders at full resolution on the fly. 8K players are just around the corner 4K looks awesome today. Fully animated dynamic art. The two new services (openprocessing.org and shadertoy.com) both allow you to easily and quickly browse their huge libraries and create playlists of your favorite pieces. If you know a little coding, you can also easily customize pieces yourself! Or just use the default playlists that we have put together for you. The art pieces are then easily integrated using our drag & drop SplashTiles dashboard with any other tiles you like. Then pick it as your screen saver on your Fire TV, Shield, Chromecast, Sony TV, etc. All totally free. Enjoy! Full details at https://splash-tiles.com/help/digart.php New accounts at https://splash-tiles.com
  14. Need a 2018 model year Samsung smart tv (tizen os 4.x) for development purposes. Any size will do, as long as it is cheap Must be working of course. Will be used for verification testing of our new Samsung notifications overlays app & driver. Thanks!
  15. For everyone who is interested in the Samsung version of overlays..... It looks like TV models from 2018+ will be the target. Just wanted to check if that covers most people or if there are a lot of 2017s out there that you really don't want to replace (2016 and prior will definitely not work).
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