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  1. Most residential installs have a lot of wifi interference. That is what causes the App gui speed delays. If you run a more advanced test you would see a lot of dropped packets via wifi (up to 20% at times is fairly common). Don't forget to get a few IRUSB devices for those Fire sticks 😉 You might also want to try our free SplashTiles tool / App. It can give you some cool automation features in your "local" setup (such as Camera PIP, custom screen savers, etc).
  2. You could do this using our free SplashTiles tool, driver, and app The flow would be C4 button in 3rd party tool (Actiontiles, etc) would call a SplashTiles REST api url for a NetPlay Cloud command NetPlay Cloud command can execute the QLAUNCH command for the C4 app (usually via IRUSB), loading it on the device of your choice This works for Android based devices, not iOS
  3. BTW, SplashTiles is now completely FREE for home use with ZERO ADS (we recently removed ads from the free accounts) Commercial use starts are only $25 / year
  4. Ok, that looks like an issue with the USB descriptor itself. Something must have changed in the Shield OS wrt this. We will look into it.
  5. Yeah, let me know. Not sure how it could be the app but if it is reproducible we can probably find the cause.
  6. Just install the NetPlayTV app. Then the page will show "thank you for using IRUSB". If you have corrupted names on the permissions dialogs, you need to factory default that unit. Those dialogs come from the security subsystem of the OS (not our app), so if they are bad I would suspect OS corruption.
  7. That error message is an old bug related to the play status readback that sometimes shows up. Please open a support ticket at https://netplay.freshdesk.com/ and post your lua log and the navigator commands you are using. Hopefully we can finally isolate it to fix it.
  8. Out of curiosity, what would you use? IMO anything full screen is disruptive, but that is the point (Android devs want to make sure you see it, ie know the app was loaded by the USB device you previously authorized). You do get a different screen based on which of our apps you have installed. Install NetPlayTV (even if you don't use it) to get the basic "Thank you for using IRUSB" page.
  9. Use the Send_HID command. The parameters are ABBBCCC from the full command. Home is QHIDCODE2002035\r (A=2, BBB=2, CCC=35)
  10. Most likely, the "Push Enter" command you are using holds the virtual key too long. You could just send the sleep command to the shield (QHIDCODE2000052\r), use the sleep timer, or send the short press select HID command (QHIDCODE2000065\r).
  11. No, per the latest Android security rules our app MUST start in the foreground (because it interfaces with a USB peripheral). That said, this will only happen on a power cycle / reboot. BTW, you should not use any autostart tools or apps. The IRUSB app must start itself, which it does within 5 minutes of a BOOT/REBOOT. Any other method will not work properly.
  12. Yes, our free driver (on our web site) supports this. Make sure you are using the latest driver and IRUSB firmware.
  13. Give it a try. You would have to enter both the UUID and the "static ip" of the device. The UUID is the same format as your other devices. Just change the MAC address portion to the MAC of the tivo. The devices needs the UUID for the licensing, but otherwise would not need the multicast discovery pings if the IP itself is already entered.
  14. Yeah, the "broadcast to interface XXX" failed is the reason. Strange that they would block it, so many services need multicast / broadcast to work.
  15. For use with NetPlay Home, the identify step uses a multicast beacon packet on the currently active network interface. Just check that only one interface is active (wifi is disabled) and that multicast isn't blocked on that network.
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