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  1. Yes, tiling = multidisplay You could cycle them as follows: set PIP source 1, duration 0 wait 4 seconds set PIP source 2, duration 4 Use duration 0 to avoid a race condition (C4s 4 seconds not exactly the same as our 4 seconds) I meant the Shield as a decoder. 2 PIP streams would only work on Shield hardware because it has special hardware acceleration for this. SplashTiles Cloud is a subscription service (or ad supported). However, you also have SplashTiles local on your NetPlay Manager. You can use that for free with no ads.
  2. Using Tiling mode will be disruptive, since it stops the full screen stream and then loads 3 new streams. Then later stops all those and restarts the full screen stream. Not good for your use case. PIP mode is what you want. It lets the full screen continue to play and just loads then stops the substream on top. Not disruptive to your experience. However, it is limited to 1 overlay stream. Technically the Shield could do 2 overlay (PIP) streams just fine. However, we would have to add support for that in the driver, api, and app. A quicker method would be to use SplashTiles to create a source with multiple tiled cameras, and then PIP the SplashTiles source itself. That would give you multiple cameras in a single PIP window call. The only downside is SplashTiles uses the JPEG or MJPEG camera streams verses the RTSP streams, so the frame rate is lower. However, it would give you exactly what you need.
  3. The API makes this easy to do for PIP. Not really optimized for what you are trying to do.... Here goes a method: In C4, (on motion trigger Y1 event) Save current output setting to flash slot 1 If Room X1 is On sets display X1 to display given sources in layout 2 If Room X2 is On sets display X2 to display given sources in layout 2 If Room Xn is On sets display Xn to display given sources in layout 2 Wait for X seconds, then recall the flash slot 1 Use the same code attached to each of your motion trigger events. The sources used will be different depending on the trigger event.
  4. It could be a C4 specific issue. Alexa smart home API has a few parts: Device recognition and control: Basically the voice translation mapping to one of your device commands (previously found in discovery). If this fails, you will get "I don't have a device named X" or "I don't recognize that" etc. This is all Amazon. The device command then goes to the Lambda function in the cloud (written by C4 in this case). The function basically translates from Amazon API to the API used by C4's 4sight (They might also use an intermediate cloud server as well). Any error or TIMEOUT returned by this function results in "The device is not responding". The command eventually gets routed to your Controller, which executes it accordingly So if you are getting the error message from #2, most likely it is your 4Sight connection or the (possible) C4 intermediate cloud server that is too slow to respond or broken. Given that your command DID execute it would indicate C4 was too slow to respond so the function timed out. You can try using our SimpleC4 skill to see if it works better for you. We have our own Lambda functions, Cloud servers, and Firebase connections back to C4. Unless your internet is down, it should be reliable.
  5. I was assuming your Autonomic Mirage had Alexa support. If so, what I described would work. The "Set Listen to Pandora" command maps to our SimpleC4 skill and controls C4 source selection The "Play X on Pandora" command maps to the audio player skill and controls what that source plays
  6. There are many ways to do this using macros and then "turn on macro_name". You might also be able to set default channels/stations for audio sources in C4. However, the best way in my opinion is with two voice commands: "Set Listen to Pandora" (tells c4 to select pandora source) "Play X on Pandora" (tells Alexa that you are streaming audio, and enables that voice interface for control) then you have all the normal alexa voice commands available for audio when you are done, then "turn off tv" would do execute the "Room OFF" c4 command. You could also just tell Alexa to "stop, shut up, be quiet, etc" and that would also stop your audio (C4 zone would remain selecting pandora source though).
  7. Strange, it shows working in our logs. When I test it I always get the mail. It looks like you are using the yahoo address. We can manually verify that for you. Anyone else having the same issue?
  8. This is because C4 (internally) starts the stream BEFORE it turns on the TV. HDCP doesn't work when the TV is off, so the stream doesn't start. The fix is to use the "Restart Stream" command on the driver: (delay may need to be longer than 5 seconds if you have a slow tv) Add the programming below to each room (with a NetPlay decoder)
  9. Please respond to the ticket so they can get the issue resolved. I believe they needed to know which email of the two you used is the correct one.
  10. Yes, that is how it works. You do have to go into the Alexa app and create "groups" for each room. That way Alexa knows which hardware is in the same room as each Alexa device.
  11. Did you get the response on your ticket? If not you might have a general issue with receiving mail.
  12. Check your spam folder. If still no go then submit a ticket with the email you are using and we will verify it. https://netplay.freshdesk.com/support/home
  13. Works properly here. Make sure you update your app to version 2.2.2 (latest). Earlier versions have problems in the latest Android 9 build on the Shields.
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