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  1. Almost all cameras have a method to fetch still images (http jpeg GET url). The SplashTiles camera tile can fetch that several times a second, which is functionally equivalent to an actual MJPEG feed at a lower frame rate. In C4 programming, you would just tie the "Show overlay" command on our NetPlay Cloud driver to the motion trigger event on your Camera driver. BTW, you can use device "000" to hit ALL your TVs at once if that is most convenient. For required hardware, see this page: https://splash-tiles.com/help/hdmioverlay.php Basically if you have an And
  2. SplashTiles can do jpeg at about 5 fps, or mjpg at around 10 fps RTSP we can also do (at full resolution / fps), but that requires our NetPlay system. As mentioned above, NetPlay will get the transparent HDMI overlay feature in about a month. Can't promise exact capabilities until then of course.
  3. Awesome No, we need to add an option field to remove that. Just submit a ticket and we can get that added soon.
  4. On most devices you will need to set the permission to "display over other apps". You can find the instructions here https://splash-tiles.com/help/overlaypip.php Our app is supposed to point you to the appropriate ones based on the platform version (if it detects the permission is not granted). However, there is a bug currently preventing this (will be fixed soon).
  5. Make sure you have NetPlay Cloud enable set to OFF if not using it. If that isn't the issue, open a ticket at https://netplay.freshdesk.com/ and include your splash tiles user name, a screen shot of your C4 driver properties page, and cut/paste of the lua output window in the driver (if possible).
  6. In the video, we showed using a "Push data" tile for the announcement. These tiles will display dynamic data that is "pushed" to our server via the C4 driver. We also put some test data into the tile via the "Control" page as an example of what it will look like. In actual use, you typically will use the commands on the c4 driver to push the text and/or images you specifically need dynamically. In the video, I used commands on the driver to send image to slot 8, text to slot 9, then the command to display that screen as an overlay. (I actually later took out the command to send imag
  7. No worries SplashTiles account: This is what you log into splash-tiles.com with to create your screens, link your devices, etc. This is also where you create the "browser id" that you use in the NetPlay Cloud driver (just follow the tutorial video) NetPlay Cloud account: This is only needed it you want to do 2 way control BACK to your C4 system. It is a different account that you can create inside the account linking section in splash-tiles.com. It creates a secure, real time firebase cloud control socket between your device and your control4 system. Once you create this insi
  8. Sorry, it is actually linked from the SplashTiles documentation https://splash-tiles.com/help/reference.php Driver: https://www.video-storm.com/downloads/npcloud.c4z
  9. All the Sony Android TVs we have tested work well with our overlay on the HDMI inputs, so most likely the answer is yes. Easy enough to try it and find out. You can test it without any C4 integration by using the "Control" screen in your Splash-tiles.com account. Just setup your test screen, install and link the app on your TV, then select an HDMI input (on the TV) and trigger "show overlay" via the splash-tiles.com "control" screen. If it works as expected it will also work when integrated with C4.
  10. Yes, when using our IRUSB. Full IP control with all the bells and whistles
  11. The Zidoo Z9X is similar to the NeTV (HDMI in to HDMI out OTT box). Works with SplashTiles of course. https://splash-tiles.com/help/hdmioverlay.php For standalone, IMO the new Chromecast is my choice right now over the Fire Sticks. Super fast
  12. Possible. HTML5 web apps are supposed to work on Tizen. SplashTiles is a web app. The transparent overlay is framework dependent though, so may not be available on the Samsungs. Plus the messaging framework is different. If enough people find it useful we could look into it.
  13. Roku "apps" are built using Brightscript and are really limited in what they can do. SplashTiles app is simple compared to NetPlayTV, but still outside of what is possible given their limitations. If they ever modernize their OS we could port to that platform
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