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  1. I'll see if there is anything I can add with the voice profiles. Our skills for SplashTiles and NetPlay already support the grouping in rooms. I am going to add this to our documentation. Grouping is much easier to do in the new Alexa app now. Works great
  2. I feel the same way for Alexa. She should really know what I want to listen to by now..... Can't be a good personal assistant if the AI doesn't remember these things.
  3. Toast notifications => select for pip video is an interesting idea. I'll look into this. See if it can be consistently presented on different devices. Another possibility is we can send a toast notification to your phone, then you could click on that and it gives you options to view directly on your phone or send to a tv.
  4. No, it isn't. The commercial market is large, though. However, it requires more flexibility than most systems can offer.
  5. What's in your Watch menu?? That is what video distribution is about, right? Giving your customers the sources they want to see in their C4 Watch menu. But video content is changing. Most of what we watch is now from streaming sources (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, ESPN, etc). It is still nice to a cable DVR box or two, but it is no longer a must have in many households. Cord cutters and streaming only households are a significant and growing market. How has this industry adapted to these changes? Has it changed at all really? I would love to hear from more dealers about how they have been selling to these customers! What has been working? What business can't you capture? What functionality is bringing in new business? If you have been thinking about how these changes can impact your business, NetPlay might be worth a look. Instead of just selling a matrix, we have near zero cost streaming & OTA systems which can later scale up to include other live sources for only a little more. And with SplashTiles, it does a lot more than just playing video. See our latest white paper for details.
  6. Thank you everyone for your help in beta testing this new service. Our beta test period has now successfully concluded. Stay tuned for the upcoming release.
  7. Correct, our accounts do require a valid credit card. It is authorized for $1 to prove you are real person (not a bot). You won't be charged in the beta period or 14 day trial, and you can cancel it anytime.
  8. Manually verified your account. The verification email server is working properly now. Let us know if anyone is still having issues.
  9. The Cloud service has a lot more options & tiles. It is normally used as a standalone service (without NetPlay), but can also be used with a NetPlay system. You can add the splashtiles cloud URLs as sources in NetPlay Home/Pro.
  10. We just moved the email to an Amazon server, so it will take a day or two to start working again. In the meantime I have manually verified all the new user accounts. You can login to the site now.
  11. You can now see some examples without creating a login! SplashTiles examples
  12. When you go to the "store" page, were you able to create a subscription?
  13. Did you get the verification email for your account? You need to click on that link before you can finish the signup.
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