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  1. Maybe a little off topic, but it brings up an interesting point or two. People are often debating if automation really saves us any time at all..... For people in the household who never program, maintain, update/upgrade, etc the system. Yeah, it actually makes their life go a little faster / easier. For the person(s) who are responsible for the former, it is either They are getting paid to do it (ie, your dealer). So basically you are paying for convenience, which is exactly what you would expect. (provided you have a good dealer and are happy with the res
  2. Just to add more options to the table I definitely agree that the choice between full video distribution verses "distributed players" isn't a clear cut as it used to be. For most people it is really a choice of how you want to allocate your limited budget. For those without a budget, well we should talk 😁 Our NetPlay system is built to be flexible so that you only distribute what you need to (usually sat cable boxes) while everything else streams locally at the TV mounted player (usually a fire stick 4K, Shield, or other). Even your 4K cameras are direct streaming (because they
  3. Made a video showing how the touchscreen works https://youtu.be/muz4W_fZrGM Instructions are at https://splash-tiles.com/help/vertical_tvs.php
  4. It also works on Tablets. Anything that runs Android, Android TV, or Fire OS. It will run on phones as well but isn't really optimized for that platform.
  5. https://splash-tiles.com/
  6. FYI our Splash-tiles.com tool is very similar to Dakboard. Except it has some nice C4 integration built in (and is less expensive overall). Runs on your Android TV / Fire OS devices (you can also run on a pi if you like) Complete cloud control is actually included in the FREE version Free C4 driver with a lot of integration features Push data / control from C4 to your displays Transparent overlays & such Authenticated Camera support with popup Full WebGl graphics applications built in Personally I like Dakboard as well. It was in part
  7. You can use the SplashTiles Android app to display any push data (from C4 or otherwise) over any other app. Seems like an exact solution to your problem? Just see this thread
  8. We can do that now if you have a Sony or FireOS based TV. With Samsung, we likely could do this (no promises, but seems possible)
  9. Yes, same as the current feature on Android. You can send a command via our driver to pull up any of your screens for display (full screen). Your screens can have any content (including data pushed from our driver).
  10. I may have spoke too soon. Overlay over HDMI <= looks like it could be done Overlay over other applications <= definitely a firm NO How are you using your Samsung TVs? Just using the HDMI input or are you using the apps on the TV?
  11. Ok, I went ahead and did the prelim design work for Samsung (Tizen). The good news (what would work): Full screen Splash-Tiles screens could be remotely triggered and displayed. Probably will work for TVs as old as 2017. Our same NetplayCloud driver should be able to control them (for screen display / dismiss / etc) The bad new (what can't work): Overlay over other applications Overlay over HDMI / TV Authenticated camera feeds The last two are just not supported in Tizen. You CAN create a PIP window of HDMI OVER your SplashTiles screen. Howe
  12. Thanks for the feedback! 1. You can also get the NetPlay Cloud driver in C4 section of our reference docs https://splash-tiles.com/help/reference.php 2. The app is "trying" to load the doc page with instructions on enabling overlay if it detects no permission. Unfortunately there was a typo in the URL so it just loaded a default page instead which is definitely really confusing.... Sorry about that Should be fixed now though. When did you try it? Which app version? I saw you filed a ticket on the DoorStation issue. We will help with that issue via the ticke
  13. This is a new feature of our splash-tiles.com tool. The live sports scores are free (subject to a reasonable use quota). To get started with March madness scores, just add the "World Basketball" tile and set the League to NCAA. Documentation for this tile: https://splash-tiles.com/help/apibasketball.php For C4 control, the driver is https://www.video-storm.com/downloads/npcloud.c4z The score cards can be configured to automatically POP UP as overlays only when the scores you are filtering on change (and then automatically dismiss)
  14. Live basketball scores TV overlay for your C4 system (supports any video distribution method).
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