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  1. There is likely a timing / order of commands issue at play on your room power up. Please submit a support ticket at http://netplay.freshdesk.com/ Include the LUA log for the problematic sequence. Also the exact hardware (Shield & C4 controller) and any other pertinent info. We can then reproduce the issue. Disney Plus is currently named "Disney Now" in the driver. Use the mini driver for Disney Now for Disney Plus.
  2. The QLAUNCH for hulu has changed to QLAUNCH android-app://com.hulu.livingroomplus#Intent;component=com.hulu.livingroomplus/.WKFactivity;end the driver does not reflect this currently. You can use a custom command or mini driver for it in the meantime. Change your "Send HOME on Power" property to false
  3. Our IRUSB driver has an "AV started" and "AV stopped" event on it which can be used for chromecast. You can have programming to select this driver as the source on AV started, then also programming to turn room off: AV stopped pause 45 seconds if av status variable still false, turn room off (eliminate spurious off for periods of no audio) Note that your AV started programming would need to be a bit more complicated if you are also using NetPlay, since a NetPlay source will also trigger that event on the IRUSB driver.
  4. You cannot use the 2019 Shield because it does NOT have USB. Use either the 2015 or 2017 Shields, or the 2019 Shield Pro. You need USB to attach IRUSB hardware. Our driver (VideoStorm) is free and does all the most common operations (IP control, app launching, mini drivers, etc). Chowmain is a premium driver and adds more Kodi integration and a few other features. You can create your own programming controls or even mini drivers for any app. Just see the documentation for details.
  5. The new ATT streaming box has been tested and works properly as a NetPlay TV decoder. It can also be controlled by IRUSB. https://www.att.com/tv/
  6. A lot of people have been asking about a quick and easy way to put selected Coronavirus news and such on their public display TVs. We have just created a couple examples with the John Hopkins Tracker tools and using SplashTiles for remote controlled display. The two example screens shown use: Full screen JH tracker app (covid) https://splash-tiles.com/splashtiles/display.php?examples=1&token=w55c0sscb47ymepbggeksgfng5swswo70083cd0p7wbfwp0d&slide=covid Windowed JH tracker app and background current news from YouTube (covid2) https://splash-tiles.com/splashtiles/display.php?examples=1&token=w55c0sscb47ymepbggeksgfng5swswo70083cd0p7wbfwp0d&slide=covid2 Those example screens can easily be customized with more personalized news, data, or more. SplashTiles is a freemium tool that can turn your nVidia Shield or Fire Stick into a remote controlled digital signage device. It can also be used as a screen saver for residential applications.
  7. For the Chowmain driver, please contact their support. The Video Storm driver has the long press features.
  8. By default, Guide actually maps to the keycode_guide in Android. Most devices don't actually use that keycode though, so in the latest driver we have a property to map the Guide and Menu keys with a few options.
  9. Just released a few beta features on IRUSB so that you have something to tinker with while avoiding the corona virus ☣️ You do need to manually opt in to the BETA version of the app to be able to use these. Opt in at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.videostorm.irusb (Google play only right now) Three new features: C4 command for universal text search. Just send your search text and it will trigger that search on your device (Shield). C4 command to start google assistant. Still needs a mic to record your voice though, so not sure if this will ever be useful..... Support for more types of "Deep links", ie the ability to load programs / channels / videos directly via C4. We have full instructions on how to do this for YouTube and Netflix. Should also work with some experimentation for most other apps. Please see http://www.video-storm.com/Downloads/irusb_faq.htm (end section) Let me know what you think. These are all experimental right now so your feedback is really key to making them better!
  10. Here are the codes for direct launching YouTubes Videos: (use the video id at the end, same as in a web browser) QLAUNCH android-app://com.google.android.youtube.tv/http/www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp668EGfKPE Playlists: (use the list id at the end, same as in a web browser) QLAUNCH android-app://com.google.android.youtube.tv/http/www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Osr9JxQRMelaTR9RFVc4cnDcNS97Hn4 We also support a shorted version in the next IRUSB app version (in beta). The shorted version skips the package name and lets Android resolve it for us. QLAUNCH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp668EGfKPE QLAUNCH http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Osr9JxQRMelaTR9RFVc4cnDcNS97Hn4
  11. With Android apps you CAN often link directly to a channel or show. These are called "deep links" and they are supported via QLAUNCH codes in IRUSB. The biggest issue is the exact url/data combinations aren't documented, so it takes experimentation to find them. http://www.video-storm.com/Downloads/irusb_faq.htm
  12. Your dealer must have installed the driver (assuming it is working). I'm not sure how much access you have with HE.
  13. firmware v224+ would be the firmware on IRUSB itself (it ships with V223) Programming would be in composer, commands on our IRUSB driver.
  14. In programming, the long press select is QHIDCODE6000065 Make sure you have updated your irusb firmware to v224 or higher
  15. IMO the best thing Home Automation can provide is user customization. Giving people the interfaces and information THEY want makes their system feel like they are made just for them. The latest SplashTiles tool feature below is a huge improvement for Amazon and Android streaming devices. (below is from the press release) SplashTiles has added Screen Saver mode to our Amazon and Android apps, making it the ultimate custom screen saver for Fire TV and nVidia Shield! Now you can set any of your custom, drag & drop designed SplashTiles screens as your default screen saver. Works on Amazon Fire TV / Stick, nVidia Shield, and most other Android or Android TV devices. * YouTube video backgrounds * Recent photos from your Google Photos library * News, Weather, Traffic, Stocks, Twitter, Facebook, and more! * Cameras & live notifications * Even external web sites * Easily designed in our drag & drop dashboard * Share your screens across all your devices All the remote control, driver integration, and custom PIP features are included as well. Full free C4 driver support for all these functions. Best of all, SplashTiles is now either completely FREE or only $25/year. https://splash-tiles.com
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