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  1. Since we added a lot of notification methods, here is an info graphic that summaries current capabilities The text, images, or full html notification is pushed from a source to your secure SplashTiles Push Data storage Android phone or Tablet via our Notifications for SplashTiles app (forwards selected Android notifications directly) Sending a normal Text message from your phone to your custom TTS address From your Home Automation controller using our free drivers From IFTTT using our simple WebHooks commands From Python / Curl using our simple WebHooks commands A SplashTiles Script (custom designed by you) is triggered to display your notification Screen (custom designed by you) on any or all of your connected display devices Android TVs or Fire TVs running our SplashTiles app Android streaming device or Fire Stick running our SplashTiles app Any device with a web browser The notification Screen can either automatically dismiss after the set time limit, or be dismissed directly by the Back button.
  2. New toy/tool for SplashTiles Notifications for SplashTiles https://splash-tiles.com/help/androidnote.php Automatically forward selected Android Phone notifications to your TV. Just like our notifications from C4, except from your phone. Best for texts, caller ID, or Cloud cams that don't play nice with automation. Enjoy And don't forget to let us know if you have suggestions.
  3. Late reply....... We offer a method to control your C4 system via a simple REST API. Also works via your own custom design web page. It consists of free or premium Splash-tiles.com account (REST API provider) (this is our owned service, so definitely C4 centric) Install our NetPlay Cloud driver (also free)
  4. You might be misunderstanding how enterprise mode works: Customer buys any tablet listed on the enterprise mode support list https://androidenterprisepartners.withgoogle.com/devices/?_ga=2.71282320.1848238173.1623012203-634090609.1623012203#!?device_type=tablet (C4 may recommend specific brands as preferred) When customer powers up the tablet for the first time and gets the "Enter your google account", they enter the C4 specific enterprise ID Device is now locked to their C4 cloud account for all software installation, updates, and full root access "Provisioning" occurs. C4 remotely installs their app and sets the device into "Kiosk" mode so that only their (full functionality) app runs and is always in the foreground. Done, you have a stable centrally managed fixed function device which can be easily replaced at any time by the customer at minimal cost. It would really solve the problem that all tablets / touchscreens get outdated really fast. IMO, C4 should not be trying to keep up in that hardware race. Your touchscreen will always be a couple generations behind what customers can buy retail for less money. The real question is if C4 could stomach the loss of some hardware revenue in order to provide a better overall solution (increasing competitivity). Maybe possible while you are still private....
  5. Standard Android tablet hardware using enterprise deployment mode. C4 could directly provision, deploy all software updates, and even lock down what can and cannot be installed on it. Linux drivers for this would be really low effort to put together. Best of both worlds. Lowest cost solution that will also be super stable.
  6. If it is the Android box version, IRUSB can provide IP control for it.
  7. It's possible. That is a feature of the new mini driver functions released a year back or so that allows the mini drivers to forward the key commands down the chain. Our driver is written with the "hijack" the source selection method that was the only way prior to that update. Backwards compatibility for existing installs would be the only real issue.... Other than seeing the app name instead of the Fire stick name as your selected source, what is the advantage you see with the new method?
  8. Video OSD formats is correct. NetPlay Overlay uses the PIP command, so it also uses the Video OSD (ie PIP) formats. If you are going to use a splashtiles cloud screen as an overlay in NetPlay, create a video osd format that covers the whole screen. That way it works the same as the SplashTiles app (overlay Screen is considered full screen with user defined tiles & transparency regions).
  9. https://www.video-storm.com/downloads/NetPlay_protocol.pdf Just the section on "NetPlay Video virtual matrix command set" The commands can be sent from our C4 driver command (which uses the TCP socket). You can also send via http as: Virtual matrix control via HTTP GET http://ip_address/vm_request.php?cmd=PROTOCOLCMD Note PROTOCOLCMD must be URL encoded properly
  10. Yes, use the "send_serial" command on our Netplay driver to send any Netplay protocol command. Probably should rename that command as the "serial" part is just legacy. Everything is IP now of course.
  11. Another point to add: The cornerstone of any security (especially network security) is TRUST. Who do I trust to access my network? What code / programs do I trust to run? Which websites do I trust with my info. etc.... Public free security scanners from any unknown party..... That would be like negative infinity on the trust scale. IMO most security training should start with discussions about who/what to trust and why.
  12. We do have this capability built into NetPlay. On the Sink Setup page (NVMM), you can see the REBOOT buttons for all sinks. You can also reboot via the API command QRESTARTxxx (xxx being the 3 digit sink number). For VRX devices, that is all you need. For other Android devices (Fire Stick etc), you will first need to enable ADB on that device and then send a test REBOOT command which will trigger the ADB permission screen on the stick. Select allow always on the stick. After that you should be able to remotely reboot that device via the methods above.
  13. FYI, we have a major editor change that just went live today. Your Screen editor (Dashboard) now operates as a simple drag and drop for your tiles (which then snap to your autosized grid). The old method of "auto sorted" tiles is now history...... Seemed like a good idea, but it turned out to be too non-intuitive. This change should be fully transparent to all your user data & screens. They will display the same as before. When you edit them, it will just use the new method. Your "spacer" tiles are now unnecessary and can be deleted if you like. This also means there are no longer any special considerations for your tile layout. You can put your tiles in any arrangement (even overlapping if you want). If you do encounter anything weird, just let us know. Lastly, we have added automatic WebHook API generator buttons to the remote control pages. These buttons will give you the exact API command to execute any command you need. Not critical for C4 since we have a driver, but makes IFTTT or other integrations much simplier.
  14. It can be done on current versions. Splash-Tiles.com can give you full web based List Navigation in C4. Plus it is free (driver, cloud service, and everything). See the videos below List navigator as a transparent overlay on a TV (you can just use a web browser as well) Setup vid
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