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  1. Yeah, I’m getting ready to sell my house and all I’m going to leave is the surveillance system. People want that and it would be a pain in the ass to remove. I have my big rack flush mounted in the wall across from the theater. I’m going to pull it out and drywall over the opening because I think most people will find it scary/intimidating (especially at our price point of ~$650k).
  2. I’m guessing the “most robust” lighting options today are the C4 lighting products. Is there something that comes close (Lutron maybe?) but at a significantly better price point? Planning for the new house and weighing my options.
  3. Not if the specific IP feed is being supplied by the NVR. It depends on how your dealer set them up in the system.
  4. I have the analog stuff (DVR included) from Snap right now and it’s rock solid. The one thing that’s annoying is that I have to go out and clean off the domes more often than I’d like, otherwise they’re useless at night. I’m going to look at the cost variance and make a decision. For pre-wire I’ll just pull a cat5e either way. If I go analog I’ll use baluns. One other thing I’ve been looking at and pondering is when should you use a dome vs turret vs bullet. They all have the same viewing angles and field of view. It makes sense that the dome is more protected against vandalism but I’m not real worried about that. I’d love any input someone more knowledgeable than me has.
  5. In my current home I'm using Snap A/V Luma line of surveillance products. I'm using analog cameras currently. I'm building a new house, and my initial thought was just to use the Snap line again, but go the IP route this time. I know the C4 integration is good and I've been happy with the products. Is there something else I should be looking at/considering that has good C4 integration for the viewing of the cams on touchscreens/navigators as well as control over the NVR? Thanks in advance.
  6. I should have given more detail on ceiling height. The kitchen/dining/great room area is 12' ceilings, and the bedrooms and basement areas are 9' ceilings.
  7. In my current home I use in-ceiling speakers for listening to music or announcements and that’s it. The audio associated with video just goes through TV speakers or a sound bar. I’m building a new home and leaning towards having the videos audio go through the in ceiling speakers (in every room except the theater). I’ve got in-wall subs spec’d for the great room and living room as well. My question is for anyone who is doing this...how do you like it. Is it weird having the videos audio come from above? This isn’t for critical movie watching/listening...just watching the TV in the living room or bedroom. Would love any input you can provide.
  8. I’d get Just Add Power or Snap A/V’s Media Over IP.
  9. Or would I get a passive subwoofer and just power it from a L/R output pair on one of the existing amps?
  10. Forgive me for being dense, but I’m not a big audio guy. Is there a way for me to accomplish this today with my current matrix amps? Or would I need to buy the Audio Matrix and non-powered audio from a free stereo output to the sub?
  11. I’ve got 16 zones of distributed audio...and in 1 or 2 of them I’d like to add an in-wall subwoofer. I use 2 of the 8 zone matrix amps today and they don’t have a line out. How are people doing this today?
  12. So, a while back my Google Home stopped working, and I finally got around to trying to troubleshoot it. The Pushover Websocket shows as DISCONNECTED, but I don't know why. The credentials are correct and all that...any ideas? Support apparently isn't available today. Screenshot attached.
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