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  1. Yeah, I suspect I’ll likely use the Pentair app more than anything, but my hope is to be able to use C4 to trigger different actions when things happen with the pool. Thanks for the run down. Still not 100% sure of what they’re installing here other than “Pentair Automation”. I think they’re setting the equipment tomorrow.
  2. Nice! I’ll have to go see if mine has Shades support yet. It will free up a remote focused button. Stoked for Sessions support too.
  3. Yeah, I have the Room Control driver in most every room as well. Thanks to those that replied! Like I said, I know how to do it “my way” but was just wondering if there wasn’t a better way.
  4. A reboot allowed me to add the driver. All the equipment is getting delivered today, so they should set the equipment today and tomorrow. I’m still a couple of weeks out (at least) from having everything live but the driver looks pretty straightforward. I didn’t plan on having Ethernet out there, but fortunately I have a CAT cable ran there for a camera so I’ll drop that down and put a small PoE switch in. I can post an update here on the driver once I’ve got things up and running if anyone is interested.
  5. I have the DS2 mini. I pull the camera feed in to BlueIris for recording and what not, but I don't pull the BlueIris feed of the DS2 in to Control4....Control4 takes care of that with the DS2 driver. Does that make sense?
  6. I have Dahua cams (plus C4 doorstation) and BlueIris - I use the driver from Blackwire. It's awesome. I love being able to touch a certain section of the picture and have Control4 trigger an action.
  7. I was just trying to install it from the online database.
  8. I’m on 3.1.2. Thanks for sharing a version. I’ll likely try a reboot and see if that changes anything. Odd though, as I was adding other drivers yesterday (Room control driver and a few others) without issue. Oh well, worst case I’ll just add this one. Thanks again!
  9. I’m trying to add the Pentair Intellicenter driver for the pool we’re nearing completion on, but it errors out and says it can’t add the driver to the project. Looks like the driver was updated in October of 2019. Anyone know why the driver won’t install? Is the integration not worthwhile?
  10. You've got a beautiful property there. I like the exterior lighting - I do some similar things inside but didn't outside (yet). That's a lot of light switches
  11. This is when you wish the Apple Watch app still existed. It was perfect for stuff like this.
  12. Airplay doesn't work on a call - you'd need something you could bluetooth to, which I think needs to have a microphone. I do this all the time - I use my Airpods Pro. LOL. Then I can hear it, and can still hear everything going on around me, and I don't have to bother everyone else with hearing my work.
  13. Are you bored during quarantine? I'd commission it if the fee were reasonable.
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