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  1. I’ve got an Intellicenter, and Pentairs automated chemical system…I’d have to go see what it’s called but it communicates with the Intellicenter. The Intellicenter is currently controlled via IP, and is connected to a small PoE switch in the pool equipment room that also connects 2 IP cams and a Triad One. Any chance this driver works over IP? I’d love all those things integrated to get alerts off of them. If no IP, it sounds like I need to find a device I can put out there that would allow for a serial connection. I do have a couple of EA1’s kicking around… I’d love to try it for you, but I just shut the pool down for winter. If you’ll let me sign in as a beta tester knowing the pool won’t be back online until May 2021 I’d give it a whirl for you.
  2. This is essentially just 3 relays which can be activated via whatever protocol garage door openers use…am I understanding that correctly?
  3. It seems consistent so far, but I will do more testing. I have noticed it’s slightly delayed. I have 4 kids and a zillion people through here all the time, so we will stress test it for sure.
  4. I had reset the bindings and failed to redo one of them.
  5. I’ve got it working right now. I’m doing some testing with Home Assistant for a vacation property (where I’ll also deploy the August lock) and it’s pretty fantastic. I’m really intrigued by it.
  6. I just installed the driver this morning, so it’s the latest version. Same with the August. It’s the 4th generation lock with WiFi built in. I do have the gateway driver and the lock driver.
  7. I've got the August Lock driver added and configured and everything works great with regards to Control4 being able to lock and unlock the door. That said, it doesn't appear that Control4 is aware of a manual status change to the lock...meaning if I manually unlock or lock the door, Control4 isn't aware of that. Is that the same experience others are having?
  8. ILoveC4


    Give me your address and I’ll send someone over to remove it. I only read the first and last paragraphs, but if the system isn’t working it’s on your integrator. The hardware and software are great when setup properly.
  9. I think I’m going to deploy Home Assistant at this property. August smart lock and smart keypad, Kasa lighting…should be simple but effective. Setting things up on the bench now to start testing. I’ve got some cool ideas.
  10. Yeah, I just don’t really have a way to get wiring there.
  11. I’m okay to spend some money. I will look in to Unifi Access. It’s a house though, not a commercial building. So it has doors, door frames, door knobs and wiring that you’d expect in a home and not in a commercial building.
  12. I do have a couple of extra EA1’s. I just didn’t want the overhead and possible failure point (although I can’t imagine that being an issue) of the C4 system there. For that trivial task it may be worth it.
  13. I’d reach out to BlackWire, but that’s who I bought my JAP system from.
  14. It was working before the rack reboot?
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