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  1. I already explained the big things for me are far fewer sources to manage, and the ability to view one source on lots of different screens at the same time.
  2. I’m sure it violates agreements and the process isn’t outlined anywhere - not really always. Bits and piece in obscure corners of the internet.
  3. You can absolutely make the original NEEO work with Control4, but the level of effort is significant. If you value your time at all, you're better off just buying the Control4 NEEO remote. If you're a tinkerer and technically proficient who enjoys a good challenge, you can make it happen.
  4. I assumed based upon your user ID that you aren't here as solely an end user. I'm just sharing my thoughts. While you're right - within certain scenarios moving from one Apple TV to another can provide a good experience, but you're too reliant upon the specific end media player(s) to support that functionality. The services (Netflix, Hulu, etc...) are getting better at providing this, but I still think without question video distribution is the way to go (if you can fund it - it's not inexpensive, but worth it in my opinion).
  5. I have to imagine you've not actually had proper video distribution with that mindset. If you have a bunch of TV's it's incredibly nice. You have a minimal number of sources to replace/swap out when you want to upgrade, you can easily distribute the same thing to multiple TV's, you can pause in one room and pick up in another...it's really a phenomenal experience.
  6. Thanks guys. I LOVE video distribution. Maybe I’ll stick with my 1080p stuff for a while longer, maybe I’ll try the AV Pro stuff. Sounds like I won’t be doing either JAP or Snap MoIP.
  7. Wowza. It wasn’t something that seemed guarded or secret...although other things they’ve shared are. Apologies and I’ll just pretend everything I hear is top secret. I sincerely didn’t realize it was “secret”.
  8. Not familiar with AV Pro but it looks great and pricing seems similar. You’d prefer that over the other 2, eh?
  9. I've got a Just Add Power system now, but it only does 1080p and I'm wanting to make the jump to 4K content. I'm wondering what everyones thoughts are on Just Add Power versus the new Snap A/V Binary MoIP stuff. Cost and compatibility aside, does anyone have an opinion on if one product is simply better than the other? Factoring cost in, does the cost change the value equation for you at all? I would love any thoughts and opinions from someone who has experience with both products. I've absolutely loved our Just Add Power system - it's been flawless, and continues to be. I've als
  10. Because someone who absolutely knows definitively told me so.
  11. New controllers are AT LEAST 18 months away - likely more.
  12. Yeah - the screens are trash. A ticking time bomb. It might be 3 weeks or might be 9 months (or more), but they’re all going to start looking awful. I’ve got 3 - one went bad in a month, one is starting to go bad and the other is still fine. Due to demand, Control4 is releasing them in to the wild but everyone of them will go bad and you’ll have to deal with getting a warranty replacement. While Control4 won’t charge for this, there’s no guarantee your dealer won’t charge a service call/fee associated with it all. It’s a bummer.
  13. I’ve not. I don’t like the wall wart so I was never in this train (aside from some short term holiday lighting garland and such) until Control4 came out with the in wall receptacle. I’ve got a bunch of those and they’re AWESOME.
  14. The reason I started out more intrigued by Spotify is it has an integration with our cars that I’ve always just turned off because I don’t have Spotify, but getting intrigued by what using it could be like. I’ll do a trial.
  15. I'm really wanting a better streaming music service than Pandora but if I'm going to pay for a premium service I want one that works cross devices for the entire family. Currently we use Apple Music, and we're stuck using Airplay. I'm debating switch to Spotify Premium but only interested in doing so if the C4 experience has improved. Is it still reliant upon you doing everything on your phone, or is the integration better/tighter? Thanks in advance.
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