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  1. I’ve been meaning to make some of these. Are these easily uploaded to the system in Composer, then available for selection on the devices?
  2. You should do that! LOL. I’d dive in to it if I had time.
  3. They managed to blow up the left right up down and select buttons. I got nothing. But THEIR DEVICES still worked. That’s what I’m saying - this is an app FROM APPLE.
  4. So optimistic! I’d think if they’re pushing it (was a suggested shortcut) in their app they don’t plan to blow every one of those up shortly.
  5. I was setting up a few new shortcuts in the Apple Shortcuts app, and I found (and verified) that in this app I can create a button to launch a specific app on AppleTV. Anyone up for a little reverse engineering and getting us a Mini App driver for ATV?
  6. We do this often here. We always turn on the TV, then the audio. In that process it controls the audio. I’d imagine if I hit watch, then TV (or whatever video source) it would then control the TV. The bigger hassle is when you want to turn just one of them off.
  7. I’ve got an extra one of these but it’s brand new. What are the parts worth to you guys?
  8. $50 shipped to 84043 and I'll take one. PM sent.
  9. Just run a conduit. Cat cable and RG6 (for the hopper) should be fine.
  10. I’ve seen tons of loads with partial LED and partial incandescent. Doesn’t cause a problem. In fact I’ve seen adding an incandescent as a way to get the LED’s to dim better/smoother.
  11. Sweet! I hear you on the engraving...I’m finally getting ready to order mine after 3 months.
  12. Andrzej can be a nice guy, but I think he must be off his meds or something. I asked him for a quote on some gear (to be more specific, I asked for a price on 3 lighting SKU’s), and indicated that to buy it from him (not convenient as he’s in Canada) I’d need a discount. Shocker, right? Well, he sent me a quote and I decided to buy elsewhere. He’s now not only invoicing me $95 for the time it took him to prepare a quote, but full on harassing me. He was really nice when I was letting him use my Snap A/V account to purchase product at US prices and save him/his company thousands of dollars, but apparently once things don’t go his way he turns in to a whiney chump. Hopefully you all have better experiences with him, but my advice is to proceed with caution.
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