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  1. Forgive my crude drawing...but would this work? The yellow represents the DMX Decoder, and it's stored in the. The green lines represent a run to the under cabinet lights. I would want those 3 "sections" to all work together...so do I use 3 "zones" and put then in sync, or can I wire them in series somehow? The blue lines represent a run to the toe kick lights. Same thing around the desire to have them all work together.
  2. Or is it better to have the Controller in the rack, then run CAT cable to the decoder(s), which are "local" to where the LED strips will be (and have a "local" power supply for the decoder(s)?
  3. Okay, so it sounds like this controller: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/rb_dmx_rj45/ and this decoder: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/12-channel-dmx-decoder-rgb-rgbw/ can live in the rack. I can run a 5 conductor cable from there, to wherever I want to the LED light strips to be. Then I just connect (solder? or what) those LV wires to the LED strips? They will get their power from the decoder, which is in the rack. Is my understanding correct? Then I can use programming in C4 to control the DMX controller, or I can use other apps to do that? How do you accomplish getting the lights to change to the music? My kids would LOVE that.
  4. Thanks guys! I'm an idiot with this stuff and have so much to learn. I'm off to Google it, but if you have any resources you like I'd really appreciate it. Basically what I want to do is put LED strip lighting under the upper kitchen cabinets, under the counter on the islands, and above the toe kicks around all the kitchen cabinets. I probably also want to do it above the toe kicks in the master bathroom cabinets too. I'll want to do it behind the crown molding in the theater too, but I'm actually not having the builder finish that room so I'll dive in to building that out once the house is done. Off to research DMX lighting, but do I have the basic premise right in how it's wired? C4 Control -> RS232 -> DMX Controller -> 2/4/5 conductor cable -> Power Supply/Dimmer? -> LED Strip Lights I'm guessing there is some device between the actual LED strips and the DMX Controller mentioned above? Off to do some googling.
  5. I’m building and want to properly pre-wire for under/over cabinet, behind molding and behind toe kick RBG lighting. Ideally I’d be able to change the color with Control4. What are people using for this today?
  6. Honestly I’m wondering if that isn’t the way to go. Do you have Somfy motors? How often do you need to change the batteries?
  7. I’m building now and while we don’t know what we want to do on the window treatment front, I do want to pre-wire for powered blinds/shades/curtains. What wiring do I want to get from the rack to the location where the powered shades would live?
  8. How much for the touch screens?
  9. Good call. I guess in my mind it just feels like a little bit of a waste. Would simplify things though.
  10. I am stoked about this! That said, I liquidated my position in C4 stock last week at $17.XX per share. Should have held on another week, damn it! LOL
  11. You could just have the run go past where you’d want that, and put a short loop on the cable. I personally wouldn’t. I run 4 conductor wire to each set of speakers...drop the 4 conductor at one location and then run a 2 conductor over to the other speaker. Less wires to pull is always better.
  12. I bought some items from this guy and he was great to work with. Good communication and everything showed up as described. Would buy from again.
  13. You can have pre-recorded ones, or using one of those drivers and some creative programming you could text or email (which can be done via voice on any modern phone) and have C4 read it over the speaker(s).
  14. I have 8 SR250’s that have been beat to hell by my 4 boys and they keep on kicking. I purchased 3 SR260’s to have in hand as I expect some of these SR250’s to start dying but they don’t! I did put one of the SR260’s to use just to see what it was like, and it’s been great but is only used in the master bedroom on my side of the bed...which gets minimal use. Hopefully the others I’ve got work when it’s time to use them!
  15. I have buttons configured that make announcements over the ceiling speakers. My entire place is all Control4. “It’s time to come upstairs for dinner” is one that’s used often. If you don’t need a response just setup announcements and trigger with a button push. Done. I’m also building right now and doing everything with Control4.
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