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  1. I started a thread on this but should have asked here. Does the shield support receiving a command from C4 to play local media files? I use MyMovies to create the metadata in C4. I want to retire my PopcornHour boxes in favor of the Shields but need this support. Thanks in advance.
  2. It will serve as a media player to play files stored locally on my NAS, correct? I use Popcorn Hour devices now, but want to upgrade to the Shield. I use MyMovies to generate the metadata...I just want to make sure that the shield can be told to play a file at a network location. Thanks in advance.
  3. I’ve got the Rachio but haven’t bothered to integrate it with C4...don’t really see the point. The only reason I got the Rachio is I was sick of walking across the yard to the pool equipment where the sprinkler timer is located to turn it off and back on the rare occasion I needed to do so. For landscape lighting, I haven’t completed install of that yet as our trees still aren’t planted (we landscaped in 2020). We’ll do all of our trees in a few months, at which point our guy will place the light fixtures on the line he ran and install the control box. I think it’s the FC Luminaire m
  4. I’d have to double check. I thought all the wall mounts were available....but “available” could mean “ships next week”.
  5. I still can’t get more table top units. The wall mounts are available.
  6. So, I’ve got “extra” remotes as the SR250’s have no value and no point in getting rid of them. In my basement theater area, on the bar between the theater and game room, I have both a NEEO and an SR250. The NEEO gets used more than the SR250, but they both get used. This is primarily the kids. In the bedroom I have a NEEO on my nightstand and my wife has an SR250 on hers. She’d take a NEEO, but also doesn’t care so I save the $$$.
  7. The OK button does play/pause in my AppleTV and Roku.
  8. T4’s are awesome, and maybe I can make a comparison video with a T3. The chime is great too, but didn’t get a permanent home here due to the way the DS2 mini is flush mount installed. The Chime has a much better camera. Both are phenomenal products.
  9. A keypad overlay? I’ve not seen that, but maybe? It just records at what point on the X and Y axis the screen was touched while looking at the camera and allows you to execute programming based off of that.
  10. I think I’m going to get a CA10 and EA5. I need the I/O of the EA5, but want the processing power of the CA10. I just hope the CA10 doesn’t follow suit with the HC1000V3 I a fortune for and then threw it away 3 years later after trying to sell it for $50.
  11. You can run C4 software on the original Neeo. Gets firmware updates and everything. Just requires a little effort and know how.
  12. Yes, I’ve tried multiple reboots.
  13. I think my EA5 is dying, but wondering if any of you more experienced users have seen these symptoms and solved them before. The system doesn’t ever really hiccup, which is great, but there are some concerning things. First, the navigator no longer works...it just shows a black frame that flickers and bit them rapidly zooms backward out the middle of the screen then repeats. Second, my network monitor shows it fairly constantly falling offline, then coming back some number of minutes later. I’ve never experienced an inability to control the system though. Third, I had two different l
  14. Blue Iris allows for tons of very cool Control4 integration. It was already mentioned, having motion detection (or a variety of other alerts you can configure, like recognizing and object or a person) can fire off MQTT alerts with C4 can receive and execute programming off of. I use my garage camera as the motion sensor to control the lights in there and it works flawlessly. You can also create programming off you touching different parts of the cameras image while displaying it in the C4 app. On many of my cameras if I touch the top right corner of the image it turns the lights on i
  15. I just don’t allow mine access to the internet. Pretty easy.
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