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  1. Can an SR250 that’s been upgraded to 3.0 be put in to a project running 2.10?
  2. I’d imagine it still just toggles a relay. You have to pull it apart to find out though.
  3. Thanks guys. Like I mentioned - haven’t done any research yet. Are these things any good?
  4. Is anyone using these? Is there IP Control? Are they worth looking at? Staying in an AirBNB that has them and they seem pretty slick.
  5. How big is this box? I’ve seen these in action and thought they were pretty cool.
  6. I debated that, but ultimately decided that I wanted wiring that met the needs of standard wiring. I don't mind the light switches.
  7. Sweet...I’m looking forward to them releasing it!
  8. Snap A/V has absolutely FANTASTIC cable. Pulls out butter smooth and is super durable. Nice jacket with functional rip cord - I'd recommend it highly.
  9. You can buy these at any local hardware store - they have "old work" (retrofit) and "new work" (new construction) boxes. Shouldn't cost you more than a couple of dollars.
  10. It's a feature on Apple devices that is baked in to the OS. Has nothing to do with Control4 or this driver.
  11. I still the app takes way longer to connect...locally and remotely. It’s my only complaint so far.
  12. I’ve got 4 keypad dimmers and 2 fan speed controllers. All white, and all brand new in the new box. Surplus left over from a new house build and some last minute color changes in a few places. Open to reasonable offers before going to eBay.
  13. I’m building now and did all C4 lighting. My decision was based around having it all wired for conventional lighting, so that down the line I’m not limited in what I can do (think 20 years down the road). I did do a bunch of DMX stuff too, but that’s for the cabinet, toe kick and behind molding lighting.
  14. I just got a chance to download, install and play around with this. Phenomenal! I absolutely love the creativity. Keep up the good work!
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