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  1. What's interesting is that before, I know my IP address was 73.20.91.X That was what it was when it was super flakey. I had them shut it off, but the new provider is taking their sweet time running the fiber line, so I had Comcast turn it back on temporarily. They did that yesterday afternoon, and since they did it the internet hasn't cut out once. My new IP address is 174.52.146.XX. I wonder if the WAN IP address being drastically different has something to do with the stability?
  2. I could be wrong about the IP, but it was noticeably different than it typically is and it was also NOT the same as the LAN IP. It has been happening multiple times a day. Next time it happens and I’m at home (that’s part of the challenge - I travel a lot) I’ll hurry and check the WAN IP. In the past, the WAN IP would be different. It doesn’t last long though, so I have to be fast.
  3. I can certainly try a different modem. The one I'm using is on the Comcast recommended list. I don't know enough about networking and ISP's to chase this down any further.
  4. Can you give me an idea as to how I can sniff the problem out? I'd love it if there's something in the router that is configured incorrectly. I have the WAN setup on DHCP, and am using Google's DNS servers. There is a value in the "Override MAC Address" field, and the SIP ALG Enable box is checked. There are no DNS forwardings and the Rebind protection is unchecked. Those are really the only options in the WAN settings.
  5. I should have mention that I have my own modem, and have had so for years. It's the same modem I had at my old house. I disconnected it for roughly 4 hours before hooking it up at the new house. I agree with you on the Comcast supplied crap. I've furnished my own modems for more than a decade.
  6. I'm hoping someone can help me. I moved about 6 weeks ago - roughly one mile down the road. At my old house, I had Comcast for 8 years and it was great. I moved in to the new house, and Comcast is great aside from one major problem - multiple times a day the internet goes out for 10 seconds to 5 minutes. When the outages occur, the WAN gets a strange IP address - I think - and then shortly after it gets the same IP address back that it had before and the internet is back up. The only variables that have changed are my house, and replacing an aging PFSense box with a Pakedge RK-2. My neighbors on both sides of me have Comcast and have never had any issues. Comcast has "reset" or "sent signal" to my modem multiple times to fix the issue, and sent a technician out who just added a splitter because the signal was too high, and left. The problem has persisted through all of these things. So - I'm in the process of trying to switch to a Fiber provider, but they're extremely difficult to deal with (slow) and expensive - I'd rather just have my Comcast connection be stable. While I wait for these Fiber guys to get their shit together, is there anything I can do (short of swapping out the Pakedge with the old PFSense box, which would be a MASSIVE hassle) to verify that it is in fact a Comcast issue and not a problem with my router?
  7. Yeah, the DS2 camera is just for convenience in my mind. I don’t count on that footage for anything.
  8. It’s also probably worth noting that camera is going to work WAY BETTER in a pitch black INDOOR environment than a pitch black OUTDOOR environment. In the first pics you posted it looked like there was nothing close to the camera. I’d be curious if you’re as excited when you point it straight out an open window.
  9. Be careful here, as this is high voltage electrical. The black goes to hot, white to neutral and red to load. Typically the extra wire (red) in the 3 way setup is used to pass power or load between the locations to either the keypad, power the load or move the load to the location you want the dimmer in. If you're not confident in high voltage electrical work, hire a dealer to do the install. If you wire it wrong at best you ruin the equipment, at worst - well, it COULD be really bad.
  10. Just noticed that I have a different username when I'm logged in via Tapatalk. That's odd.
  11. Here’s another pic taken in the “pitch black”. The only light is ambient light from the neighbors and the Christmas lights. You can see the DS2 isn’t very good. I’m standing about 25’ away holding one of my kids. You can’t really see me at all in the DS2. It’s worth noting the DS2 is under a large covered porch, so it’s exposed to way less light.
  12. I'd call Just Add Power. Their support is phenomenal.
  13. I can take one for you tonight in the dead of night, with all exterior lights off. Are you sure the camera is getting enough power? I’d maybe try a different port on the switch or a different PoE injector?
  14. Here’s mine along a Dahua IP cam, both displayed in the C4 interface. It’s very early sunrise - not bright but not dark. I can get comparisons any time of day you’d like. These cameras are about 20 feet apart.
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