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  1. HomeTroniX is growing!!! Looking to hire at least two full time tech/installer/programmer positions, one full time sales position. Salary/hourly/commission negotiable. Looking to hire immediately. Send resume/messages to: Wallace@myhometronix.com www.myhometronix.com
  2. I can highly recommend the Atlona products. I have installed quite a few of the 4x4, 8x8, 4x8, and 16x16 (MONSTER!) units. they can run on either single CAT5/6/7 or dual. Price point is good, too. Let me know if you would like a quote.
  3. I can highly recommend the Atlona products. I have installed quite a few of the 4x4, 8x8, 4x8, and 16x16 (MONSTER!) units. they can run on either single CAT5/6/7 or dual. Price point is good, too. Let me know if you would like a quote.
  4. it depends on the size of your system and what your goals are. Can you post your proposed system size? (i.e. number of audio zones, video zones, etc...)
  5. Yes, I did! On that note, a complete uninstall of the AdobeAir/Flash and a reboot, then a re-installation direct from the Control4 site would be my next suggesstion. (Keep in mind, I have a Mac Pro at the house, but it is really my Wife's and she uses it only for Photography and HD-Video editing, so my "explanation" would be what I think would be necessary on a PC, so do the equivalent of that on your mac. )
  6. I a mnot 100% positive on this, but I am pretty sure it has to do with you changing the actual hardware. The activation/identification process has something tied to the hardware it is installed on. This also happens if you get a new iPhone/iPad, and it has to be re-identified.
  7. I have a combination of the C4 audio Matrix, a control4 8-zone amp, a Russond 6 zone amp, and an AudioSource 2 channel amp with large amount of power for the outdoor speakers. The zones covered by the russound and audiosource have TON's more power and depth, and the 4% increment has never been an issue in my setup.
  8. You probably have the old version of MyHome PC and the dealer will have to get you the newest version, and identify it. Current MyHomePC version is
  9. To add to the message above, your dealer will need to install some type of audio connection from your new TV back to your closet/rack to get the audio back to the A/V Receiver. To get true digital sound from your TV, he will need to run an optical cable from the TV to your rack. Speaking as a dealer, you will be much better served with a stand-alone media device, such as a Roku, mounted in your rack/closet. The interface is worlds better and way faster than the one built in to the TV or the BluRay player. If you are a little more technical, a modified AppleTV or a MediaPC would be even better, just food for thought....
  10. So you could not find yourself a happy place between a volume setting of 16%, 20%, or 24% and save yourself about a $1000? I know I could! Don't get me wrong, I have sold MANY of the Control4 8-Zone amp and plenty of other solutions with different audio matrix units. The C4 audio matrix paired with a low-cost amplifier solution does make a nice audio distribution system at a much lower price point, however...
  11. Ryan is correct in the above statement, but we have implemented many solutions using the audio matrix for controlling volume, and it turns out to work just fine in every scenario. Just think about the old in-wall volume controls that had "clicks' for increasing/decreasing the volume. 4% chunks are not bad at all, and it is far less expensive than buying an amp for that purpose. Now there are other Audio/Video matrix switches that can do the 1% increments, such as those from Avocation Systems, NeoPro, etc...
  12. You can use that amp as a stand-alone amplifier, it is just a tad bit tricky. It requires a 24V connection to the cresnet interface, then you can press the override/setup button and turn all outputs on at all times, then use a control4 16 channel audio matrix or other audio matrix for volume/source control....don't ask me how I know this.
  13. Just to test the theory of the "Dreaded HC1000 Failure", remove every network connection from your router (including internet) and only plug in your HC1000 and your Laptop/Computer, then reboot the router first, wait 5 minutes, then reboot the HC1000 and see if you can connect. If this all works, start re-connecting your other device network cables, etc....
  14. I'm always excited about trying new things, too. I have done some pretty fun stuff with C4, so please don't think I am trying to stifle creativity, I kust know that everyday functionality with simple one-touch commands that always work will prevail. Voice control is pretty nifty, when it is necessary or helpful, just not when it hinders performance... Wallace
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