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  1. Did you ever create an updated version? Although I'm several years out, I'll try this out. Thanks!
  2. Battery life is great. The somfy shade works well and the batteries last for a long time, I would say at least 6 months to a year. I have 1 somfy shade in the master bath. I literally don't have any shades or curtains anywhere else but in the bedrooms which are manageable manually. As far as the shades themselves are concerned, recently the cellular shades started stopping abruptly 1/4 of the way up. I changed all the batteries - 6 D-cells and the button in the remote - but it did not fix the issue. It probably needs to be re-calibrated.
  3. I'm in the Philadelphia region. I pay the dealer directly. They offer monitoring services. They are the point of contact for any changes I need to make with the alarm system and/or C4.
  4. I have Honeywell Ademco Vista "128 BP ADT". Not sure what the ADT at the end means, but it sounds like the alarm panel was supplied by ADT. When I first started, the monitoring company was ADT but I have moved on to another company a few years ago (thru my Dealer). Any changes require me to go through the dealer. They installed an interface for C4 as well as cover any changes but their tech hourly rate is higher than typical rates for security company techs. I was thinking that a universal communicator will allow any SIM. I don't really care which provider it is ultimately. Can you let me know who your provider is? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, @dw866. @msgreenf - I'm still waiting for my dealer to respond on your device.
  6. Yeah. That’s why I’m looking for opinions here. Thanks for your response.
  7. Works for me. I’m happy to change monitoring companies if it will work. Thanks!
  8. They said it would be at least $500 (labor and parts, typical scenario) plus setup, registration, etc. It never ends up being typical. I'm taking donations if its chump change for you Some companies allow some DIY and some don't. Everyone can make their own decisions. I don't know why dealers freak out when end users mention DIY. I change the oil in my cars myself. I am a mechanical engineer and I am taking my motorcycle apart and will put it back together and it will only be better. If another person cannot do those things and wants to take their vehicles to the shop, it's their choice.
  9. So I already have the alarm panel integrated and monitored. I just want to get rid of my phone line and switch to cellular so the monitoring can continue. My dealer can do this all of course but I'm trying to DIY some of the work so I can save some $$ - like install the communicator so all they have to do is register and setup the cell line. The system I have is Ademco Vista 128 BP ADT. I'm not sure if the ADT at the end makes a diff, but AlarmGrid.com techs were thrown off with the ADT at the end.
  10. Yes but I'm just trying to figure out if there are other options that I can possibly DIY, at least to some extent.
  11. I have the commercial grade Honeywell Ademco Vista 128BP alarm system. It is already integrated into C4. I am getting rid of my home phone line and want to install a cellular communicator. I see that Honeywell has a few options available but wanted to know if there are any universal options where I could simply add on a line with T-Mobile and use their SIM with the Honeywell or alternative brand cellular communicators. Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks, AJ
  12. No. He's going to try to go up to 2.5.3 first sometime this week.
  13. Tried and failed. I'm guessing the screen was reset back to 2.2.1. A couple of attempts to upgrade have already failed with the screen freezing after reboot. The screen shows up, obtains an IP address and then blank screen. I thought I'll see if anyone here has suggestions.
  14. My system was upgraded to 2.10.2 recently fro m2.9.1. All but one of my 5 touch screens were 'updated' as well though they are still at 2.9.1. The one that is stuck is an in-wall 7". The update for this was completed but then it froze on the reboot and timed out. Now it's at version 2.2.1. If I remember correctly it was at 2.9.1 before the upgrade. I believe this TS is a C4-TW7C0-BL. Any suggestions?
  15. I agree but really cannot do much about it. It's like Blu-Ray vs HD DVD. Even Control4 is retiring stuff much to my displeasure. Looks like my pre-T3 touchscreens will be phased out soon.
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