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  1. Yep I have one controller my fireplace single Multi X can control the standard 315mhz/433mhz RF controlled devices in multiple room within its RF range.
  2. Matterlink multi X https://www.matterlink.sg/multi-x.html
  3. These are the small wireless doorbells from axxess. They are battery powered and use zigbee. http://axxind.com/automation/doorbell-button/
  4. I have a customer who has 4 axxess doorbells. Two randomly go off from time to time. There is no pattern to it sometimes they will go off over and over again. I had the system email me when the doorbell button is pressed just to see if there was a pattern. It is just random. It is a HC800 on 2.7.2 with 12 zones of Sonos, Connect Amps. The HC800 audio out 1 goes to and input on 1 of the connect amps. The programming is correct. there is no auto room on for the line in of the sonos. Stumped and the cust. is very irritated. Any ideas.
  5. I'll take the touchscreen if it is still available.
  6. If you are just trying to seperate the windows a zone and are not sure which wire goes each window. And I assume each window has a home run wire back to the panel. What I would do is turn chime mode on. Then disconnect one wire in the series at the panel. Temporarily put the series back together with out that one wire. Then open and close all the window on that zone. When you get to a window that does not chime, you found where the wire goes. Assuming all you window contacts worked before you started. To find if you have a resistor, get a multimeter and start metering each wire until you get the proper resistance. If the 20p zones are not doubled resistance should be close to 2k. Also you done have to use resistors on a 20p on zone 2 thru 8 with no zone doubling. You can program them out in zone programming (*56). Also the new model zone expanders do not require resistors for normally open zones. I believe it is dip switch 7 or 8. Hope this helps
  7. Does anyone have a current list for media? I just rrealize alot of the channels have changed.
  8. Does this driver still work in 2.6? The number shows up in the Lua window, But I cannot get a popup to show up on a touchscreen. Is there a programming example for this. First time I have every used this thing.
  9. I have a Dune HD Smart D1 and a Netgear NTV 550. The netgear wiil prompt me when a movie is selected to resume playing and restart from the begining. When I select resume playing it starts the movie where it was stop. The dune does not seem to have this option or i need to enable it somehow. I would love for the dune to do this but it always start from the begining. I am use the control4 driver not the EV driver. Would the EV driver give me the ability to do this? Looking for ideas.
  10. Is there anything special to making this work? I got one for a belated fathers gift. Does it work with the eva 8000 driver? Is there a new driver out there.I am guessing the cover art shows up on the C4 gui. Tried netgear web interface it works great. I have it hooked up and the 8000 driver in my system, identified, shows online in under network tools and nothing. No cover art and no control. Does it work with 2.1? Jeez wish extra veg would rewrite the driver. Any idea what to try next???:/
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