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  1. Looking for a decent deal on 4 white fan switches. I have four Minka fans with sliding type speed controllers that I need to replace with C4 Fan Controllers. All of my other switches (all of the rooms where the fans are have 2 gang boxes with the other switch controlling other lights in the room) are gen1 and I think the only way to do this properly will be to get the new gen2 fan switch. Used is preferred only to save $$ but am open to new at the right price. PM me-
  2. I have 5-6 dead gen1 dimmers that are white- if you need JUST the toggle and the trim I can sell them to you- PM me.
  3. I just got a warning that the Garage Agent Driver has been deactivated and that I needed to contact my dealer. As I have 4 garage doors I got 4 text updates. Does anyone know if this is glitch or is the driver truly no longer functioning?
  4. Interested- PM sent. I’ve got a spot ready for it...
  5. Looking to purchase- ideally one of the current 2U matrix units but will also consider one the originals/v2. I’m in Knoxville TN.
  6. I recently had to put a new battery in a wireless door sensor and I must have done something wrong as I now get a "Side Door Sensor Tamper" warning / beep pattern every 12 hours. Does anyone know how to fix this? Anyone up for a facetime call to help me reset it correctly? I can pay!! I have a GE Concord4 alarm panel - with a serial number PRIOR to the cutoff to properly sync with Control4 so I am also looking to replace it and have someone remote 'reprogram' it for my house and get it synced with C4 if possible...that's another project but for now I just need to get these stupid warning beeps to stop.
  7. I use a single EA5 to run 5 full rooms/systems through a hdmi switch and it works great - One IR out per room. My AVRs are all rack mounted so the only local devices (in most cases) are the TVs. I’ve never run into issues with multiple people trying to use navigator at the same time.
  8. This was pulled from my system last week as I upgraded to a EA-5 for high res audio capability. Great condition. $345. Ships from Knoxville TN. Pet free, smoke free. Always plugged into a surge protected UPC and properly cooled in a rack. Will protect and package for safe shipping.
  9. I'm looking for 3 of these- I searched everywhere with the PN and model 3 with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
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