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  1. You can confirm it's not the amp or signal chain by hooking up a known good speaker directly to the same output on the amp and confirm the speaker sounds good or not. If it sounds fine with the extra test speaker just replace the single blown speaker or buy a new pair with similar specs if those are not available.
  2. This seems to have fixed itself after my Ubiquiti USG failed a few weeks ago and I replaced it with the Dream Machine....so it must have been related to a setting with the DNS, IP, or other random issue. I've now been trouble free and both left and right speakers in all locations of the house are working great!
  3. All but the USG will adopt- I think the USG is fried even it it shows up in the menu- even after a factory reset. I ordered a new one and will see what happens.
  4. Will followup via text. Thanks Ari! I did not know you were Ubiquiti savvy.
  5. I’m looking for someone who knows ubiquiti gear well enough to remote in (PAID $$!!!) ASAP (tonight?) and help me get my system working after a recent storm. I can’t get my USG to adopt in Controller version 5.12.66
  6. I have a JVC PJ and I programmed in a initial power off into a room power off macro and then added a 120 second delay and added another power off command for the projector as the first power off only triggers a 'are you sure you want to power off' warning and requires a second power off command. I'm running a IR control though but I imagine a IP control may be similar.
  7. Will this (changing the DNS) cause issues if I have 10 or so IP reservations on my Ubiquiti USG? Does changing the DNS cause any other potential ip or other network or C4 gear conflicts? Once I change the DNS as suggested on the USG, the EA5 and matrix and power cycle all of the AP's, AVRs, and such I assume all will be well or is there a potential for complete network disaster? I'm a DIY guy that just barely knows enough to get the Ubiquiti stuff setup and get things running. I have fiber coming in to the house to the Ubiquiti USG, to a 48 port switch and a 16 port POE switch (for IP cameras and 6 T3 screens) and from there all of my equipment is rack mounted (3 AVR's, 3 Rokus, amps, NAS/Plex, etc) aside from the 5 AP's and 2 more AVR's and 2 more Rokus. I just don't have the patience to deal with a network nightmare this week. If this is a easy tweak maybe I can handle it. Since restarting the C4 matrix it only worked correctly for a few hours and it's back to only doing audio on one channel. I have also consistently not been able to control the volume in spotify to the zones controlled by the Matrix...as I adjust them up and down they quickly reset to where they were and nothing works unless I go INTO the C4 app and adjust the volume there instead.
  8. When I power cycle the Matrix I get both channels of audio -- so I will wait and see how long it lasts and update here.
  9. I have not officially addressed it but it is still a problem. Some days I get one side on ALL channels not working and other days it's fine. I have not tested any audio sources but the built in Spotify option but I would think it does not matter what source is coming as it does it to all channels...
  10. It sounds like a few companies are on the verge of making this happen and it could be a feature that we can all soon enjoy. If I read this correctly Caavo and JustWatch are getting there with a multi platform search feature that would allow a user to use one interface to search Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Prime, (maybe?) Disney but so far maybe not Plex. Even if they have not added all of those services or platforms yet I think the infrastructure exists where in a few years we could have a solution that integrates with C4. I may have misunderstood but I think JustWatch only syncs a persons 'favorites' or 'saved' to watch content?? Ideally it would also allow a single interface for all of the owned digital movies across the various platforms including Vudu, Prime, Plex, etc. as well as monthly service products such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.
  11. I actually need a complete thermostat too if you want to PM me ?
  12. Is it possible for one these C4 V2 (not the rounded corner original but the newer 2U flat face version) matrix switches to have a intermittent issue where it cuts the audio off on one channel across all outputs? I’ve done a few rounds of testing and isolated the issue to the matrix but sometimes it works fine and even a few minutes later it won’t. I have only tested it with Spotify and it only affects zones that go through the matrix and not those that go from the controller through a Video matrix switch via HDMI to various AVR’s. Do they have a history of failures in this manner?
  13. Still looking...the one I bought on eBay was mislabeled...
  14. If anyone is parting one out I need the down arrow and the bottom left button. OP needs a up arrow so hopefully there’s someone that has a broken unit sitting around and we can both get ours back in working order.
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