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  1. All but the USG will adopt- I think the USG is fried even it it shows up in the menu- even after a factory reset. I ordered a new one and will see what happens.
  2. Will followup via text. Thanks Ari! I did not know you were Ubiquiti savvy.
  3. I’m looking for someone who knows ubiquiti gear well enough to remote in (PAID $$!!!) ASAP (tonight?) and help me get my system working after a recent storm. I can’t get my USG to adopt in Controller version 5.12.66
  4. I have a JVC PJ and I programmed in a initial power off into a room power off macro and then added a 120 second delay and added another power off command for the projector as the first power off only triggers a 'are you sure you want to power off' warning and requires a second power off command. I'm running a IR control though but I imagine a IP control may be similar.
  5. Will this (changing the DNS) cause issues if I have 10 or so IP reservations on my Ubiquiti USG? Does changing the DNS cause any other potential ip or other network or C4 gear conflicts? Once I change the DNS as suggested on the USG, the EA5 and matrix and power cycle all of the AP's, AVRs, and such I assume all will be well or is there a potential for complete network disaster? I'm a DIY guy that just barely knows enough to get the Ubiquiti stuff setup and get things running. I have fiber coming in to the house to the Ubiquiti USG, to a 48 port switch and a 16 port POE switch (for IP cameras and 6 T3 screens) and from there all of my equipment is rack mounted (3 AVR's, 3 Rokus, amps, NAS/Plex, etc) aside from the 5 AP's and 2 more AVR's and 2 more Rokus. I just don't have the patience to deal with a network nightmare this week. If this is a easy tweak maybe I can handle it. Since restarting the C4 matrix it only worked correctly for a few hours and it's back to only doing audio on one channel. I have also consistently not been able to control the volume in spotify to the zones controlled by the Matrix...as I adjust them up and down they quickly reset to where they were and nothing works unless I go INTO the C4 app and adjust the volume there instead.
  6. When I power cycle the Matrix I get both channels of audio -- so I will wait and see how long it lasts and update here.
  7. I have not officially addressed it but it is still a problem. Some days I get one side on ALL channels not working and other days it's fine. I have not tested any audio sources but the built in Spotify option but I would think it does not matter what source is coming as it does it to all channels...
  8. It sounds like a few companies are on the verge of making this happen and it could be a feature that we can all soon enjoy. If I read this correctly Caavo and JustWatch are getting there with a multi platform search feature that would allow a user to use one interface to search Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Prime, (maybe?) Disney but so far maybe not Plex. Even if they have not added all of those services or platforms yet I think the infrastructure exists where in a few years we could have a solution that integrates with C4. I may have misunderstood but I think JustWatch only syncs a persons 'favorites' or 'saved' to watch content?? Ideally it would also allow a single interface for all of the owned digital movies across the various platforms including Vudu, Prime, Plex, etc. as well as monthly service products such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.
  9. I actually need a complete thermostat too if you want to PM me ?
  10. Is it possible for one these C4 V2 (not the rounded corner original but the newer 2U flat face version) matrix switches to have a intermittent issue where it cuts the audio off on one channel across all outputs? I’ve done a few rounds of testing and isolated the issue to the matrix but sometimes it works fine and even a few minutes later it won’t. I have only tested it with Spotify and it only affects zones that go through the matrix and not those that go from the controller through a Video matrix switch via HDMI to various AVR’s. Do they have a history of failures in this manner?
  11. Still looking...the one I bought on eBay was mislabeled...
  12. If anyone is parting one out I need the down arrow and the bottom left button. OP needs a up arrow so hopefully there’s someone that has a broken unit sitting around and we can both get ours back in working order.
  13. I know I don't 'own' the data for the digital movies and I don't really have a file sitting on a server with any of the services so it should just a 'permission' to access a file I paid for. It seems like a company like control4 could approach the main 2-3 digital movie services and build a interface which uses the customers logins for each of the services, shows it (maybe along with the customers Plex content??) and pulls the data from their (the movie server/service) server (not C4). I would think this is the way the digital MOVIE revolution may need to move with nearly every movie nowadays coming with a digital version.... at what point will consumers get frustrated that their libraries are scattered around? I'm already there so I'm sure others are too. Control4 could then offer something that is even a bit more unique to the customer experience. Right now it seems that the plethora of smart devices on the market are biting at the heels of C4 and many consumers can get VERY close to a C4 "Smart home experience" with some of these devices. I KNOW that is not the case when you take into account IR control, the C4 interface, continuity, and multiple services being under one user interface as C4 does but this digital content library has to be a critical issue for consumers and will just get bigger. I imagine at some point VERY soon physical discs go away and all digital movie content is sold 100% as downloadable-- okay maybe you can opt to have a physical disc for $24.95 and the digital only version is $15.95 or something? It happened with music and with bandwidth, roku-like devices, smart TV's and such it has to be around the corner. Right now I'm deciding if I want to buy used blurays off Amazon withOUT the digital code (usually for 50% less) and rip them myself into my Plex library or buy the bluray/4K/Digital and have all 3 AND rip the bluray to my Plex server. Or is the next wave of digital movie content just a Spotify or Tidal like subscription service where for $19.95 a month you have watch up 45 movies a month or something (and a higher monthly fee gets you 100 movies)? Surely something like is already in the works as it's the natural progression based on what the music industry has done (but with less restriction to quantity of 'view's).
  14. Have you conected Amazon to Vudu through Movies Anywhere? I have linked these 2 services but what is strange is that I have more movies on Amazon than I do on Vudu as I think it is only a "one-way" connection. By default I tend to view my Amazon library first because of that.
  15. Control4 is great at a lot of things but one feature that would make it stand out FAR from the crowd would be a 'all in one' way to display all of my various digital movie content in one interface. For example I have 60+ digital movies on Vudu, 100+ on Amazon Prime, and 1,300+ on Plex. I even have some of the same movies on ALL 3 platforms, however some on my Plex library may be SD but maybe HD on the other platforms. I would love to have some sort of interface to browse that gathered all of my available 'owned' content in one place... Could this happen and would control4 be the company to do it will it take yet another app to be the 'one to rule them all'?
  16. Found what I needed- please delete. Looking to purchase a used V2 Thermostat. Needed 4 and have purchased 3 either here or ebay and just need one more....
  17. Ok so I bought one C4 Thermostat and got it setup and all is well. I like it way more than I thought I would-- simply because I can now use one less app on my phone and use the C4 interface for scheduling and such- and do some easy programming/automation. Question- I plan on buying 3 more (for the 4 HVAC zones in the house) but want to show all 4 in various rooms of the house (on the app and navigator for that room) but the default name for at the least the ONE I have installed just says 'comfort' and there does not seem to be any way to rename it so I know which of the 4 zones is which. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default word 'comfort' to 'Third Floor' or 'Theater' (which match the names/locations of 2 of the zones my HVAC setup). I know I can hide certain thermostats in certain areas and that will help for some of my needs but I still want to have some rooms to have all 4 so I can see what each zone is set to without switching to each of the 4 rooms/locations of each zone. We are regularly interfacing with the HVAC system to monitor temps and turn zones up or down depending on where all of our kids are (or more importantly aren't).
  18. Hmmm, so tempting to just do the C4 Thermostats based on the feedback so far. As my thermostats are all in a rack room and I already have wired sensors. Based on what I have read the integration and user experience with C4 may just be the way to go here. My guess any changes to their own product (in this case thermostats) in the future will only make it better and easier to manage within the C4 ecosystem vs other companies products may not.
  19. Is there a file size limit? I have a NAS with around 25K family photos so I thought I would just point the screensaver agent to that folder on the NAS and let it cycle through all of them. Will the system be able to process and manage that many images or should I pull out few hundred/thousand just for the screensaver agent?
  20. I have 6 or so of the C4 touchscreens around the house and wanted to know if I can pull images/slideshow from a NAS (or any other local source, thumb drive, etc) and display them on the touchscreens at random. Is this feature possible? Right now I have it set to show the time which is helpful but....
  21. That's a good feature. I'm talking with Nest support and they are not sure if you can turn 'off' the internal readings on the actual thermostat and ONLY rely on the data from the sensors. So, that would be a deal breaker if not as the readings would be way off if they are all in a rack room.
  22. It looks like C4 thermostats are $350 each and ecobee 3 Lite are $150 each right now. That's quite a decent gap in price between C4 and Ecobee. I just worry that ecobee will go out of business and I will have to do this all over in 3-5 years but hopefully not. I'm sure with as many Nest T-stats are on the market C4 will make every effort to work with Nest T-stats but right now somethings broken with the integration as I have read. Is that correct?
  23. I have 2 HVAC units and each is zoned into 2 zones so I have a total of 4 zones and currently have 4 Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 Wifi thermostats in a rack room with 4 wired sensors throughout the house. I currently interface with them through the Honeywell My Total Comfort App but over the last 40 days it seems their user network has stopped functioning as all 4 thermostats reset themselves to "permanent hold' every 12 hours or so - even when manually changed a few times a day back to the daily schedule we have for each of the 4. I have tried resetting them and deleting the programming and even then they still default to Permanent Hold. Very frustrating. It's clearly a database/network/user account error as all of them do the same thing. So, I am working on this with their customer service but I am thinking they are phasing out that series of thermostats as the NEW resideo/honeywell app does not show these older thermostats as a option to add them when setting up the app. So, maybe now is the time to switch to a newer thermostat the can easily be integrated with the rest of my C4 system. Ecobee- sounds like it will work if I buy 4 new t-stats and maybe wire or wired sensors? PLUS a driver- $$$? Google NEST- also should work but they are changing to "Google Assist" and C4 has not caught up but should in 1-4 months maybe. Not sure they have wired OR if they only offer wireless remote sensors...TBD...PLUS a driver- or is this FREE in the C4 system? Control4 Thermostats- I guess I don't have a issue with going this route but it is very nice to pull up a brand specific app to fine tune schedules for each of the 4 zones but if that is intuitive in the C4 world using their Tstats I could go this route. Honeywell - I could get newer versions of their wi-fi thermostats and use their NEW app and interface and hope for the best but NOT get C4 integration (I thought I would have been able to 5 years ago when they were purchased and there was a soon to be defunct driver for them). Bummer. I don't see this changing and doubt I will see any C4 integration with this in the near future. I'd like to stay around $150-$250 per t-stat and I can recover maybe $55 out of each of the old Honeywell t=stats on ebay. I would prefer to used WIRED remote sensors so I don't have to babysit batteries but maybe that is not a big issue? I assume ecobee will require a driver for $150 or so? Did I miss something here as far as another option? I worry that ecobee could be bought out or go out of business but Google will NOT- so I am leaning towards NEST assuming that they have the staying power and capabilities to work with C4 once they resolve this connection issue? I think being able to use the C4 interface occasionally to set the temp would be nice and could also create some programming such as in the rarely used theater to turn the heat or air on when the room is powered on as right now it has a wide range the room can be conditioned to until it is used a few hours a week. It would be nice for the temp to be set to the ideal temp automatically when triggered. Same with a few other rooms- along with normal programming. I know this is sort of a dead horse subject around here but there's been some changes with the NEST family and product offerings along with C4's integration so I just wanted to get the most current info.
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