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  1. Awesome feedback- I’ll pickup a bond bridge and go that route.
  2. Ok- thanks for the great ideas so far. I will start with adding a 2nd SSID to the AP closest to the MyLink and if that doesn’t fix it try the Bond Bridge. how much is the Chowmain driver to integrate the Bond?
  3. Regarding taking one of Ubiquiti AP's and creating a new SSID- wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having a series of AP's around the house to offer a stable wireless network? For example I have 3 AP's and the suggestion is to take one of them and create a new SSID such as "SOMFYAP" and that becomes the main connection point for the MyLink? Wouldn't that leave a 'gap' in my wireless network if I was left with just 2 aps? I don't mind buying another one just for Somfy if that is what it takes though.
  4. I gave up on this back in mid September and am just now trying to get my head wrapped around this again. Now there's a 5.23 update so I am on 5.23 firmware and 6.6 mylink app version. Still getting flaky connections and sometimes only 1-2 of the 3 that are on a channel will react to a command. Surely there's got to be a better solution. I have 16/4 wired to each shade so maybe I just need to bail on this mylink garbage if it's constantly flaky. For example, about every 3rd time I open the app to control the shades it will say "MyLink Not found"....
  5. These are standard battery type and the displays are nice and crisp with lots of contrast and brightness. These were in secondary rooms and were rarely used.
  6. I'm also okay with abandoning Ubiquiti all together (USG Security Router and 4 AP's). I find the router is about 10 times hotter than anything else in my rack and it has TONS of breathing room but is scalding to the touch ALL the time. If so, what brand/model # of router and ap's are the best? I can get the SnapAV/Arkanis but I have not researched it enough to commit. I just have about 6 IP reservations to transfer and other than that it should be a easy swap and I can sell the old gear and recoup most of my investment.
  7. I see now that my mylink APP is on V6.4 but I am not sure if that means the MyLink is on the same version or not. But, what is strange is why would the app be on a 6.4 release and the mylink would be in the 5.xx range?
  8. Wow- great feedback. I am off the network as I am at work now and the app is not working correctly so I can't even get a current software version. I will check and update to 5.20 tonight and see what it does. Thanks for the help so far!!
  9. So, I have a series of RTS controlled somfy R28 motors around my house along with a Somfy MYLink which connects to a pretty robust network run on Ubiquiti AP's. What I have found is that they don't get along well and I'm constantly getting errors on the Somfy app ("mylink cannot be found, internal error, etc) as well as random issues with the various shade scenes not working all the time. They work correctly via the Telis remotes so this is a relationship between the MyLinks not connecting to the AP's consistently. I need some help. If I do what is proposed in this article linked below I would turn a old router into a AP but if I give it a specific name such as "Somfy" I think it would come up as a separate network, correct? If so, I would not be able to control the shades from the app on my phone and C4 would not integrate as they would be on a different wi-fi network, correct? I assume that even if the IP I assign to the 'new' oddball AP (recycled netgear router for example) is on the same network wouldn't it just having a different name cause issues? I know in the setup of the Mylink you have to select the home network to finalize setup and it is then linked to that network but if I link to the original wi-fi network (vs the new single AP just for this Mylink) it will not work. Are my assumptions correct? Also, has anyone else had this issue and there is a easier solution that I have overlooked? Is this (aside from the POE mess described) a good solution? https://www.smartshadingsystems.com/mylink-fix-for-ubiquit/
  10. Great to hear! I bought all of my roller shades and some of the power panels from them over the years. I had motors already or I would have purchased them from AVoutlet as well. I will see how things go here and if nothing comes together I will shop with AVoutlet.
  11. Looking to buy a few NEW Somfy R28 motors. PM me with info.
  12. I have 4 (total) SR260 remotes. All are less than 24 months old and are in great condition. No longer needed. $135 each shipped in the USA. PM me to purchase -I accept paypal for $$ and will cover paypal fees and shipping via USPS at asking price.
  13. Looking for a used - 16ZAMSV3-B PM me with offers- shipping to Knoxville TN 37922
  14. Looking for a decent deal on 4 white fan switches. I have four Minka fans with sliding type speed controllers that I need to replace with C4 Fan Controllers. All of my other switches (all of the rooms where the fans are have 2 gang boxes with the other switch controlling other lights in the room) are gen1 and I think the only way to do this properly will be to get the new gen2 fan switch. Used is preferred only to save $$ but am open to new at the right price. PM me-
  15. I have 5-6 dead gen1 dimmers that are white- if you need JUST the toggle and the trim I can sell them to you- PM me.
  16. I just got a warning that the Garage Agent Driver has been deactivated and that I needed to contact my dealer. As I have 4 garage doors I got 4 text updates. Does anyone know if this is glitch or is the driver truly no longer functioning?
  17. Interested- PM sent. I’ve got a spot ready for it...
  18. Looking to purchase- ideally one of the current 2U matrix units but will also consider one the originals/v2. I’m in Knoxville TN.
  19. I recently had to put a new battery in a wireless door sensor and I must have done something wrong as I now get a "Side Door Sensor Tamper" warning / beep pattern every 12 hours. Does anyone know how to fix this? Anyone up for a facetime call to help me reset it correctly? I can pay!! I have a GE Concord4 alarm panel - with a serial number PRIOR to the cutoff to properly sync with Control4 so I am also looking to replace it and have someone remote 'reprogram' it for my house and get it synced with C4 if possible...that's another project but for now I just need to get these stupid warning beeps to stop.
  20. I use a single EA5 to run 5 full rooms/systems through a hdmi switch and it works great - One IR out per room. My AVRs are all rack mounted so the only local devices (in most cases) are the TVs. I’ve never run into issues with multiple people trying to use navigator at the same time.
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