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  1. I used to install C4 years ago and had this controller, remote, and dimmer as my own set up. I haven't used it in a couple of years, but everything worked when I switched platforms. Not sure what this is going for...I know it's old, but if someone wants to make an offer it is theirs. Located in Alberta. Pictures will be uploaded shortly.
  2. that is easy then. He bought the software from control 4 and it came with a years subscription to 4sight. I will tell him to go to the sight and check it out. Thanks, Chris
  3. I have not really had a chance to look at the composer HE, is there an upgrade option to it just like in composer pro? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hello everyone, I have a customer that has an HC500 and an HC300 slave. He also has 2 - V2 remotes and 3 SR250s. Recently I set him up with the Composer HE. He is quite happy with it except for one small issue, the SR250 are not initializing when he loads HE. The pop up box reads "Remote 1 Failed to Initialize". it also says that some of the features will not be accessible. This happens to all 3 sr250s. the V2's work just fine. The same happens to the new ipod dock that I put in for him too. Could this be because these are newer additions to control4 and the Composer HE that he has does
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