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  1. All...… I have a Napco Gemini P3200 security panel and the IP bridge to connect it to the C4 system. Panel works great and can control it just fine through the C4 system. The problem I am having is with the zones. I have made the correct bindings from the security panel to the C4 system ie….. Zone 1 Front Door to a generic contact door switch (Front Door). C4 doesn't recognize that the zone is open or closed.... I cant attach any programming to the door switches. Any thoughts?
  2. How do I get them to show up under "My Movies"?
  3. Just purchased this and need a walk thru on how to set it up as a movie server for C4. I figured out how to rip the movies into MP4, but cant get them to show up in the C4 environment. Thanks in advance for the help
  4. Security button isnt showing up on my Iphone. It shows on my Ipad, but nothing on my phone..... any suggestions?
  5. Driver is posted in "File Discussion" section
  6. tv_Vizio_Vizio M70-C30 4K TV.c4i
  7. 45 downloads

    IR driver for a Vizio M70-C3 4K TV.
  8. Just added a Roku 4 and its not being found by the driver..... Any Ideas?
  9. SM - I'm sorry, but I dont understand what you said...... call me slow
  10. Ok, its official.... My Sony Bluray changer has died. I have about 200 blu-rays and 150 DVD's. What would my best solution for a media server be? Software/Hardware used to rip the movies and for storage? Thanks All......
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