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  1. Awesome. Great. So I can keep the panel just change the connection path to the C4 system.
  2. Just did a major upgrade hardware wise after 10 years. All good except the GE Networx NX-58E interface is no longer supported. Is there another option that anyone is aware of? I really like having the security panel integrated.
  3. I use a Card Access water detection kit in my utility room where the sump and the rest of the major plumbing is located. If it detects water I have it sound an alert and flash the lights in my master bedroom. I would think you could install the sensor in the sump pit at a certain level so you could know before the water exits the pit.
  4. I had a similar issue with my GE NX8E system. It ended up being the way the rs232 module was wired to the alarm panel. Once the wiring was complete everything worked without any additional modification or setup. Very easy.
  5. Well, at least now he will know for future reference. Nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a new toy and not being able to show it off to your friends... Except spending all that money on a new toy which you convinced your wife she couldn't live without, and not being able to show it off to her when she wants to see it.
  6. If you look at the back of the wireless touch pad you will see a little tiny hole. This is the reset switch. You will need to take a paper clip, or something the same size as a paper clip, put it in the hole and press the button. You will see the white Control4 screen and the keypad will reboot. When I need to do this it is usually something to do with my wireless router/AP. I will normally power cycle it and then reset my touchpad.
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