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  1. Want to give a shout out to time2jet for his quick shipping and easy transaction for the Panamax power supply purchase. Thank again-- he's excellent to deal with.
  2. Solid transaction experience for the hc800 with eggzlot— good price and very quick shipping to get me back up and running. Thanks egg man.
  3. I’ve sent a PM to you am hoping for a reply
  4. Are you now using the new Wi-Fi built-in August lock? If so, what’s your verdict? Thanks.
  5. Did you ever get your issues resolved? I'm having a similar problem Thanks for any advice
  6. I’m also looking for the power cable— can you tell me which end (round) works of those listed in the amazon link? Thanks very much for any help
  7. I’ve got one of my serial ports dead. I need to connect/control an Ademco alarm panel and my KD-HD 4x4 lite video switcher. Thanks for any help.
  8. Is there any other option to add a serial port to my HC-800?
  9. Am now considering Tablo-- since these posts are more than a year old, what are your latest thoughts? There is a C4 driver available for integration-- anyone using it?
  10. I've been updated to 2.10.6 and use the Honeywell 42332CBM latest driver for my Honeyweell Ademco 20P alarm panel. C4 no longer controls the alarm after these updates. Any workaround, or, updated drivers forthcoming? Thanks for any help
  11. Do tell about your other plans-- I just got a ring for Christmas and am trying to decide if I want to use it
  12. This is on Sonos-- lay the workarounds on me please-- I have access to composer pro
  13. I've got my door bell triggering an announcement on the HC800. Lately, if I'm listening to music, the door bell annoucement plays, but the music stays in pause. I have to hit play again. This didn't happen previously. Is there a workaround?
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