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  1. In the Tivo driver properties change the Channel Entry property from 'Set Channel' to 'Numeric Keys'. I think you are entering the channel numbers properly - 36.1, 36.2, 36.3, etc.
  2. The Guide button works in the SmartThings app. They probably over looked adding it. Here's the QLAUNCH for Emby on the FireTV if anyone wants it. QLAUNCH android-app://tv.emby.embyatv#Intent;component=tv.emby.embyatv/.startup.StartupActivity;end\r
  3. Never mind, I made one from another driver but I have to use custom buttons to control it from Navigators. I'm using it to control my LED strip lights.
  4. All of these should work. Zombber Ledenet Supernight Magic Hue Goldwin They all look like clones except Ledenet but Ledenet uses the same protocol. Any controller that works with the Magic Home app should work.
  5. Input commands $7E $30 $30 $31 $34 $30 $20 $34 $32 $0D HDMI 1 $7E $30 $30 $31 $34 $30 $20 $34 $33 $0D HDMI 2
  6. In the driver wizard HEX codes require a '$' in front to signify that it is hexidecimal. Here's what I think the ON and OFF commands are: 7E 30 30 30 31 20 31 0D ON 7E 30 30 30 30 20 30 0D OFF So for Control4 : $7E $30 $30 $30 $31 $20 $31 $0D ON $7E $30 $30 $30 $30 $20 $30 $0D OFF
  7. There are several other LED controllers that should work with this driver. Does it send raw HEX to port 5577? The driver is a little pricey but it would be nice to have control in Control4. http://www.jpelectron.com/sample/electronics/WiFi LED control/
  8. Is there a simple packet sender driver that can send HEX? If so, does it all you to enter the HEX commands in the properties portion of the driver along with the button names so they will appear in Navigator? So, if I created 2 button ON and OFF, they will appear in navigator under the device name and if I click on it, it will show the buttons ON and OFF.
  9. I’ve seen this happen and fixed it by unplugging the network cable from the back of the AVR and plugging it back in.
  10. I’m using an IP driver for a Samsung 7 series but the guide button for off air antenna doesn’t work. That is the only thing missing, it would be a shame to have to use an IR emitter just for the guide button. Are there any Samusing TV IP drivers that have a guide button? Also, for the Smart Apps, I have Netflix and Amazon, is there a driver to quick launch Emby on a Samsung TV? I have a smart app driver for Emby on the Fire TV which uses QLAUNCH but the Samsung TV has a Tizen OS and I don’t have a serial port to debug and create a driver.
  11. Subnet, gateway, DNS, all that correct too?
  12. No it’s a problem because the volume isn’t fixed, make sure the client can’t change the volume on the output that the doorbell is using.
  13. That’s really strange. Have you connected with system manager and made sure that director is running on the controller? Call C4 tech support
  14. Just kidding. Don’t do it! You don’t want some schmuck controlling the house remotely
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