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  1. There’s room for some more buttons on there. Why not add a number pad and some other useful buttons?
  2. Is the IR emitter new? One time I had an IR emitter that blinked but still didn’t work. I thought it was the driver or the IR location but I could never get it to work until I replaced it with another one. But since you’re learning the IR codes, maybe it’s something else.
  3. Programming Crestron lighting is easy if you need to create some scenes or change a few things. I bet you could learn enough to get by quickly.
  4. Sorry, just looked up AP3. I would just leave lighting separate and install Control4 for AV.
  5. Crestron lighting is easy to program but I’m not sure how well it integrates with Control4. Does it have a crestron PAC2 lighting processor? Maybe leave panelized lighting and keypads in place with Crestron controlling it and use Control4 for the AV? Crestron panelized lighting can operate independently and works really well.
  6. I have a one way Shelly lightv2 driver. Not sure what the best route would be for a two way driver
  7. It could be that Director needs to be re-enabled.
  8. The free Roku IP driver works and discrete codes for power on/off is at remote central.
  9. Samsung and Sony work good with IP or rs232. I would go with re232 control because when you turn off the TV (Samsung). You have to wait 45 seconds before you can turn it on again. But if you want mini app drivers, you want to use IP.
  10. I know there is a Berto driver that works but it requires a MQTT broker. I created a driver for simple on/off commands but it doesn't show up under lights and doesn't track current status.
  11. I'm using IFTTT with webhooks to control it with Control4.
  12. Gosund and Teckin are cheap and work good.
  13. Just get a Wally receiver for your motor coach and add it to your account. It’s only $7 more a month.
  14. My 12volt 5050 led strips are plenty bright. Maybe your controller is limiting the brightness. It says it has 256 levels of brightness.
  15. It still works for me, I’m on 2.10.6
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