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  1. Seems like bread and butter work for a remote dealer.
  2. I would lean towards the EA-3 instead of EA-1 if the OP is doing multi-room audio simply because the EA-1 only has HDMI output while the EA-3 has analog stereo and digial coax. EA-5 would appear overkill. The OP as a network engineer is an ideal candidate for a remote install = I don't see just the programming getting to $3,000 based on his original post.
  3. Did you verify it's not the power supply that is dead?
  4. Bear in mind the Yale locks don't have a sensor to detect open / close.
  5. Watch out if HC800 is on it's last legs and you have a sizeable Zigbee network. If it dies, you will need a second HC800 to restore project backup and your Zigbee mesh.. Once restored you can then migrate project and mesh to EA-3 or EA-5. BUT if HC800 dies and you or your dealer does not have a spare, you will have to recreate / re-identify all your Zigbee nodes first, including likely having each one leave old mesh first. It could take hours and cost big $$$. Much better to pro-actively replace HC800 before it dies.
  6. The best way to do this is with the contact sensors you say you have on the doors. There is a free driver in Composer Pro for this, would have to check name, or can be easily programmed. Basically you disable auto-lock on the Yale lock, then program "auto-lock" using a timer (or the free driver) and then you stipulate the door does NOT lock when the timer expires if the contact sensor shows it is open.
  7. There is nothing inherently wrong with the Apple Airport Express other than it's age and the fact Apple no longer makes these routers. It was on the approved list for years for small installations. None of the Apple Airport routers have VPN capabilities FYI. For remote access via Composer Pro, your dealer does not need a VPN connection. If he or she is doing something that requires "local" access e.g. registering a controller or discovering certain network-based devices, Hikvision and Unifi devices come to mind, then Teamviewer to a local PC on your network for a few minutes should be all that is required. I am a big fan of the SnapAV / Araknis routers and they do have built-in VPN should that become necessary for you.
  8. This is a modest amount of Control4 lighting for a 5100 ft2 house, so on a cost benefit basis I would be inclined to go with wireless line of lighting products vs panelized. Feel free to PM.
  9. If this is a new home and the majority of lighting will be controlled via keypads, then it makes sense to do a panelized system from the beginning rather than hiding dimmers all over the house. And likely somewhat cheaper.
  10. JAP and MoIP will price out at very similar levels compared to traditional video matrix.
  11. 1. Nothing wrong with Unifi network gear BUT it does not play nice with Control4 (that is why it is on Control4's do not use list). I have many clients using the Ubiquiti Wifi product line with ZERO issues. The issues come in primarily with the switches / routers. If you are prepared to spend the time rolling up your sleeves with your dealer to get the right settings in place, it will likely work (billable work). I went through this exercise with a client recently. The SnapAV / Araknis networking gear with possible exception of their WAPs (personal preference) is light years easier to configure, brilliant remote management and totally accessible to a tech-savvy client. The importance of having the dealer install, or at least configure, and therefore trust the network cannot be over-emphasized. This is not to say full control cannot be enabled for the right client. 2. What @Cyknight said about Control4 video matrix. I do think the SnapAV MoiP has big potential but does require a dealer with really good networking knowledge (only a few of those around -)) The importance of good support for video distribution cannot be over-emphasized.
  12. Try deleting your home system from the app and then enter it again
  13. Actually the recommendation from @Cyknight was a CA-1 which is less expensive than an EA-1 but still more expensive than an HC-250. "Longer useful life" and continued support in future Control4 OS upgrades would be your main factors.
  14. Good point about CA-1 but more expensive and definitely more reliable.
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