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  1. Which is exactly what I did if you refer to my original post. The point is I started at your web site to check for latest version and compatibility before commencing any work and that is when the time and money wasting began, all of which should have been totally avoidable if you had updated your web site proactively. And to your point that I should have emailed you, that makes no sense because the symptoms initially pointed to a Composer / controller issue. A diligent dealer exhausts possibilities and researches issues before contacting vendor support e.g. rebooting controller, checking / reinstalling Composer, reviewing dealer KB...all of which lead me to this forum and thread. By then time wasting was well under way.
  2. I agree with all of the above. The issue remans is Ari should have disclosed this issue on the Epic web site or via email to his licensees given the known severity of the outcome and the amount of time wasted to get back to an "unhacked" controller state. It makes no sense to expect a Dealer doing what should be a business-as-usual upgrade to visit this forum, dealer forums or the dealer KB .
  3. I consider it "bricked" if any form of Composer Pro access is broken by the driver and the only course of recovery (without an unsupported OS hack) is to factory restore and reload project. Not to mention the impact, time and cost of doing so.
  4. i think the key point is the severity of the "bug" in terms of bricking your controller coupled with a total lack of disclosure on the developer's web site. Even better would have been a proactive email to his clients alerting them of this possibility with an OS upgrade to OS 3.1.1. I would be way less concerned about about a bug in the normal course of business. But this bug is worthy of an immediate recall notice, to use an automobile industry analogy.
  5. This happens but when the consequences are severe and identified weeks ago, developer silence is not cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It's impossible to say, Gary. But the point is the driver is playing outside of the sandbox so who knows what future updates will break it.
  7. The Epic "fix" seems akin to the jailbreaking of iPhones a few years ago and Apple judiciously fixed the various exploits. I would expect Control4 to do something similar when a driver developer departs from documented API so that the driver may stop working after a future controller OS upgrade.
  8. Yes, the "fix" posted by Epic yesterday clearly illustrates this.
  9. Perhaps the problem Perhaps the problem only affects EA series controllers. Epic will need to provide information
  10. What model of controller/ So far reports have I have seen apply to EA-5.
  11. The 1.8 driver works on systems up to 2.10.6 with, as you say, Gen 1 Echo. 2 The Epic 2.0 driver also works up to 3.1.0 with latest Echo, but requires a tedious delete and reinstall of driver and recreation of programming some of our clients have 50 or more scenes to recreate. That's at least how I understand it.
  12. Great, thank you for sharing, I am sure this community will find it useful. I wonder why you didn't post this here (your last post was Jan 13) or on your website.
  13. You could have easily taken the 5 minutes of effort to upgrade your website given the severe consequences of your bug. It is completely unreasonable to expect a dealer to consult the Control4 dealer web site prior to upgrading a third party driver. The upgrade info should be on your website. This is nothing to do with bad mouthing or childish behaviour and everything about calling out a failure to document an issue promptly that has severe downside,
  14. I am sure this Forum would love to know how to recover from a "fatal" Epic Systems driver failure after an upgrade to OS 3.1.1 rather than a controller factory reset. Please do share.
  15. Here is an excellent example of how to handle a driver error received yesterday. Well done @Cinegration " Hello, Cinegration Development pushed an update to our Vantage InFusion driver to enable additional features for this driver. Unfortunately, there was a bug in the deployment of the update, rendering the driver ineffective. For this driver to continue to work, the driver must be updated manually for each project that has it installed. Our records indicate that you purchased this driver and have it installed in the following project(s): XXXX *NOTE: Only the project(s) listed above were affected. Any other projects with the Vantage InFusion driver installed will remain on version 1007. To manually update the driver: 1. Download attached Zip file 2. Copy the contents of the Zip file to My Documents/Control4/drivers 3. Login to the project (remotely or locally) 4. Right click on the Cinegration InFusion Driver ("main InFusion driver) 5. Click 'Update Driver' If you are using the light, keypad, or thermostat driver (additional InFusion drivers) as well, you will then need to update each type of driver that is installed in the project. *Only one driver of each type needs to be updated* (For example, if you have 10 light drivers and 2 thermostat drivers, you only need to update 1 light and 1 thermostat driver). Once both the main InFusion driver and the additional InFusion drivers are updated, the driver will function normally. All programming should remain unaffected. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We would like to offer you a coupon code, valid for one of our Agent drivers of your choice - a $50 value! Coupon Code: XXXX Again, we apologize for any issues you experienced due to this driver update. Thank you for being a valued customer of Cinegration Development. The Cinegration Development Team
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