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  1. That may well be true -) BUT so far you have made blanket assertions in overly simplistic sentences without any backup or reference material. I would be happy to learn more about C-BUS automation versus plain old C-BUS lighting and attempted to do so online without success. If you're going to come on to a board focused on Control4 and tout an automation platform that very few people here have heard of, then you're going to have to do a much better job at explaining why C-BUS automation can do everything Control4 can. For example, please explain with C-BUS automation how I can control via IP popular modern smart televisions such as Sony, LG and Samsung - that would be a good start.
  2. I am missing the point. C-BUS is an excellent stand-alone lighting system. It apparently now has some automation capabilities. The first page of Google search results revealed next to no useful information. So I tried a search for CBUS automation Samsung TV driver and got back nothing. The same search but for Control4 returns a wealth of useful links. I remain completely sceptical in the absence of some useful information how "With a C-Bus Automation Controller it can do anything C4 can." A far more typical approach with C-BUS would be as @EVO924 said "Cbus gives a very clean and hardy lighting control system and then the Control4 comes in to play as the interface but also allows extras like home media, home audio, security, locks etc. and all of this is in the one app". And to further the confusion @Mark HT has 2 x Neeo remotes to control his AV? I really don't see how @Mark HT 's overly simplistic red herrings are helping OP make an informed decision about the design of his lighting and whole home automation.
  3. Hardly, while it may be a great lighting system, I said "smart home system" - not a standalone lighting system with minimal external integrations.
  4. If the primary goal is whole home automation, then the selection of the lighting subsystem should not drive the entire decision. While CBUS is an excellent LIGHTING platform, as you point out you are going to have to live with integration vs direct, native support. In your research, have you seen any substantive differences between CBUS and Control4 lighting solutions? Is there a good reason NOT to go with native Control4 lighting rather than integration? If there's one part of your smart home system you want to be bullet-proof, it's the lighting.
  5. Do you have enough IP addresses in your DHCP pool? You may be running out and devices therefore not getting new addresses.
  6. There is an extended warranty for those amps due to high failure rate. The only way to ascertain if yours is covered is to have your dealer contact Control4. Just looking it up in online RMA won't show.
  7. Yes that is what is offered once the extended warranty expires. I assume this also expires at some point,
  8. Ah that is a "loaded" question. Here is the snapshot (no pun intended). * Control4 free driver - Only reads from primary stream so you must reduce the resolution to get the cameras to display on Navigators, which is not ideal if you want to record at max resolution. Can in some installations read from cameras connected to an NVR with virtual host enabled. * Manfell (Blackwire $350 MSRP) - support for NVR and DVR i.e. can read different channels and streams. * Chowmain (DriverCentral $75 MSRP) - camera driver somewhat similar to Control4 driver but with more capabilities and can read from substream. * My secret go-to NVR and DVR driver when all others fail (not giving it away but hint pricing is in BRL)
  9. I think it's generous to call it a rack mount kit - it's more of a somewhat optimized tray. I would skip it and just use a rack tray.
  10. Hikvision Turbo series of DVR is the way to go - lots of high resolution options even over Coax. And a number of different driver options.
  11. Yep. Working with DIY clients tends to be way more interesting for the dealer. While they may ask lots of questions, they don't bog you down with basic stuff like how to access the App Store which for some clients represents a. challenge -)
  12. Where are you located? It seems like you're a good candidate for remote dealer support.
  13. I would also try the relocation of the T3 to the POE switch for testing purposes.
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