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  1. A color change kit would be easiest and cheapest - $10 or so.
  2. It sounds like you're a DIY guy and would be well served by a remote dealer here, like myself and Matt. Those prices are not out of line, but any homeowner can setup an Araknis network. No dealer is required if you have the equipment, but a dealer often ends up doing it because not many homeowners have the skills. And yes Control4 has to have a stable, compatible network environment and Araknis is an excellent and safe choice, even more so now that SnapAV owns Control4. Control4 does not require its "own" or separate network. Rather your home network needs to be setup professionally with compatible equipment, this is definitely a few steps up in sophistication from throwing in an ISP router and a couple of Wifi "boosters".
  3. I think you’re over dramatizing a rather simple situation. All my clients want to do is power cycle certain equipment ie reset the outlets, not turn them off then on in discrete commands.They don’t consult the driver for the state of the equipment. For that purpose the driver is perfectly adequate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Actually that's not important to me. I rely on OVRC for any real time status, setup etc. From Control4, I primarily want to cycle certain outlets e.g. allowing a client to reboot their rack, modem, router etc conveniently from a touchscreen or Control4 app. I could also do this in OVRC home but some clients only want to learn Control4.
  5. That's the driver SDDP installs. I don't care about the LUA errors - it works.
  6. This example is for a 3 outlet Wattbox. Also have working 5 outlet ones in the field.
  7. I have had zero problems in multiple projects using the driver via SDDP, provided the IP address and credentials are set up correctly.
  8. Are you sure you have the credentials right? With the latest Wattbox and Araknis firmwares with all the changes to password management, you'll want to open a browser to the Wattbox and see if it asks you to change credentials. If so, do that and then use same credentials in the SDDP driver.
  9. Yep, and this could all be done by a remote dealer. Send us a PM
  10. I agree, the ring is hands-down our option for less expensive video doorbells. And there is certainly no 20 foot limitations with regard to Wi-Fi access points. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. We install these all the time. Never seen it.
  12. Simply not possible. Control4 works. Be specific if you have issues.
  13. There is a very close LG TV driver you could try to see if the behaviour is limited to the dealer-built drivers. Not sure why a TV driver needs to be "built" these days - https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=42LN57*
  14. May need warranty replacement by the dealer who sold it to you. If you did not buy it from a dealer you may be able to find a dealer who will RMA it for you for a fee.
  15. You will need to purchase a Control4 controller to make these components work and pay a dealer to program it for you.
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