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  1. Can you assist with a remote IP update since I changed Internet providers Control 4 not connecting.

  2. Won't be a dealer for much longer engaging in online sales.
  3. In all likelihood he programmed off one of these events: * Room Off * Projector power off * Receiver power off You can correct this yourself with HE
  4. I would suggest you pay a remote dealer for a few hours of time to review the quotations, discuss your home layout and goals with you and give you feedback on the quotations. We have done this a few times. In one extreme example, we rationalized a proposal by over $30,000. It does sound like you need some independent advice though.
  5. The one who won't integrate is incorrect and is foregoing a big set of convenience features for the homeowner. For example, turning on the lights if you enter the house at night with the alarm armed. Perhaps this dealer is inexperienced?
  6. Again, if there is not existing Lutron it makes little sense to put it in as part of Control4 installation. You want your lighting to work flawlessly and integration of a third party product adds a layer of risk / complexity. And time to integrate will be more. And no Zigbee mesh. And Control4 keypads are nicer all over than RA2. And so on... Cost should be neutral if not cheaper for Control4
  7. We deal with both Lutron and Control4. There is little benefit of adding Radio RA2 or Caseta to a new installation - Control4 makes more sense on all fronts. Caseta is very entry level and doesn't scale to large houses. If you already have Lutron with or adding Control4 that is of course a different story.
  8. Dealer agreement does not permit selling below MSRP, unless you are eligible for existing customer 15% upgrade discount program
  9. I would order a small number of Essential dimmers say 5 of them and test them on your lighting fixtures.
  10. There are numerous adatptor kits to transfer RCA or optical audio over Cat5/6. Many on Amazon.
  11. No need for fibre, any Cat5/6 cable with inexpensive audio adapters on each end will pass optical or stereo audio back to your rack.
  12. We see more and more clients using TV Smart apps in lieu of video distribution with the TV audio optical or RCA being sent back to an audio matrix / amp. Significantly cheaper approach.
  13. Indeed, if there are two areas of my Control4 system I want worry-free reliability it is lighting and distributed audio. Relying on third party integrations for these major pieces is not recommended from my perspective.
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