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  1. 4K is nice to have, but I’d preference reliability and price...
  2. Hi all, it’s been a while again since I’ve been circling the forum, life kind of got in the way... hope everyone is well and I can get some updated advice.. My old monoprice switch failed and I’m getting really frustrated swapping hdmi cables in the rack... im looking for an inexpensive hdmi 4x4 replacement that has a C4 driver readily available and (for the aussies) known to work with Foxtel and fetch as sources? appreciate any thoughts and links... cheers Dan.
  3. Guess I do. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi, Im trying to trigger playing intune radio stations via control 4 using Alexa voice control (using Epic Systems driver). I can trigger internet radio in control4, but cannot see how to program intune - Is it possible?
  5. Hi Dan, It was a few weeks ago when I tried it, I'll try again and play with it some more. I don't think this sharp model is in US, but if anyone has a known working driver, I'd love to here from them.. Spent about 6 hours on this and family getting really frustrated...( anyone would think they are trying to get it to work)
  6. Hi, Does anyone have a working driver for the Sharp 60LE951x. I've tried the out of the box IP and IR drivers for other sharp models and none work. I've created my own IR driver and having a few issues with the so called discrete codes... For example. When I emit IR code for DTV from within the driver wizard it behaves like the discrete code and the selection remains on DTV . The minute I add the driver and use in earnest, it treats the DTV code as a DTV/ATV toggle. Then whenever I select TV as the source, I get snow from ATV..
  7. Hi Allen, Thanks for your response, Do you need to purchase their (inlRt) assumably annual subscription for the cloud service to use with your driver?
  8. Hi Alan, Is there standard makes and models the driver works with out of box? Tar
  9. Looking through the driver list the current model Sharps of 60LE951 and 70LE951 do not seem to be listed. Has anyone used these models? If so with which drivers and did it work? I'm currently trying to get a Panasonic 700A IR driver to work and 4 hours into it and and getting a bit frustrated.. Really do not want to recreate drivers ever again.
  10. Thanks Wap, are you using ip drivers? I'm still thinking I'll get the 70 and 60 inch sharp, but I bought a 42 Panasonic TH-42AS700A today for the bedroom. Does anyone have a driver for this or similar Panasonic model? Cheers.
  11. Need to add / replace 3 TVs and integrate to C4. Any suggestions? IR has worked well on a Samsung model I have, but not so well on an older Panasonic. I was thinking the Sharp 70LE951x and 60LE951x (200hz HD is where my head is at- don't need 4k) with IP control- thoughts? Also need a budget 40-50 inch model. Nothing flash for bedroom, will play movies from xbmc and 2d tv only... No idea what to select here... - ideas? What type of driver available?
  12. Hi, does the Recluse Driver work with XBMC 13.1 OpenElec?
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know if a driver has been built for a avocent pm3000? It's a nice PDU/Power management device that also has sensors for temp and humidity for the rack. Also shows voltage and current via web interface and LED display on the front of PDU..
  14. Yes- I got both to work with audio, but I don't have a video TS to test video.
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