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  1. Has anyone heard of any integration with the fairly new Qolsys IQ alarm panel/system? The 7" touch screen panel and system is built on android, wifi, and several other radios are built in standard. Would love to have it integrated to C4 if I could. http://www.qolsys.com/page_device_IQPanel.html http://www.cepro.com/article/android-based_security_panel_from_qolsys_now_shipping_with_alarm.com_servic/ JR
  2. If EDDY7 isn't interested let me know. I have 2 of them, as well as a Media Controller & HT Controller in case you need any other 1.7 items for spares.
  3. You can also make them straight and add in a Null Modem adapter if needed.. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3964616&clickid=prod_cs
  4. Indirectly related to us C4 users, Directv loaded a new software to some last night that now includes Pandora. Nice if it's not already on another component in your system. So far it seems pretty slick. You can have "P" playing in the background while video is up and toggle your remote between video or "P" control. On top of that my Droid Razr is downloading SW update .173. It's a good day to be a geek, I mean techie! John
  5. Upgraded to 2.1 same issue... What controller is running director? HC300C What controller is running navigator? HC300B Is your navigator dedicated for that TV or ran through a matrix switch? Both HC300's listed are dedicated for their own display. The 300C is the Director. Do you have a thumb drive or hard drive connected to your navigator? No Does your cover art "cascade..... Yes - I also noticed that the processors are maxed out when scrolling through that navigators video wall on either the 300C or 300B - Images are all stored in the media folder of the HC300C / Director. - Appr
  6. Thanks, the video was fine. I see your issue, that will annoy me as well, I do like the larger icons though. All of mine are on dedicated HC300Cs. I'll go for it and post my results.
  7. No, I'll post a video of it. It's really annoying and I am surprised that nobody else has mentioned it. This is using dedicated HC200B's as navigators. Dan, has this issue cleared up for you? Is anyone else experiencing it? I'm at a Go/No-Go for the upgrade pending this one.
  8. Has anyone heard if the driver for this has been updated to allow Blu-ray ISO support through the C4 GUI? I'm upgrading my NAS and would like to switch to BR ISO backups instead of the m2ts files. On another note, I just completed the "Movie Wall" for the NEO using MCM. This puts the C4 move wall to shame but it requires the use of the "info" button on the NEO's remote. Is it possible to add the use of the info button to the C4 driver as well? TGIF! JFR
  9. +1 for DVDFab. I started using it a few years ago and never looked back. Great for the Neo and for riping movies to your I-pad. Good Luck!
  10. I just purchased (2) NEO 550's, 1 to replace the 9150 and a second for another room. The NEO plays the BR ISO's with no problem but you can't choose and play a BR ISO through C4's interface yet. Apparently some changes are needed to the C4 IP commands. I am having issues playing one movie, Avatar, M2TS, with the NEO while the 9150 plays it with no problem. With the NEO it stutters and drops the audio on occasion. Overall I'm pleased with the NEO, once the C4 interface is updated I'll swap out the 9150 for the second unit that I have. My end goal is for BR ISO functionality and Netflix to be
  11. EVA9150 & BR ISO? Does the 9150 do BR ISO? I thought that only the NEO 550 did that.
  12. I also agree with the not mixing Surveillance and Media concept. My plans are to migrate my media off of the Synology to a larger NAS once I get my cameras up and running. For now it's a littel overkill but the Synology NAS performs great. JFR
  13. I use the Synology DS107+ with a 2TB WD drive for my Bluray Rips and Netgear 9150 playback. I like the GUI and tools provided with the NAS. I too purchased this for the surveillance station feature but haven’t set it up yet. Their tech support has been second to none!! I couldn’t say enough about the quality of individual and their knowledge of the product when you call. It’s been A+ for me. I will be looking again at Synology when it time for an upgrade, that may be soon. Let me know if I can assist with any specifics and I try my best to help you out. JFR
  14. I have the same Elite and I’m also using the serial interface. I can’t remember if I wired it out strait or cross-over but here is what may help. You can by a DB9/serial crossover adapter for a few bucks, if you wired it strait and it works your in business. If it doesn’t work add in the crossover adapter. If you need a definite answer I can take a more detailed look at mine to see how I wired it. JFR
  15. No problem, I’m glad that I can contribute to one of your many efforts!
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