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  1. I believe that my power supply has failed on my 800 controller. Does anybody know where I can get on ASAP without being charged an arm and leg. I am in the Kansas City area
  2. Has anybody heard or or experienced a Control4 16 Channel Audio Matrix Switch AVM-16S1-B only transmitting 1 side on every channel/zone? If so is there a fix?
  3. RyanE, Several points, I understand the need for professional installation on these systems. With the exception of a few, the technical requirements are too complex for the general public. However, it is my belief that C4 should be working harder on integrating more customer friendly interfaces and functionality, such as Google Assistant/ Home. I presumed that I would be attacked because I have been in the past on this site with a similiar point on being critical of C4 handling Google Assistant ./ Home. I do not believe that any technology or interface is the end all or be all for any smart home platform, I believe this will be the case for many years to come, I just wish C4 would allow the CUSTOMER pick which one works for them.
  4. I do not understand the full capability of the NEEO product. However, in my quick review, C4 making this purchase seems like a step back or at least a step sideways. Customers are not looking for more gadgets and remotes, they are looking for solutions that are easy to use. As an example, with Google Home and Alexa showing the way with a more simple customer interface. I do not pretend to fully understand C4's product path, but as a consumer / customer that has invested a lot of my hard earned money, it appears that C4 is more focused on preserving the professional installation model rather than succeeding in providing superior customer experiences. BTW, I am sure that some will downgrade me and or attack me based on this message, from my perspective that will just show negatively on them. Disappointing.
  5. Alanchow, sent you an email regarding your driver and its capability. have you received it?
  6. Alan,

    I am using your driver with IFTTT and Control4 to interface Google Assistant.   I would like to have control4 run a scheduled task on days that a certain appointment is on our google calendar.   do you know of a way for me to set that up?  I am not a programmer and this is an idea that I like but over my head to implement.     Also on some of the commands that I execute through the google assistant, the system seems pretty slow to respond, is there anything I can do about the speed as well?   THank you for all of your assistance.

    Brett Krause

  7. SMHarmin, Will it damage anything for me to leave the lights off (and they flash)? Or should I leave them on until we get the new dimmer? Also could i disable the dimmer, pulling up the airgap to stop the current and the flashing? Thank you for your assistance. Brett Krause
  8. SMHarman, I believe that you have stated the more accurate explanation to what my installer and I have determined. We have narrowed it down to replacing the Dimmer. I believe that you have provided the "engineering" explanation. I suspect this means that I will be replacing other dimmers in the near future as well, since i have replaced many standard bulbs with LEDS! THank you the explanation is appreciated and give me confidence we are not just replacing parts in an attempt to resolve. BK
  9. All, My installer has just contacted me, We are working the issue. I will post the solution when resolved. Thank you for your assistance. BK
  10. These lights and switch have worked flawlessly until today and I have made ZERO changes to the system in several months.
  11. THank you for your response, The bulbs are dimmable. The Dimmer is a c4 dimmer probably circa 2006. I do not know the exact model number, is there a way I can look that up in composer?
  12. I have three pendant lights on the same dimmer switch in the Kitchen. Originally these had standard 60 watt bulbs, however 6 months or more ago we installed LED replacements with no issues. This morning we noticed that when the switch is off they flash in sequence. If you remove one of the bulbs the remaining bulbs flash faster. I have made sure all three bulbs are the same and not burned out. I have rebooted the controller in an attempt to trouble shoot. Additionally, I have logged in to composer to see if ant error messages are generated, no joy. I have attempted to reach my dealer without luck. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Brett Krause
  13. This morning my thermostat did not move at its scheduled time. In reviewing the schedule it should have changed from one (sleep) to another (comfort). However, several hours after the schedule change time it was still operating at the sleep settings. I have reviewed the programming and do not find why the programming did not advance. Has anybody else had this problem?
  14. I do not have the experience or opinions about the brand of display as others, However as part of your open ended thoughts question, I would seriously recommend researching a video matrix switch, (like leaf or others) , We love the ability to share the same source or not our video. This could also reduce your source provider cost depending on your needs and configuration. Just a thought
  15. I have a hopper and 2 joeys, and a roku in a leaf matrix set up. I am not really able to start or select the hopper or the roku without the IFTTT connection (would rely on C4 Google Home support). , However, once the dish device or roku is displayed changing the content is easy. For me, Change channel to ESPN on Joey1 as example. Still cannot change volume without IFTTT (Again lack of C4 support.)
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