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  1. As the title says. Also - if anyone has them, need 6 C4-KA-WH keypads.
  2. Want to buy a zigbee extender. If anyone has 1 that they aren’t using.
  3. It hasn't been released yet and they haven't announced a release date. When I asked them, they said sometime in 4Q but we all know delays are to be expected especially with the current situtation.
  4. Assuming you're getting the Automate Pulse 2. Found it here https://www.avoutlet.com/window-treatments/shade-components/motorized/remote-controls/rollease-pulse-2-mobile-device-interface/. I ordered a lot of my shade parts from them and they have been great to work with.
  5. Yes - I know. I actually ordered their roman shades and did a retrofit with Somfy RTS motors. Wanted to know if they really use Rollease motors since it seems that there is a bridge that can integrate with Control4. Please let us know if you get it working with Control4 either way. I have mine integrated using Bond and their working great. We want to purchase more and I really don't want to do another retrofit. And like you, I looked at Graber and Hunter Douglas and both were 2x-3x times more expensive. Plus I was able to purchase the SOMFY Sonesse 30 WireFree (Li-Ion) RTS Rechargeable motors for less than $100 each.
  6. Which blinds did you order and do they actually have the Rollease motors? Asking because I went through a retrofit effort on their roman shades with Somfy RTS motors. It's working but I wouldn't recommend it.
  7. Been using the Bond driver to control my shades (Somfy RTS motors) and it's working great. Wish there was 2-way feedback but understand that's not always possible. I saw that Bond is releasing a Pro version and wanted to know what changes we might see from a Control4 perspective (if anyone knows). https://www.bondhome.io/products/bond-pro/
  8. Since you're in Texas, another 1 to check out is Smith Thompson. They monitor my DSC alarm. No contracts and they included the cellular module. I've added contact sensors, glass break detectors and touch panels that they monitor.
  9. I've had dealers tell me the same thing. They don't understand why C4 sets the price so high on these. I don't like it myself and even had my Yale zigbee card go bad once (very rare for this to happen). Thankfully it was still under warranty and they replaced it immediately for me.
  10. I have 2 of the Yale Touchscreen locks and 2 Kwikset locks all on Control4. The 2 Yale locks are protected due to covered porches - front and back. 1 of the Kwiksets is exposed to the elements in Southern Texas so the heat wears on the finish. I've seen a Yale lock do the same. I personally like the Yale locks better since they respond to C4 much faster. There is a slight delay on the Kwiksets.
  11. The ones from Amazon won't work with Control4. Not the same Zigbee stack.
  12. Yep - forgot the mention that. Using some garage contact sensors. Can't remember where I got them from but they were less than $20.
  13. I can't report on door position but for my use case, it's just 1 large door that is either fully open or fully closed. And yes I can see if it's open or closed and it's fully integrated with C4. This was my solution and meets my needs.
  14. I gave up on integrating my MyQ garage door. Hardwired a spare remote to a Card Access relay and for under $80, I'm done. Works 100% of the time. Going on 2 years without any issues.
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