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  1. What version are you currently on? It all depends on what you want to get out of your system. Upgrading the system will give you the most current functionality and warranty on the hardware. If budget is a concern, you could upgrade the HC300 to HC250 units and keep with the current system and setup you have. Now the HC250 are not current anymore either and would have to be sourced second hand / without warranty. If you're happy with the remotes, you don't need to upgrade those either. I'm not a dealer but I'm sure they don't want to support older systems and upgrading customers is sometimes the best option.
  2. I have 2 Card Access WMS10-2 motion sensors that I've using outdoors for the past 4 years without any issues. Just replace the batteries when needed. They have survived the extreme Texas summers. Not sure about sub-zero temps.
  3. I saw Graber at Costco recently and didn't know if they integrated with Control4. Good to know that they do. Just stating my window treatment automation search and gathering intel. Look forward to your updates.
  4. What version of Control4 does the driver work with? Didn't see that in the documentation.
  5. What settings are you using to add it? ONVIF? Make sure the Amcrest camera is ONVIF 2.4+ compatible.
  6. Just checked my 3 Wattbox settings in my project and I'm using Port 80.
  7. Thank you for this. I decided to go with the Araknis 300 for now. I have several other SnapAV products and with OvrC, made sense. It will be interesting to see which router line stays after the merger. I feel comfortable with the Araknis since its already part of the SnapAV family but we'll see. Thank you again for your suggestions. Appreciate it.
  8. Thanks for all the recommendations. Any comments on the Araknis routers? 300, 310, or 110?
  9. Thanks. Thought Ubiquiti was on the "not recommended" list. My dealer has a used RK-1 that he's giving me a good deal on. Just wondering if I should take him up on it. Current router locks up about once a week but always when I'm not home. It's on a Wattbox so I could program it in a way to reboot the router but that's not a solution.
  10. My current router (Netgear R7000) has been acting up lately. It will randomly lock up needing a power cycle. I can ping it but not get to it from a browser. Factory resets and latest firmware have not helped. Looking for recommendations on a new router. Looked at the Pakedge RK-1 but wanted to get some input from the experts here first.
  11. Just upgraded to iOS 12.3 yesterday and not seeing any issues with the Luma app. What issues are you having?
  12. That’s exactly where I’m looking and don’t see it. On the driver itself, I don’t see rooms to select which rooms I want to see it under at all. I’ve refreshed navigators and rebooted director. I’ve reverted back to the previous driver for the time being. I’m also running 2.10.6 on a HC800
  13. I tried to update to the new driver and can no longer see the home alarm system under the Security menu. I can't even select which rooms I want it to show up in. It is communicating with my alarm system but I can't see it on any of the screens. What am I doing wrong?
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