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  1. Just as an update - I was able to get my Yale YRD226 lock working. It was my Zigbee mesh that was having an issue. They did send me the right card. I just can't add users from any UI since I don't see the "+" sign at all. I guess I'll have to add users from the lock which is not what I'm used to doing.
  2. Having the same issue after updating to 2.10.6. Lost all audio. All audio output volumes are not muted and I can increase/decrease. I can see the audio streaming but no sound. I have restarted my C4 amp and controller. no changes to any of the connections. Other things to look for? 1 zone has an input from the TV and that zone is working fine so I know the amp is not the issue. Sharebridge having the same issue.
  3. The support person I talked to knew the difference between the zigbee modules. The zigbee module has a part # of AYR202-ZB-C4 instead of ZB-HA so I thought I got the C4 version. But it’s not fully working. I’ll call them tomorrow and see if they can swap out just the module.
  4. Hey Dan, So I had the Yale YRD220 that stopped working. I contacted Yale and they sent me a new YRD226 since they don't make the YRD220 anymore. I told them that I had C4 so they sent me the module as well. It's solid red - AY202-ZB-C4 V5 as opposed to the transparent pink one I had - ZB3.3 CP 2-5-3. I can ID it in my project but I can't control the lock at all. Removed and re-added to the project several times. Running 2.10.6 Using the Yale V3 driver. In Composer, the lock model says default which makes me think something is not working properly. When I manually lock it, the status changes. I can't add users through the UI since I don't see that option. Brand new batteries are installed. Do you know if I have the right module for this lock?
  5. You could also play an specific announcement when they tour your home like " Welcome to your new home" and then play some light music. Then when they turn off the entry light or some other light that is near the exit, play another announcement - "Thank you for your visit"
  6. From what I was told, there is a V2 firmware patch. It suppose the fix an issue where some SR260 remotes emit a squealing sound and includes the fix from the V1 patch. V1: fixes an issue where the battery level is not properly showing full-charge status when removed from the recharge station. Also addresses an issue where an hourglass would be displayed on the screen, requiring a power cycle of the remote to regain full control.
  7. Ya, I'm not sure what the difference is either. I haven't tried the built-in voice assistance since we're using the Alexa driver anyway. I'm pretty sure you're right. Just wanted to let you know my experience with the 6570 model. Been using it everyday for 2 months now and it hasn't failed. When the TV is turned off, it will drop off the network. Unlike my Sharp which needs an active connection for IP control.
  8. Yep - cheaper than what I paid for my 70" during Black Friday. Also, I just looked and the 6570 series uses AI Thin Q instead of webOS so not sure if the free IP driver would work. The cost of the Annex driver was a little high offsetting any savings on the unit itself and I wanted IP control so I went with the 6570 series.
  9. I own the 70UK6570AUA model and I'm using the free LG driver in the database - 70UK6570AUB. Works great. Full IP control. Even using the Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube miniapp drivers.
  10. Assuming you mean a 2 button keypad. I don't need it but asking for clarification.
  11. Assuming you have power cycled it and anything connected to it. Heat could be a problem if the Binary is over heating or not getting enough circulation. Next is to check if its running the latest firmware. Beyond that, I would check with your dealer to see if its still under warranty.
  12. All 3 are current models and serve different purposes. The C4-SW120277 switch is just that - on/off. The C4-ADP120 and C4-FPD120 are dimmers. The Forward Phase dimmer is for dimming forward compatible loads. If you don't know which one your load needs, the Adaptive Phase dimmer is a better choice. I have all 3 and they all work just fine. Just a note to never put a dimmer on a ceiling fan.
  13. Sounds like Ikea is getting into the game with their own automated shades. Coming in April. Be interested to see the price point and if/how to integrate into C4.
  14. Have you rebooted it yet? I have a B-120 8x8 and was only getting video from 1 device, no audio. Rebooted and now its working just fine.
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