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  1. May I be included in your beta? I have an I7.
  2. Does this give you the ability to show and control different content on all screens? Which virtual matrix driver can do this?
  3. I use Vizio SmartCast model D24f-F1 and the Annex4 driver for my smaller TVs. They work very well together.
  4. Vizio SmartCast D32f-F1 works with the Annex4 Vizio driver (I have three D24f-F1 TVs that work using the Annex4 Vizio driver) LG has 32" Smart TVs that should work with the Annex4 LG driver assuming they are running webOS 3.0 or later. They all work seamlessly with regular TV commands as well as with the Smart TV features.
  5. Cool, glad you got it working. Are you going set up a SIP connection to your doorstation to receive calls when the doorbell is rung?
  6. You have to install through the Google Play Store app. That is how I did it on my GXV3275 phones.
  7. I have the Bluesound Node2i and I feel it integrates with Control4 much better than the Sonos Connect that it replaced. You would need the Node2i and should be able reuse the existing Sonos Connect connection. For your local music, just create a network share and connect the Bluesound device to the share ... no creating playlist to get your music to show up in Bluesound/Control4 interfaces. For streaming services, it talks to practically all of them and there are mini drivers available for most, if not all, of those streaming services. Of course you'll need your installer to remove your Sonos drivers/bindings and install all of your Bluesound drivers and new bindings. As long as you have your sources (satellite box, cable box ... etc) connected to a matrix amp or matrix pre-amp/amp combination, you should be able to play music or hear the TV in any room where you have speakers connected back to your Control4 amp. To get the sound directly from the TV back to the Control4 system would require additional wiring that your installer would have to assess and recommend.
  8. I've been happy with my Qmotion shades. I have the non-Zigbee version that requires the Qconnect interface. They are stable and the batteries last a long time. I raise and lower the shades about once a day.
  9. I think to do this you want to go into the "Programming" section. Once in "Programming" in the the "Actions" box select a switch. Actions will show up for the switch and this is where you can tell the LEDs what you want them to do. Once you've done that, you will tie it to a scheduling event.
  10. We raise and lower the shades at least once a day and I haven't changed batteries this year.
  11. I've heard the Zigbee version has problems, but I haven't experienced any problems with the QConnect shades (battery powered) I have installed in my house.
  12. Cool! Thanks for sharing. I have a Vera Plus with the Insteon dongle, but haven't been imaginative enough to come up with some good and interesting functionality to add to my project. I have set up geofencing though.
  13. What products (manufacturers) have you used with your Vera controller and what other integration have you added to Control4 through Vera? Thanks
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