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  1. Ok ... so apparently you are either "special" or have a mental illness that needs to be addressed, but it is clear that you cannot control your impulses to make these types of comments. Perhaps, some life experience that has had a negative impact, but whatever it is, maybe a little self-examination as to why you feel the overwhelming need to be this person will allow you to seek the mental help you clearly need ... or maybe, despite all the good help that you give, you also have a desire to be the C4forums troll.
  2. Exactly why I said: If you're running one of the more RECENT 3.x versions of the operating system, SSH probably won't work. If you aren't VERY FAMILIAR with root access via SSH and LINUX/UNIX commands ... DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS The first comment clearly shows that I was aware he/she is running a 3.x version of the code and the second comment explains that the user should not try this if he/she doesn't know what he/she is doing. If somebody is VERY FAMILIAR with root access and LINUX/UNIX they know where the logs are located and how to read them. There are all kinds of things that can be done to troubleshoot an issue, looking at the logs is a valid troubleshooting step. Finally, why don't you stop looking for opportunities to be petty and/or make your little snarky comments every time people on this forum are trying to help each other. We had a term for this in practice and the locker room for this same behavior that doesn't need explanation or to be shared on a public forum, but your history of responses definitely qualify.
  3. Try https://www.smartautomationsolutions.com/. They are located in Gaithersburg and the owner (Gary Flax) did my initial installation and he did a great job.
  4. Check the logs on the controller to see if anything weird is going on. You will have to SSH into your controller to do this. Google "SSH to Control4 controller" and you will find the root password and procedures for doing this. If you're running one of the more recent 3.x versions of the operating system, SSH probably won't work. *** IMPORTANT INFO *** If you aren't very familiar with root access via SSH and LINUX/UNIX commands ... DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. Call your dealer or ask one of the dealers on this forum to help you remotely.
  5. Are you running released or pre-released code on the AP's? In a setup with an Edgerouter instead of a Dream Machine, are the AP's associated to the Edgerouter or is something different that controls the wireless configuration?
  6. correct. is it set to allow? sorry, i don't know the answer regarding the Neeo's capabilities.
  7. Interesting ... that is how my network is configured. I have 2 Nanos and a FlexHD and my two Neeos stay connected. What is BSS transition set to?
  8. Try creating a new SSID that is 2.4GHz only with the default settings. You can tie the new SSID to the same VLAN where your Control4 equipment is connected. Disable PMF-Protected Management Frames, band steering and perhaps proxy ARP. You don't need "legacy mode" because that is for when you have 802.11b devices in your network.
  9. Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus integrates very nicely. There is a version of the panel that can reuse a lot of the sensors you already have for your Concord4 panel. I did that exact thing when I replaced my Concord4 panel. Contact AlarmGrid ... they are very helpful. https://www.alarmgrid.com/
  10. You definitely should build a separate SSID that is 2.4 Ghz only for your Neeo’s as stated above. I did that for my Neeo’s and my Qolsys alarm system and I haven’t had any connectivity issues since doing so.
  11. At the time of my install there was only a serial driver. It has been nothing less than great and very responsive. All of my equipment is in the same rack so I haven’t thought about the idea of changing to the IP driver
  12. I don’t own that product. I have Control4 matrix amps and the Control4 audio matrix in my project. You should contact Alex Ly or their tech support. They are very responsive.
  13. No Hassle AV seems to have some big customers for their video matrix products now. They are also a "contributor" member of the HDbaseT Alliance. https://hdbaset.org/about-the-alliance/ I think this is good for them, but I also hope this doesn't cause their prices to increase.
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