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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately, I am using the correct app version.
  2. I am having a problem where my iPads will not connect completely. They see my account and controller but the Account Name, Licenses In Use and Remote Access fields just spin. I am running My iPhone is able to connect with no problems. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Control4 IOS app, rebooted the controller, deleted all devices from Control4 account. Can anyone advise how to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  3. The stations that I've created in Pandora automatically show up in the Stations interface in C4 as far as I can tell. I've never had to do any programming for this to happen. Is that what you are asking? I don't use Sirius but I just added a favorite in Sirius and refreshed Navigators and it showed up in Channels.
  4. Programmers make comments in the code they write for all kinds of reasons, but mainly they make descriptive points of reference in the thousands to millions of lines code that make up an application. It makes it easier to find a segment of code for them or other programmers who come behind them to fix, modify or reuse code.
  5. How many zones? Do you plan to have hard wired sources like CD players or will all content be streamed? Assuming you eventually will want to do video distribution, do you want to be able to play your video sources through your ceiling/in-wall speakers? All these things will play into whether you need an amp, matrix amp or audio switcher + amp. eBay has a lot of the used C4 audio amps and switchers for sale at very affordable prices. I was able to purchase my C4 16 channel audio switcher and 2 8-zone matrix amps for about $1200 total on eBay.
  6. Make sure you only run one DHCP server. There are ways to run redundant/failover DHCP but I doubt you want that in your setup.
  7. Do you know for a fact that your new DHCP server is successfully handing out addresses to other devices on your network? Is the DHCP scope set up properly with the correct subnet mask and default gateway? FYI - the default gateway only matters if you need to talk outside of that specific network segment. Can you look at the DHCP client table and associate the MAC address of your controller to a specific IP address? If I remember correctly the Control4 devices should be easy to identify in the DHCP client address table. Once you've found the IP address associated to the controller make sure
  8. Contact Matt Lowe or many of the other forum installers who do remote upgrades all of the time. Matt works for Walt's TV. https://www.walts.com/
  9. Did you engage tech support? I had to get them involved with some EDID stuff on my first matrix and they were very helpful.
  10. I don't know, but I will ask their tech support and get back to you as soon as I have an answer. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at the manual for the matrix to see if there is any mention. http://nohassleav.com/support/matrix_hdbaset_8x16_HDR_4k/
  11. For the second time, I have been fortunate to be included in the product testing of No Hassle AV’s new video matrix. This time it is Version 2 of their "8x16 HDbaseT 18gbps Matrix" found here: LINK. Version 2 of the matrix features built-in HDR, audio extraction, ARC and 4K Downscaling. The matrix is capable of transmitting 4K60hz HDR YUV 4:4:4 at 10 bit and 8 bit, which allows you to maximize your Apple TV 4K and Roku 4K experience. The test required me to install the matrix, replace the No Hassle AV receivers with the ones that came with the new matrix and have the new driver integra
  12. Sorry just seeing this. I have not experienced any failures or issues with my No Hassle AV matrix or receivers. In fact, I’ve owned two different models of their 4K matrices. I purchased the first one on Amazon and because I was one of their first Control4 users, about a year later, they called and asked if I wanted to be one of the testers of their new model that I referenced as the OP of this thread. Both matrices were rock solid. About two weeks ago, I received another call to act as a tester of their new model that does HDR, ARC, audio extraction and downscaling. It is now integr
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