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  1. I don't , here is the site www.dahuasecurity.com
  2. any one have a drive for Dahua IP camera
  3. does any one know if the hard drive can just be changed to a larger capacity or does it contain the OS on it? any suggestions will be helpful thank you
  4. do you still have this @500.00
  5. I have a good size setup, 5 controllers and close to 80 lights, and some stuff that I have put together that no dealer would of wanted me to even try to explain what I wanted, I did all of it myself start to finish, I came across a bridge that I could not cross when the upgrade 1.8.2 was done, after much research I found that the dealer to call is THE SOHO SHOP, Cody was great in helping me finish my upgrade, and Bryan was grate in taking care of the entire process including getting me some more product. if I had to call a dealer every time I changed my mind in wanting things done different, it would of coast me bundle more, not to mention that I would of pissed off the dealer and possibly lost him, I knew this going in with the C4 system, but I say if there is a will there is a way, I do think that some of the dealers should have some kind of yearly program that you pay small amount per month and have all the modifications done for free, no limits
  6. I don’t think you understand how this works, I also have 2 video distributors, I use it to watch different things in different rooms, but this system works like a sever, you can watch multiple things from one DVR in deferent rooms yes you need more then one dvr or reciver
  7. that is good, you can olso whatch directv on any pc, been doing it, works ok
  8. its a good thing, not a huge deal, but good
  9. yes you can, but can you record, watch and have some one ells watch a content that is on the same dvr in a different room, I think not
  10. the nice thing about the multiroom DVR is that each dvr acts as a server, all your recorded subjects are available every room
  11. I don’t think you can watch one program, record 2 other programs, and watch 3 different programs in 3 different room all at the same time from one dvr or one sours of video output on a video distributer
  12. how is video distributed from DVR
  13. Have you guys seen this, this is great, it's about time;) http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/content/equipment/multiroom
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