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  1. I haven't had any experience with IC but the Rachio works great for me. Great app. I just set it and forgot about it.
  2. Yes the video works as well on my computer. I set it up and my wife is able to call me and see me. It uses the camera on my computer. For the cellphone in some cases you may need to purchase a codec to get it to work. I have it working on an iPad without having to pay anything but I purchased Groundwire for my android cellphone.
  3. If you don't like people coming to your house you can turn one of your sprinkler heads towards the door an spray anyone who presses the doorbell. I know someone who did that.
  4. There is a small factory restore button on the HC800 on the back to the right of the power connector. It may be covered with a sticker. Get a paperclip and press it down GENTLY and hold it until the wifi light flashes a weird pinkish type of colour then let go. This will initiate the factory restore.
  5. Well it looks like it is time to do a factory restore before attempting to reload a backup.
  6. The version that you install on a computer can. I am not sure I would want my phone auto-answering anything anyway as it may not be a good thing. Depending on the setup someone may call you when you are otherwise indisposed and you never know what they may hear or see. But for the purpose of a house wide announcement over the distributed audio system it works great.
  7. Pull the trigger. =) I have one and it works great!
  8. Edit the driver and add the connection. It is an IR driver I believe
  9. I just factory reset my Sonos Connect and set it up again. It now uses the correct drivers. Not sure why it was doing that but it is fine now.
  10. Well even when I add my SirusXM account it doesn't use the Canada driver just the normal one. I wonder if it has to do with a software update from Sonos or something along those lines.
  11. I just installed Deezer on Sonos to test things out. I have a Deezer Elite account and it did need the US driver. I could have sworn it worked before using the normal driver but maybe it is because I upgraded to Elite just recently.
  12. Just played around with the SIP app on my computer and my phone a bit and I can actually call the touchscreens from my smartphone and computer as well. Pretty neat stuff.
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