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  1. Thanks very much. The frequent IP changes setting fixed it.
  2. All of the sudden when on cellular I can't get my Control4 iPhone app to connect to my system. The iPhone app can connect fine when on wifi in the house. I do not get an error message but the app hangs at Connecting to...My Control4 System. I've tried rebooting the HC-800 controller running version multiple times and that does not fix the problem. I can remote into the controller from my.Control4.com no problem. I've tried deleting the iPhone app and reinstalling as well and that doesn't fix it. My 4sight account is still active on my.control4.com The controller did lock up 2 days ago where none of the remotes in the house would work with the system so I had to reboot the HC-800 to get things back working which fixed the remotes in the house. Any suggestions what might be causing this after working fine for many years. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  3. Yes, unfortunately I’m experiencing the same issue with an inability to pause, play, fast forward or rewind with the new YouTube app once a video is playing. The only thing that works is the stop key.
  4. Turning off the Bluetooth and deleting the home wifi worked. I would not have figured that out on my own. Thanks
  5. Both my iPhone and Apple Watch are on the same wifi network (only 1 wifi network at home). I tried uninstalling the app from the iPhone / Apple Watch and reinstalling and still get the same error message.
  6. My Apple Watch version 3 running OS 4 is stuck at the "System Setup - Please wait as we prepare to connect to your system." Is this a known issue with the Apple Watch app on OS 4? The iPhone app works fine. I've tried uninstalling the Apple Watch app, rebooting the Apple watch and then re-installing the Apple Watch app with no luck. On my previous Apple Watch version 0 running the previous OS it worked fine. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  7. Prior to upgrading to 2.6 I used conditional programming based on the selected media playing in a given room. For example, if the current media was a specific Tune In radio station I would have the light on a 6 button keypad turn a certain colour. In 2.6 there no longer appears to be the ability to create a conditional based on "current media" selected for a given room. Am I missing something, was it moved or has it been removed? Thanks
  8. Can you change the order with Composer HE or do you need your dealer to do with Pro? And if it can be done wit HE can someone elaborate on how to do this? Thanks
  9. Thanks Ryan. Your description of how to find it was very helpful. That worked.
  10. Under Media > Broadcast I have: 1) Internet Radio 2) XM Radio 3) Sirius Audio 4) AM Radio 5) FM Radio Should there be something under this heading labelled "broadcast audio". Is this something my dealer would need to add using Composer Pro? I've already created favorites which do show up on the on screen display of the HC800 under Tunein so the favorites do exist and are being synced back to my web account with tunein. Thanks
  11. Is it possible to assign a favorite Tunein radio station to a button on a 6 button keypad? If so, how? I was able to do this with the previous Internet Radio stations prior to the introduction of Tunein in 2.4 however I don't see a similar option under media for Tunein. Thanks
  12. I contacted them after the app update this week didn't fix the problem. They said they are aware of the issue and it should be fixed in 2.4 which will hopefully be released within a month.
  13. Could you share your fix as I have the same problem. Thanks
  14. Is anyone else having trouble with their remotes when using rechargeable batteries. As soon as the battery level gets below 70% or so the remote starts to have trouble such as very frequently displaying "Waiting for Network". My dealer indicated to me that he had read on the dealer forum that some other users were having trouble with rechargeable batteries, in particular with ones with higher mAh such as the ones I am using, ie. the Duracell 2650 mAh NiMH. Are others experiencing the same thing? Is anyone having any luck using any brand of rechargeable batteries or should I just switch to non-rechargeable for the remotes? Thanks
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