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  1. I can tell you it works great on Starlink
  2. Bluestacks and the app still only talk to the C4 processor running Director, which then in turn talks to the AMS. You still need a functional C4 system to use the AMS. Ive never seen a way to control one otherwise.
  3. You should be working directly with your dealer of choice on your system design, not relying on random forum users' expertise. There is no 1 "right" way to do a C4 system. There are always many options, and experience is what will tell you which is better in your specific situation. I suggest, now that you apparently have interviewed a few dealers, is to pick one and sit down with them and hammer out a system design. Sounds like you want to be involved and that's great - but you will get a much better end product if you partner with your dealer, vs expecting them to work magic on equipmen
  4. This is cool as hell. Roku support would be the best, as that seems to be the most used platform for C4 integration. I get that Roku doesnt allow for this currently, but damn i hope they make it possible some day. This is a great feature.
  5. I read on the dealer forums that this is a bug with the Sony Android TV OS that has been there a while.
  6. For the launchport you'd need an eternal PoE adapter. For the surface mounts I've done, we install a 2-gang metal box, run the PoE into it, and put the adapter in the box. They tend to get warm. Mount the surface mount overtop the box and you're good to go. Also use a PoE midspan if you don't want to waste PoE ports.
  7. I've done a ton of the surface mounts from iport. They are spendy but they look great.
  8. The launchport case is plastic while the Luxe is machined aluminum. I am sure you can use whatever PoE to DC adapter you'd like.
  9. I bet if you asked RyanE how to cook a thanksgiving dinner, he could whip up a lua script that would do it
  10. Yes, it has to be programmed in by a dealer as a device connected and be told when to turn the system on to that input. It will not just play if audio is coming into that input.
  11. @alanchow Will the TPLink equipment work if it is isolated from the internet? strictly controlled locally from C4?
  12. Not sure why the all the hate is being thrown around. I say congratulations and best of luck my friend. Take your time, do good work, and treat people fairly.
  13. The HC300 cannot be updated past 2.5.3. I agree with the instructions given above...once you get your system to zibgee pro and to 2.5.3, make a backup, remove the 300 and install an EA3. I think you'd have to reidentify all your zigbee devices but that can be done. But to echo what most people are saying, composer past 2.0 is licensed only to dealers. HE does a ton these days, so unless you swap your cable box weekly, i am not sure what advantage it would give you once your system is up and running on 3.0.
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