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  1. The HC300 cannot be updated past 2.5.3. I agree with the instructions given above...once you get your system to zibgee pro and to 2.5.3, make a backup, remove the 300 and install an EA3. I think you'd have to reidentify all your zigbee devices but that can be done. But to echo what most people are saying, composer past 2.0 is licensed only to dealers. HE does a ton these days, so unless you swap your cable box weekly, i am not sure what advantage it would give you once your system is up and running on 3.0.
  2. Highly recommend you contact a reputable local dealer. You should not be worried about what equipment your're buying at this moment, but looking for a cohesive system design based upon your own requirements. This goes beyond simply equipment from C4 and into your wiring infrastructure, your video and audio needs, your network, and more. C4 is not a DIY product, so asking on a forum for equipment recommendations is not likely to give you what you want in the end. Bring in a seasoned veteran with C4 to assist and you will get a much better product in the end.
  3. Ipod touch running the c4 app in one of these: https://www.vidabox.com/kiosks_eu/vidamount-on-wall-mount-ipod-touch-5th-6th-generation-enclosure-white.html
  4. My concern is the input lag introduced from sending the controller inputs across the network (or internet), to the pc, process it, send the video out, compress it, send it over the network, then decode, then process at the TV and display. I have played with a steam link, the steam link app, limelight, and gamestream. From my experience, any game that requires quick input is completely unplayable. I personally don't see how any streaming service like Stadia could succeed with anything but the most casual games. My game of choice is Rocket League and it is not playable over any of these solutions i've tested. My solution is a gaming pc in the rack hooked to my HDMI switch, with a powered USB extension running to the rooms we play in for controllers....but thats for the family. I still have a traditional desktop in my office for my "competitive" gaming.
  5. I do Sketchup + Vray renderings as well. It really helps clients visualize the space we are proposing and works great as sales tool.
  6. Why are you specifically looking for dual voice coil?
  7. Snap carries the whole line from what i see. RCA, F, Banana, etc...and their connectors are easy to terminate, easy to get to precise lengths, and they all look great. BWD carries the full line as well. The dual RG6 you're seeing is just one type of cable they offer.
  8. To be fair, this update greatly reduced the functionality of the C4/Sonos integration. C4 moved to the official API and lost the ability to browse and search music services. Because of this, many people were slow to update, including myself. However at this point, the functionality of the old driver is going away so the new, official version is really the only option. The old "unsupported" one continued to work for quite a while.
  9. I can only confirm that this works for the Arris/Motorola DCX3200 on Spectrum. Different cable companies and STB manufacturers do things differently. the cable is a 3.5mm with TRS on one side and TS on the other, wired as shown. i chopped up an aux cable and a C4 IR emitter and soldered together to make the pinout as you see above.
  10. Seriously...Please give moderator access to a few of us regulars.
  11. I agree, it would help if they would make a few of us moderators...just to help keep things tidy around here.
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