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  1. To be fair, this update greatly reduced the functionality of the C4/Sonos integration. C4 moved to the official API and lost the ability to browse and search music services. Because of this, many people were slow to update, including myself. However at this point, the functionality of the old driver is going away so the new, official version is really the only option. The old "unsupported" one continued to work for quite a while.
  2. I can only confirm that this works for the Arris/Motorola DCX3200 on Spectrum. Different cable companies and STB manufacturers do things differently. the cable is a 3.5mm with TRS on one side and TS on the other, wired as shown. i chopped up an aux cable and a C4 IR emitter and soldered together to make the pinout as you see above.
  3. Seriously...Please give moderator access to a few of us regulars.
  4. I agree, it would help if they would make a few of us moderators...just to help keep things tidy around here.
  5. 100% this. Talk to them about it before presuming there was malicious intent. If the project was not finished, perhaps their programmer was working over the weekend. They may not have realized that it was affecting your home in such a noticeable way.
  6. It is for direct IR, not serial - despite the labeling. Some cable companies disable the port altogether. We have spectrum around here and i am able to control boxes via this port with a custom cable and IR driver. From another post i made: hope this helps.
  7. If your dealer doesn't know how to make the 4 button work then you need to find a new dealer.
  8. I don't see my custom buttons on my android phones - however I see them on my android based T3 portable touch, which is weird I use android and all my custom buttons are there, just as they are with any other navigator. is your app up to date?
  9. Custom buttons are created through the custom buttons agent. From there, under programming, custom buttons, your button, you would drag in your macro.
  10. They are having a server issue and are working to restore functionality.
  11. We haven't had a good Wap rant in forever. Welcome back friend.
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