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  1. I was looking at an adjustable base from another company and wondering if a bond bridge would give me control of all the functions on the RF remote. i'd love to automate my bed lol....
  2. If the Quest 1/2 didnt require FB integration iI'd own one. That should be optional and NOT required.
  3. This is awesome. Please keep us posted!
  4. The boxes i did this on were Arris/Motorola 3250HDs i believe. They were definitely newer than the SA8300s.
  5. There are some older Arris boxes from Spectrum that i had the same IR issues with. Could never get the placement right and it seemed to just stop responding on their own. However i was able to make the direct IR port on the back work with C4 and they work perfectly now. Had to make a custom cable to get the IR in form the TS side to the TRS side of the box, and had to modify the IR driver a bit but after some tinkering it work and still works great. I dont know if they still use any boxes that have the IR input on the back but if it does, you might be able to make it work.
  6. My house runs on an 800 running 3.2.1 with no issues.
  7. HE will let you do some programming AFTER the initial setup by a dealer. HE will not allow you to setup a system from the ground-up.
  8. I can tell you it works great on Starlink
  9. Bluestacks and the app still only talk to the C4 processor running Director, which then in turn talks to the AMS. You still need a functional C4 system to use the AMS. Ive never seen a way to control one otherwise.
  10. You should be working directly with your dealer of choice on your system design, not relying on random forum users' expertise. There is no 1 "right" way to do a C4 system. There are always many options, and experience is what will tell you which is better in your specific situation. I suggest, now that you apparently have interviewed a few dealers, is to pick one and sit down with them and hammer out a system design. Sounds like you want to be involved and that's great - but you will get a much better end product if you partner with your dealer, vs expecting them to work magic on equipment you sourced...somewhere...that they had no say in.
  11. This is cool as hell. Roku support would be the best, as that seems to be the most used platform for C4 integration. I get that Roku doesnt allow for this currently, but damn i hope they make it possible some day. This is a great feature.
  12. I read on the dealer forums that this is a bug with the Sony Android TV OS that has been there a while.
  13. For the launchport you'd need an eternal PoE adapter. For the surface mounts I've done, we install a 2-gang metal box, run the PoE into it, and put the adapter in the box. They tend to get warm. Mount the surface mount overtop the box and you're good to go. Also use a PoE midspan if you don't want to waste PoE ports.
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