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  1. If your dealer doesn't know how to make the 4 button work then you need to find a new dealer.
  2. I don't see my custom buttons on my android phones - however I see them on my android based T3 portable touch, which is weird I use android and all my custom buttons are there, just as they are with any other navigator. is your app up to date?
  3. Custom buttons are created through the custom buttons agent. From there, under programming, custom buttons, your button, you would drag in your macro.
  4. They are having a server issue and are working to restore functionality.
  5. We haven't had a good Wap rant in forever. Welcome back friend.
  6. No port forward needed when the camera initiates the connection.
  7. Ryan's old web events driver works great for this.
  8. so pressing "OK" via the Amazon remote one time does not keep the C4 driver working? thats crazy. i stand corrected.
  9. Is it really going to break? The article says you will be prompted on screen and can check the box to always allow ADB connections from that "PC". Wouldn't a one-time "allow" keep the device working?
  10. I've used the Web Events driver for things like this, where i want a 3rd party device to fire off some C4 programming. It is silly how easy it is, and how well it works. I think RyanE wrote it 5 years ago on a lunch break one day.
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