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  1. Is there some benefit to a c4 integrated relay vs a dumb relay/contactor with either a 12v trigger or even a 110v trigger and an essential switch?
  2. I don't believe so. I don't fully understand the differences between the different models. Still for sale.
  3. Just removed by Codeman for upgrade. Saw one on eBay for 229 plus shipping. Let’s say $215 obo shipped to the lower 48. Includes what’s in the pictures only- no backbox. Smccray@gmail.com
  4. Was done by a Dallas area dealer (or at least a couple of the locations were done by them). Was a challenge being a client of that dealer at the same time as they were doing the install of a new top golf location. I phased my install- phase 1 was pre-wiring during a major remodel which I hired that dealer to do. I didn't request a bid from that dealer for the full install.
  5. I used a foscam camera and then bought one of their cheap NVRs to pipe the signal into the HDMI distribution into the TVs. I only use it for video, and I rely on a traditional audio only monitor (Philips Avent if it matters) to monitor if she's crying- it works great. The NVR is a pain in the ass to setup. It's not user friendly at all but I got it working.
  6. This is a great driver and fantastic capability. I already love the capability- heading to bed it's a simple "Alexa turn off the house" and we're done. Same thing with lights... awesome. I did find another limitation that hopefully a future software upgrade will solve. If your trigger word contains "Music" or if the trigger is a common music genre it triggers amazon music on the echo rather than triggering programming in Control4. For example- if I say "turn on country" Alexa goes to amazon music rather than turning on country music in Control4. Hopefully there's a work around eventually. Who knows- Amazon music is available on sonos... maybe sonos will integrate with the echo like the philips hue system and we'll be able to use that capability to trigger music in control4 instead of the echo defaulting to amazon music.
  7. Do you by any chance have an amazon video plugin in the works? I'm still in the planning stages of a new Kodi build. If my wife can select amazon video, browse, and then watch/rent that would be fantastic.
  8. If you find one let me know. I posted about this recently. I just installed 2 of them. Ingersoll Rand owns Nexia home automation. Remember Schlage iLink- that's Nexia. The Trane thermostats communicate with Nexia only. I asked for the API from Trane or Nexia (I don't recall) and they responded that it was proprietary. The thermostats are on my network but they can't communicate with C4.
  9. I reached out to the Vera people on extra vegetables' recommendation. I read somewhere that the thermostat was z-wave. Vera pointed me to this post on their forum: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=9997.0 Apparently the Vera control goes from the thermostat through the network to the Nexia website for control. I'm not a programmer, but there's some connection for the thermostat to be controlled remotely. I would certainly buy a driver, and the communicating thermostats are the direction new HVAC systems are going. Trane is one of the bigger brands in the US. Maybe this could be a Chowmain IP driver...
  10. Any luck identifying a way to control the comfort link ii thermostat? I'm having new HVAC systems installed next week and it requires the comfort link ii thermostat. I'm crossing my fingers that a solution will eventually be developed.
  11. I have a C4 speaker point connected to my PianoDisc iQ player. The PianoDisc takes an input of a special audio track coded for the player system. It wasn't easy to integrate the piano, but now I can control the piano using the on-screen display. It's a neat setup.
  12. Has anyone had any success integrating a player system into C4? My dealer is trying to trick C4 into working but we didn't have any success. Link: http://www.pianodisc.com/products/details.aspx?id=55838 My system: I have a piano in my living room which is the same room as my primary TV. Almost all of my equipment is centralized in a closet with IR control of the living room TV, living room receiver, and PS3 (using the toothfairy). Objective: The Pianodisc system uses a proprietary 2 channel audio track to play music on the piano. One channel controls the piano itself, with the second channel controlling music over a speaker. For example, elton john can "sing" in sync with the music being played on the piano. As you can see in the link above, the audio source in this case is an ipod with the music in .mp3 format. The goals are twofold: - Play the singing over my living room speakers- should be easy - Use C4 to play the mp3s so I can effectively control the piano on my living room TV- Appears to be the problem Issue/Solution: I purchased a wireless speaker point to try to make this work as I can't run wires to the piano, but we had some difficulty getting everything to work. I'm assured that the speaker point should work to input audio and transmit wirelessly back to the controller then back to my living room, but we haven't gotten it working yet no big deal here as this will just take a little time. The bigger issue that it appears that the audio stream coming out of the speaker point isn't compatible with the audo stream requirements from the speaker point. Has anyone tried anything like what I'm describing? Thanks in advance, Scott
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