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  1. I have a HC-300 running my system (Ver 2.52) What are the propper steps to replace it with a new Hc-800?
  2. I would like to know if Is it possible to control a HC-800 with a third Party remote (Harmony)? Where can I get the IR codes?
  3. Matt, Don't worry anymore, I don't have the order it was a long time ago. Thank you for your concern
  4. Again thank you very much for the help, my account is JFAYAD@PYCCA.COM In the previous version of the Website it showed without any problems. Regards Jorge
  5. Thank you for your help, but I don't find "Subscriptions" in the Main page it shows My House, My Account, My devices, My software (does not show Composer HE in software or downloads) and Resources
  6. I have the same problem, my Home edition license disappear from my software; What can I do? I can't find the subscription number anymore I bought it in 2009 !!
  7. Where can I get the documentation. http://db.tt/vuHg29ki is not working ? Do I need to install a Driver with composer Pro?
  8. Is there any software to control the system from a PC? Something similar to the Iphone aplication that you can run from a Windows Computer
  9. Thank you. I have the same problem, Also displaying a a date in May
  10. What happened with your minitouch screen and the date problem? I tried rebooting but still displaying May????
  11. Yes. I did try rebooting. Nothing changes
  12. I just got a Mini TouchScreen v2. Everything works fine but the display shows wrond Time and Date
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