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  1. Guys, I'm looking for a door lock with smartkey and pin-pad, nickel, new or used. Anyone with something available that can be shipped to Canada (Calgary) please pm. I almost forgot to mention I have a smartcode 5 (https://ca.weiserlock.com/en/products/9GED14900-002/). It has a slot for a zwave or zigbee board, so if you think it'll work I'm in for a board as well. Best
  2. I'm buying a used light switch but my system is version 2.5.3. If I do a factory reset will I be able to install it?
  3. Never thought about it. It doesn't hurt to try, right?
  4. Guys, I had a problem with my old account and project locked and the solution presented by the users that worked was to create a new account. Everything is fine now except for my Myhome license, that was in the old account. I have my system since 2009 and my dealer at the time (2012 I think) gave me two licenses but now they're stuck there in the disabled account. I asked my current dealer to check and had no answer after two weeks. My old dealer doesn't exist anymore and C4 hasn't replied my contacts. Do you know if I can make this transfer and who could do it for me? Best for all.
  5. I'm on 2.5.0 since it was released, I don't remember when. Never updated after that.
  6. Great, Cyknight. I will send an email to C4 asking for the activation. It isn't the composer, I'm pretty sure, since it's the only version I have. I haven´t considered the devices. Can it happen because not everything is reassembled? I just set up one room - home theatre - because I'm moving in a couple of months so it doesn't make sense to install switches, dimmers, audio zones, etc. I think it shouldn't happen because I could be trying to remove a device, right? The SSL password change may explain the check in unsuccessful, no?
  7. Matt, thanks for your reply. The controller is registered, as you can see in the screenshots attached, however I haven't noticed the status messages before, can't say when it became like that. I'm a little concerned because the dealer I contacted asked for the MAC address of the controller and wants to send a technician to my place. I don't know why there's a need for those since I only want my account re-enabled. I don't mind paying but things aren't making sense for me.
  8. Guys, I moved to Canada and because of this my project was literally in a box for over one year. Now I started installing everything and at my.control4 it says my account is disabled and on controller my project is locked, even though everything works. I was said that I just need a local dealer to enable my account again and all will work fine. Is that only it? Are both issues related? Thanks a lot in advance.
  9. Sorry for not replying earlier. Thanks a lot for the information. I think I can disable the navigator, it's the only service from your list I don't use.
  10. Guys, First of all, I have to congratulate you, this forum is fantastic. However, I've been looking for a piece of information here for some time and finally I gave up. I just want to know if it's possible to assign the Network File Storage to a specific controller. I have two HC300 running version 2.5 and I wanted to leave one dedicated to media services, and the other one dealing with controlling the devices, because this last controller has too much overhead and the other one is been used mostly for zigbee extension. Is there anyway I could do it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Parabens e bem-vindo a c4forums. RyanE Thanks a lot, obrigado.
  12. RyanE, haven’t you ever heard that Brazilian passports are the most valuable in the black markets? That happens because it is very difficult to distinguish a Brazilian by his o her name, skin color, etc. Surnames like Tanaka, Matsumoto, Schaeffer , Germano, Lehfeld, Tondello, Yuhasz, Sardenberg, are as Brazilian as Silva (mine), Oliveira, Souza, etc. Back to the topic, I have just tried your suggestion and rebooted the server. Nothing changed. Then I rescanned the files: BINGO! It worked. I’m not sure if we have to reboot windows AND rescan or just rescan, but it is working fine now. :cool: Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi everybody. I have just arrived to Control4 World - here in Brazil is not easy to build such a solution - and this is my first message. I have been having the same problem using my desktop with Windows XP. On my laptop with Vista everything goes smoothly. It is very annoying because once I had to restore a backup and was obliged to rescan all media - 9.000 mp3 files - because the backup has failed in saving the media information. My HC300 is wired to the network, same with the desktop and the sever where the songs are stored. The laptop uses wi-fi. I thought it had something to do with the quantity of files but then the laptop would fail too. It seems there is something different winh XP and Vista.
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