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  1. "We are currently evaluating bringing back the manual IP address setting to provide a workaround for misconfigured networks." +1 Please bring this back!
  2. You will want to get a C4 APD Dimmer, the 1st Gen dimmers only did forward phase dimming hence the humming with your LEDs. Note: The new essential c4 lighting also only does forward phase dimming.
  3. I remember seeing them at Cedia in San Diego a few years ago so I assumed so...
  4. Hi, Plex is great but be aware with Plex that it can not play all media formats. If you have a massive library as I do it was a no go for me as I have a ton of DVD's and Blu-rays rip to ISO and BDMV and I'm not will to spend the time and processing power to convert to MKV. I use Kodi with Librelec and CoreElec to stream from my NAS. For players I have a few Odriod C2 that have been the most solid of the bunch and will do 4k but no HDR. If I was buying new Players I would go with Odriod N2 4K and HDR. They have a CoreElec model that comes loaded with Kodi. I recommend checking them out here. Alan's Kodi Driver is awesome!
  5. Just for the record Edgerouter4 is a great router and works well with control4
  6. I found the best way to set up IP Samsung driver's (from tech support) are to install the driver via SDDP and then in network connections set it to the IP address of the TV. Make sure to reserve the IP address on the router.
  7. Check out this Video I used Foxe to edit the diver I just did my first one today!
  8. I would be happy to test out this driver on our showroom system as we have a unifi protect system running on a work bench there.
  9. Does it work with Unifi protect? Or only Unifi Video?
  10. If your looking for a dedicated Kodi box install libreELEC and use the Kody light driver. Fyi libreELEC builds for this box "rockchip" are still in Alpha state.
  11. Yes it does! I started testing it on 18 beta when I lost control on my "other" driver.
  12. Alan, As a dealer is there anyway to test out this beta? It would be great to have some time with the driver before my customers systems are updated to 18.
  13. Hi, I have been using the Kodi lite drive for some time now. Just updated one of my C2-odroid to Kodi 18beta4 and I have no control. In Composer it shows connected with the current version but no control with the sr260, and no "Control4 connected" popup on reboot. I can connect and control the C2 fine from the Kodi Kore remote app.
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