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  1. Check out this Video I used Foxe to edit the diver I just did my first one today!
  2. I would be happy to test out this driver on our showroom system as we have a unifi protect system running on a work bench there.
  3. Does it work with Unifi protect? Or only Unifi Video?
  4. If your looking for a dedicated Kodi box install libreELEC and use the Kody light driver. Fyi libreELEC builds for this box "rockchip" are still in Alpha state.
  5. Yes it does! I started testing it on 18 beta when I lost control on my "other" driver.
  6. Alan, As a dealer is there anyway to test out this beta? It would be great to have some time with the driver before my customers systems are updated to 18.
  7. Hi, I have been using the Kodi lite drive for some time now. Just updated one of my C2-odroid to Kodi 18beta4 and I have no control. In Composer it shows connected with the current version but no control with the sr260, and no "Control4 connected" popup on reboot. I can connect and control the C2 fine from the Kodi Kore remote app.
  8. C4-16S2-E-B pulled from working system. Rack ears included. $200
  9. PM Sent I think I also have a ELV Dimmer hiding somewhere...
  10. Items ship from Southern California. Payments can be made by Paypal. All Control4 gear on Zigbee Pro. Buy 2+ items and receive a 5% discount. Buy 3+ items and receive a 15% discount (2) Control4 HC300 $50 each Shipped (1) Control4 HC300 Rack mount $20 + Shipping (1) Control4 Wifi Speaker Point $95 Shipped (1) Control4 Ethernet Speaker Point $95 Shipped (1) Control4 i/o extender $250 Shipped (1) Sony 400 Disk DVD Changer DVPCX995V $220 + Shipping (In original box with manual and remote) Will include Control4 Driver if needed. (1) Middle Atlantic custom rack shelve for Sony DVD Changer (1) Integra DHC-80.2 9.2 Channel AV Pre/Pro w/ Rack ears. New HDMI board replaced by integra $400 +shipping (1) Sonance sonamp 275 x3 se Amp $200 + Shipping (1) Sonance sonamp 1230 12ch amp $150 +Shipping (Ch1-4 not working) sold as is (1) Gefen ToolBox 4x1 HDMI Switcher with rs232 C4 Driver (Original Box with remote) $50 + Shipping
  11. I have (2) available in California I will send you a pm.
  12. Confirmed working on a new BenQ HT2050. Thanks Alan Btw to point out Pins 2 and 3 are reversed on the DB9 connection to the projector.
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