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  1. this is home automation, what is normal? The installer may have his reasons for disabling navigator. Call the installer no one here will know more than the installer because he knows your wiring.
  2. you have to remove it on the device not the 1000, wait 3 minutes then re-enable refresh navigator and wait another 3 minutes
  3. You need to seek a dealer in your local area, based on you needs the equipment that you have in mind will not operate as efficiently as possible. For 1 you should consider using multiple controllers for the 8 tvs, you need a audio matrix switch for the amplifiers, you need a video matrix switch c4 does not provide one, your going to need a strong wired network installed. Being that you want to get advice from this forum, I HIGHLY recommend you get a few dealers involved and see who can offer the best service.
  4. I would purchase a wireless access point instead of the router. then configure your airport extreme for wpa and configure the access point for wep. I have used this setup multiple times with no problems.
  5. If the device that your trying to control has discrete volume control then you can. If it doesn't then you could use a c4 amp to do it.
  6. How do you turn off the wakeup agent? i have it set to turn lights on and start music how can I set it to turn off like a snooze button?
  7. The remotes need to be in the correct rooms in order for them to give status and feed back for the desired functions.
  8. What control4 driver are you using to control the windows media center?
  9. Thats correct you will need on reserved for the controller however you should try to use a hc200 for the other tv's. If not you will fight for controls when someone is in another room or if some presses the control4 button on one of the remotes.
  10. The my 7 touchscreens are fast but the sr250s are very slow. I would expect remotes to be faster than the wifi remotes but that is not the case.
  11. does anyone have an solutions on speeding up zigbee pro. i have a 1000 an it's still slow. 2 - 3 sec delays
  12. I just got a sony video matrix which uses a serial connection and I have a rj45 to db9 connector and I have a 568b patch cable. my question is what should the pin connections be on the serial connector to work correctly with the 568b patch cable? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. you need to set the endpoints on the connections page so that when you choose watch a device the sound follows and when you watch listen to a source the sound will follow while the video is still displayed. Check your bindings, that is the only way to do it.
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