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  1. Hi..... Questions 1: I loaded the latest "100" C4 driver for the Dune Solo but cannot seem to find the solution to turn the player on when I select the Dune as my input, the C4 turns the player off fine If I change the "power" setting within the Dune to software standby mode, C4 will turn the Dune off and also back on but only in standby mode which means I have to then push select to wake it up Is there an option or sequence I'm missing that would turn the Dune completely off and completely on?......I've run Dune's in the past and never remember this being an issue Question 2: I'm not sure why but when I push the stop button while playing a movie instead of returning to the main GUI as it does in the startup phase it shows a blank screen and essentially puts the Dune back in standby mode.....I then have to push select to wake it and then toggle to the GUI screen again TY
  2. Hi....anyone load iOS 10 and test to see if C4 app works?
  3. PERFECT CONDITION Store movies, music, photos, videos, etc CONTROL4 INTEGRATION FOR FULL MEDIA CONTROL: "The dd Smart Server is one of the most advanced media servers on planet Earth and is the centerpiece in any home theater or home automation installation. Although it will work perfectly in a non-Control4 installation with the included IR remote control, the best experience may be had by ditching the IR remote and combining the server’s horsepower with a Control4 home automation installation. One of the primary reasons is that each and every dd Smart Server comes with an Extra Vegetables MyMovies driver to enable complete media integration with Control4." MY MOVIES INTEGRATED MOVIE AUTOMATION: Place disc in the drive and movie is copied onto server, cataloged with covert and ready to play SPECS INCLUDE: Intel Core-i5 2400S Special Edition Media Server Version Processor (the “S”) 8GB RAM Five Cooling Fans with Additional Thermal Controller with overheat alarms LSI/3Ware Hardware RAID Card Six 2TB SATA Western Digital RAID Hard Drives with Anti-Vibration Technology, not desktop drives. Note that due to the nature of the RAID 5 technology, the actual storage space is approximately 9.1TB. Media Adapter for movie and large file transfer support in both front and rear of enclosure Analog and Digital Audio and Video (HDMI, DVI, Display Port, Optical Audio, Analog Audio) Dual Gigabit LAN with Link Aggregation Capability (IEEE 802.3ad) PerfectDisk for Windows Home Server 2011 Installed and Licensed (due to complex hard disk cluster system we have implemented) Extra Vegetables MyMovies Driver Rack Mount Hardware (Optional) Programs Disc and System Restore Disc LINK TO DETAILS AND PHOTOS BELOW: http://www.diamondhomedesign.com/store/prod-dd_Smart_Server___12TB-445.aspx Let me know if you have any interest or questions John
  4. Anyone test out beta 3 released today to confirm if account info can be loaded and executed on C4 app
  5. add me to the list......anyone know if this has been submitted to C4 by chance?
  6. Yes, you simply move any of your existing data be it drag / drop or copy / paste and the media software will automatically recognize and catalog your music / movies Hope this info helps
  7. Hi Harvey......originally I listed the unit as $3500 OBO Since, I reduced the cost to $2500 I also have a Dune Base 3d if interested Hope this info helps John
  8. Hi.....just lowered asking price to move unit Let me know if you have any questions
  9. Hi.....just recently (past couple of weeks) integrated my 1st KScape system (Cinema One) into my home theater all controlled by C4 I have to say, I cannot be happier with the results.....in fact, I was surprised with a couple bonus features such as how well the Kscape and C4 work together My C4 dealer configured my setup so.......: - when the movie commences, the lights dim, volume adjusts on my Denon receiver to my preset limit, lens position (Sony 600ES) adjusts to 185 or 235 based on the aspect ratio of the movie as does the automated screen mask - when the movie ends and the credits commence, the lights ramp up and the volume lowers on my receiver These actions all happen without me touching a remote other than to start the movie via the KScape GUI......remarkable and I grin with joy each time Hope this helps anyone considering a KScape system in the future John
  10. You're funny and I guess that question did seem a bit odd..... Have wifey & kids so most of the time it's easier if I just turn everything on in the case I'm not home or watching the movie as well Guess I will need to teach them movie 101 and rely on their skills
  11. thanks again for the feedback so......if i'm understanding this correctly, there is no way for me to start a movie off the kscape server if i'm away from home either from the C4 app or the kscape app correct?
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