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  1. Can you explain your setup a little ? What hardware is needed ? And can it trigger off control4 actions ?
  2. Im using a Ubiquiti setup ( EdgeRouter LITE) with unifi antennas
  3. Yes thats my worry... maybe using a timer in control4 to make sure we patch that hole ? Like overide an in and out if less than 5 minutes between detections... i would like to setup lighting and maybe unlock the front door
  4. Hi all, id like to use my phone connecting to my wifi to trigger of events in control4. has anyone done this yet somehow ? and does it work well ? thanks
  5. Sinope is releasing a new water detection kit and also has a module to shut off mains water line. next release will be control4 compatible
  6. Hi all, amazon release an echo auto for the car. i have the echo epic driver. do you think it would be able to trigger events into my control4 system while in the car even though it would not be on the home wifi but using a phone connection ? i would love to use the open / close garage door function hands free while arriving or leaving the house thanks
  7. Used for testing a projector less than 1 hour. Epson sells it for 450$ Asking 100$
  8. Hi All, I want to get the iTunes/airplay driver installed so I can browse my Apple Music library directly on the control4 interfaces and play them through either my c4 4 zone amp and if possible to all other shairbridges in my project. two questions I have : 1- Does it support only purchased music or will it also play downloaded encoded content from my apple music membership ? 2- Do I need to run a 3.5mm to RCA jack from the PC running iTunes into my 4 zone amp or is this all done wirelessly ? Thanks
  9. Hi All, I just got a hold of a Samsung PTZ ip camera (model SNP-5321). Is it possible to integrate it directly into control4 ? Or would I have to wire it into something like a wirepath DVR ? Any advice would be great. Thank You
  10. HC-300 with brand new PSU Speaker Point. 50$ for both
  11. Any chance you will put up a youtube video showing these new cool features ?
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Lets wait some more
  13. Anyone got an update on these axis blinds ? really looking forward to this but it all seems unclear if it works or even exists
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