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  1. Hi all, I am currently running my CCTV camera's on a 9 channel wirepath DVR. I want to slowly replace out some of the cameras (they are old and poor resolution). I need some recommendations. I would like to go to some POE cameras obviously. I dont want to spend a fortune either so I doubt ill go with the latest and greatest from control4 (pakedge) I am thinking about Unifi, Axis, hikvision.. Now how will this all play in the mix if I have a 9 channel DVr with a few extra POE's ? Will i get to record the POE's into wirepath of will they simply be used to view in the control4 app ? Also, I have 2 locations that I just cannot run a cat5 cable. Is there any compatible wifi IP cameras that would integrate into control4 ? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I have a wirepath 9 channel NVR setup in my control4 environment. One of those camera is wired for PTZ and works fine using 3rd party software. In the control4 app, is there a way to use the PTZ feature ? Is there a driver made for this ? Thanks
  3. Tidal seems interesting but not worth 20$ a month for the use I make of it. I would love Amazon Music as Im all in with alexa in my house. I have acces to their streaming device on all my echo dots so Im wondering is theres a way to get that to feed into my control4 amp. I did some research and saw some other threads talking about it but maybe something new has come up. Perhaps with an echo input ? Is there a way to use vocal commands with the epic systems driver to play music. from the echo input that would be tied into the c4 amp ? I would like to be able to trigger this from any echo dot I speak to... Thanks
  4. thanks. waiting for amazon to be canada approved. always a bump in the road !
  5. Hi all, are the 3.0 release notes available somewhere ? also, can I upgrade directly from 2.10.6 to 3.1 or I need to get 3.0 done first ? thanks
  6. Im confused as well honestly. I thought they were working on a patch for 2.10.6 as I dont want to purchase a controller and upgrade to os3 as my system is stable besides the epic driver.
  7. Correct. But there is no mention for os2 on 2.10.6. If you can provide a rough ETA for that release, I could decide whether or not I will upgrade to os3 and purchase a new controller. Thanks as always.
  8. Yeah but the website isn’t clear about composer 2.10.6 compatibility with v2 driver
  9. Hi, can we have an update on the driver progress for composer 2.10.6 ? thanks
  10. The epic systems website does not mention anything about 2.10.6. Should I wait before upgrading my 2.10.6 to the v2 driver ? Thanks
  11. Can you explain your setup a little ? What hardware is needed ? And can it trigger off control4 actions ?
  12. Im using a Ubiquiti setup ( EdgeRouter LITE) with unifi antennas
  13. Yes thats my worry... maybe using a timer in control4 to make sure we patch that hole ? Like overide an in and out if less than 5 minutes between detections... i would like to setup lighting and maybe unlock the front door
  14. Hi all, id like to use my phone connecting to my wifi to trigger of events in control4. has anyone done this yet somehow ? and does it work well ? thanks
  15. Sinope is releasing a new water detection kit and also has a module to shut off mains water line. next release will be control4 compatible
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