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  1. Hey Bud try my new email james@diamond.design thanks
  2. I responded in the other thread. Just realized you meant the zendesk support system is down, not our site itself. Ill look at that tomorrow thanks for the heads up!
  3. Hey Wap, Question, did you have a problem woth the website? It shoul be working fine. It is here so let me know. It was down for a few days a month ago while we moved to a private server. Also fyi we have duplicate mirrored sites the one you mentioned and www.control4.expert As for ddNAS, I just renewed the 5 year trademark so plans are to keep it going but the guy I paid to do the fork retired. It would be a software update not firmware but we've just continued to run the NAS on the original OS thus far (still running smooth) but I have considered updates. We do continue to update the server. So summary, the NAS update is on the plan book but not even started yet. That being said, being a fork it may update to a new freenas if you wanted. I would try and backup the movies/files first somewhere else if possible just in case.
  4. Sorry Dan. The boat I was on was a customer service call. On the May 10 this piece was 5 years old on a 1 year warranty so still helping for free on a 5 year old piece is kinda customer service in itself. Call a lot of places on a 5 year old piece of electronics and they laugh at you
  5. Lou sorry I'm on a yacht in the middle of nowhere but Cody reached me. I'll touch base this evening. Likely you have a hard drive or 2 down. If its just 1 you can rebuild it with a new hard drive. Its fairly automatic but I'll touch base when I get off the boat. Its been crazy lately.
  6. Supposedly there's a recent issued new driver. My guy also said that no they don't have a hundred services but they have the 15 most popular in the world or at least in the states. I really just need SiriusXM and Spotify. The rest are just bonus. We've been using C4 music services for the rest (solid).
  7. I'll follow up more about the driver comparison later after I play with them both more but just comparing the company's....we are a Sonos dealer you can see we have a dedicated Sonos kiosk at our showroom in the picture on this site. http://control4.expert/company.htmlRecently they contacted us because we weren't buying enough and wanted us to spend a few thousand dollars more in 60 days. when I told my Denon guy about the sonos issue I received a free Heos by Next Day Air (i didnt even ask for it). Theres a huge difference in the companies in my opinion. Now to test the driver more if it rocks then its a switch for us.
  8. For drives inside a player use green. For NAS use red. We use WD red in our ddNAS. Rock solid.
  9. About diamond design Headquartered in Ohio, diamond design has grown from a CEPro Rising Star to near CEPro 100 status. We have offices and services in numerous states and one of the midwest's largest dedicated showrooms in our Ohio office. We are a Control4 developer and perform some of the largest Control4 residential and marine installs in the U.S. with multiple houses over 35,000 sq. ft. We rarely hire in this manner so this is a great opportunity to get in the door of a fast growing company. Learn more about diamond design at www.Control4.expert Basic Job Description Audio, Video and Networking Technician based in our Florida office. Primary duties would be to service select concierge clients in the local market as well as assist with installations and support of any new clients. Job requires some travel flexibility. Primary locations would be large residences and yachts so prior experience in large installs is preferred. Duties Provide high level maintenance and troubleshooting for current diamond design residential clients Install additional products and services in those existing systems Assist with installation and support of new clients. Properly document all work performed on a daily basis Assist with pickup/drop-off of company staff from local airport as needed Other duties that might be assigned General Requirements Local resident or willingness to relocate close to our Florida office. Willingness to travel on occasion to other large projects or for marina work in Ft. Lauderdale. Must be willing to work after hours if needed due to technical issues for VIP clients. Must be able to maintain extreme privacy and discretion for celebrity clients. Must be able to pass background check if required by certain clients. Competencies Experience with Control4 is a prerequisite. Tech II with at least two years programming experience. Control4 panelized lighting certification required within twenty days of start date Experienced in setup and troubleshooting of IP networks Excellent verbal skills Must be able to pass client background check Must be able to handle and work well under stress Education and/or Experience Minimum of three years’ AV experience Minimum of two years Control4 programming experience Prior installation experience or construction experience High school graduate
  10. Another option is to use Rsync at both locations. Then you're not live streaming the movie. If you have the room for your content at one place you likely have it at the other.
  11. Just wanted to drop a line and say we've undergone a major web overhaul with a new responsive (auto ipad, mobile device, etc.) site at www.diamondhomedesign.com with full mirror at www.control4.expert. Check it out if you're bored today. We now have very nice remote support options under our service agreements that may be useful to some of the folks on here (its under services tab). The trouble ticket system is Zendesk which his what the big boys use and its at support.diamondhomedesign.com (link on page) and new store at shop.diamondhomedesign.com (link on page with tons of new products to come including one really cool one).
  12. For you C4 guys that are into saltwater it's great that we got this thing because now you will have a driver in development. Already started on Apex Fusion. It's the only one we'll be doing so if you're in the market get an Apex Fusion system (it's awesome anyway).
  13. Kevin I thought you'd be noticing the Big Green Egg cooking accessory mega station for your fixins.
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