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  1. I will try that. The Driver I am testing is the Humax Driver from the Driver Store. However, I have the issues with all IR devices connected to the Controller. I rebooted the Controller from System Manager also. I will test the IOServer process to see if that fix the issue.
  2. No. The Spectrum Cable Box is new to my installation. The issue I have is that the HC800 is not sending any IR commands to any devices (TV, Projector or anything.) I need to troubleshoot that process.
  3. I am having issues with IR controls from both of my HC800s. The HC250 doesn't have any issues, but I can't control anything via IR from HC800. How do I troubleshoot if the HC800 is sending commands? Is there a mechanism to see what commands the HC800 is sending out? I need to configure IR for these shit-aki Spectrum 110-a Cable Box. Thank You in advance
  4. When I got home today, I noticed a loud tone through all my Speakers. Once I unplugged my C4 8 Zone Amp v3, the loud tone went away. My setup has a 16 Channel Matrix that takes in all the Inputs from all my Sources. Then the 1st 8 outputs on the Matrix connect to the 8 Channel Amp. Then the amp routes to all the speakers in the room. I have tried disconnecting all the speakers, but no luck after reconnecting them. I have disconnect/connect the power from the Amp (Connected to a Panamax Line Conditioner) many times. I am able to control the front interface, and I am able to ping the device. Has anyone seen this issue before? Does anyone know options to troubleshoot before I have to replace? Thank You in advance
  5. Are you referring to the Music Service? If so, then today you would have to go through a 3rd party device like Google Chromecast and others.
  6. This setup requires 4Sight. The Epic Driver doesn't require 4sight.
  7. I am testing the Philips Hue Motion now. They seem to be stable and also offer temperature for the area. I have Nyce also which works well also.
  8. I have similar concerns. I check the "Authorized Devices" tab in my.control4 fairly often to see which devices have connections to my system. I would love to see the 4sight login support Collaboration Services like Gmail, Outlook and Others so I can enable 2FA. At a minimum, allow 2FA for the C4 Accounts.
  9. I have 7 Spotify Connects for all the different Audio Zones today. Some of the Zones have hardcoded presets based on the room Owner (Ex. Son's bedroom has his specific Preset for his Spotify Account). When I am in the Living Room, I select Listen --> Living Room Spotify and I can start my Presets, Wife's presets or the Kids Presets. I can also trigger an auto-start. Additionally I am using the 16-channel Audio Matrix and the 8 Zone (16-Channel) Amp to distribute audio. The only drawback I have seen is that each Controller model is limited to # of simulataneous stream. Example, I think the EA-3 is limited to 3 streams.
  10. ZigBee is a meshed based network. I think your concern is having 1 Director. I use Cloud Backups weekly and have a process to failover in the case of Controller outage. It is fairly easy to start Director on a Controller and restore the last backup. Does the Control4 Communications Server provide advanced configuration above the HC or EA Series Controllers? https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/communication-server
  11. I would keep it before selling at that price. Thanks
  12. I won this Google Home Automation Starter Kit that included all this gear for the exception of the SONOS. All this equipment is brand new in the Box. I kept the Camera and Lock. I am not pressured to sell this equipment, but I don't want this equipment to sit on my shelf. Brand New items For Sale: 2 x Nest Thermostats 3rd Gen (Stainless Steel) - $220 each 2 x Google Home Mini (1 White/ 1 Charcoal) - $49 each Used Item: 1 x Sonos Connect - $300
  13. Probably better to use the 16 zone audio matrix C4-16ZAMSV3-B. It would be interesting to see how you would daisy chain 3 8-zone amps on a single 8 channel matrix switch.
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