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  1. I would consider a Sleep Timer/Custom Buttom instead of the Power Off option.
  2. All these lights light up areas that Lead from an isolated area potentially. My recommendations are the following: - Set a delayed dimmed shutoff 1 - 3 mins based on Time for all Lights. Ex). This gives the family time to get to a safe location before the lights go completely off. - Have a standard color scheme for Lighting Positions: (Off - Red (Translucent at Night), On - Green, Music - Blue....) This would make it easy for the family to recognize a setting or configuration for a room. - Pay for custom engraved keypad buttons. Cheap and it make it easy for understand all the button options. - For rooms with day lighting, have programming to control the light level during specific time of the day. As part of this, I have double-tap options to set the light to 100% for a period of time (Motion-based or Time-Based 15 - 30 mins). -
  3. Yeah.. The EA3 was running Director so my Project wasn't offline, just 2 of the 4 Controllers in the project. Seems like Control4 HC800 doesn't like the DHCP from the Cisco Switch. As soon as I installed OpenDHCP on my PC and connect the PC directly to Controller, it picked up DHCP address and I was able to use System Manager to set the IP Address. All is back online now after a few painful upgrades. DHCP is working because all my other Clients are receiving IP Address. Just the 2 Controllers. Thx for the responses
  4. I have Composer Pro. The IP Address were configured with DHCP reservations and now I have a new DHCP in place. I was unable to get the systems to pick up a new DHCP address, so I tried a Network Reset by holding the Identify Button. When that failed, I tried a factory reset and that is when it really all went down hill. System Manager and Composer Pro are unable to see the device via SDDP. I will be calling Support shortly. Just figured I will ask.
  5. Had issues with my DHCP Server yesterday and had to replace it. Strangely my silly Controllers (HC-800/ HC-250) would not talk to the new DHCP. Now both controllers go through Power Cycle and then finally settle at just the blue light next to Power. What options do I have to recover? I see network exchange at the switch level. Tried different ports on the switch also.
  6. Every Year I continue to validate whether it make sense to continue to stick with Control4 as my main Home Automation Controller/Gateway. I look through my deployment, I see that I have a plethora of other Gateway Devices to augment my Control4 installation like Phillips Hue Gateway, Samsung Smart Things, Amazon and IFTTT. The value add for Control4 today is that it is not dependent on the Internet to operate and it support legacy device that doesn't have an Open API or IP support. At this point, I still need Control4 in my installation. What gateway devices are you using in your deployment? If you didn't have Control4, would your Home Automation be easier, complex or in between?
  7. I don't think the Joey work over VLAN. The Joey use a broadcast to locate the Hopper. Since the broadcast is on 2 separate networks, this want work. You can try to put the Hopper and Joey on the same network, setup, then move the joey. However I don't think this method would work. Still think you should use the Dish Anywhere App. This can connect to the Hopper locally or remote.
  8. Sounds too complex. I would recommend just using the Disk App on AFTV or other devices and connecting to the Hopper that way.
  9. Looking to purchase some C4 Controllers. EA3v2 Controller x 1 Zigbee IO C4-Z2IO (5 Pack) Please PM me
  10. I will try that. The Driver I am testing is the Humax Driver from the Driver Store. However, I have the issues with all IR devices connected to the Controller. I rebooted the Controller from System Manager also. I will test the IOServer process to see if that fix the issue.
  11. No. The Spectrum Cable Box is new to my installation. The issue I have is that the HC800 is not sending any IR commands to any devices (TV, Projector or anything.) I need to troubleshoot that process.
  12. I am having issues with IR controls from both of my HC800s. The HC250 doesn't have any issues, but I can't control anything via IR from HC800. How do I troubleshoot if the HC800 is sending commands? Is there a mechanism to see what commands the HC800 is sending out? I need to configure IR for these shit-aki Spectrum 110-a Cable Box. Thank You in advance
  13. When I got home today, I noticed a loud tone through all my Speakers. Once I unplugged my C4 8 Zone Amp v3, the loud tone went away. My setup has a 16 Channel Matrix that takes in all the Inputs from all my Sources. Then the 1st 8 outputs on the Matrix connect to the 8 Channel Amp. Then the amp routes to all the speakers in the room. I have tried disconnecting all the speakers, but no luck after reconnecting them. I have disconnect/connect the power from the Amp (Connected to a Panamax Line Conditioner) many times. I am able to control the front interface, and I am able to ping the device. Has anyone seen this issue before? Does anyone know options to troubleshoot before I have to replace? Thank You in advance
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