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  1. Thanks - yes I know this is an option, and I understand Roku is a fantastic device. But I don't want to spend another $100NZD to purchase and shipped to NZ. My TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and xbox all play Netflix just fine in various rooms. All I want to achieve is a Netflix icon on my OSD in my main living room when I use the watch button on a device or the TV. I could look at using a generic DVD driver and coding the power on to switch my TV to Netflix, but the point here is to get the NetFlix icon on my display. I'm hoping someone has a suggestion which will work for me. Cheers.
  2. re-visiting this; My TV is TH-55AX670Z and the driver I am using is: Panasonic TH-50PZ80U (I'm assuming there was no specific drive at time of install...) This TV does not have a defined 'NetFlix' button - but am hoping to be able to at least get a Netflix icon in the watch menu, and I can then code some button pushes to take me through the smart tv menu to select Netflix. Are there any mini-Drivers or useful drivers that will allow me to do this??
  3. Not sure what driver you are referring to sorry. I'm now using the "Apple TV On Screen Display (OSD)" driver for ATV V1-3. from 2015 - though it has been updated recently I believe.
  4. I can confirm this works with the IP driver - just changed from the IR driver for my Apple TV 3. auto select source seems to only work if the room is off - not if the room is already playing another source. - can anyone confirm this? Also don't like that 'cancel' takes you back to the menu, while menu takes you back one step - I had these reversed in the IR driver - but not sure I can do this with the IP driver??
  5. I may need to do some more research... I'm using the IR driver from way back in 2010. I have Apple TV 3 Is there a newer driver I should be using?
  6. I'm interested in this too. If I air play directly to Apple TV, without selecting it as the source first, I most often get an HDCP error. I suspect given airplay to apple tv is direct (rather than via C4) that timing would still have this HDCP error on any content which requires the handshake between ATV and your TV... I think shairbridge is for music only - so probably no hack for getting video through this method??
  7. I had my driver installed 10 years ago - and am pretty sure I have never changed it - I have a DSC with the IT100 module. Never bothered trying to get additional info from the alarm panel. I set a string variable to the name of the area/zone every time a sensor has motion detected. I then include that variable as output in notifications. (ie: "*** Alarm Triggered *** Motion sensed in <Zone>") works a treat, and (so far) never found a need to have the panel provide me further detail.
  8. 1. Check the outlet's are in fact dimmers. 2. check the driver running then is dimmer - no switch 3. check the 'rate' the scene has for these lights is > 0
  9. I find it best to use a single variable for this - much easier to track what you are doing (providing you can remember what each value means ) I have a integer variable to hold alarm state - but I go to another degree. I use variable 'Alarm_Status' with values from 0 to 7 I then have a macro which runs functions based on what the value of this variable is. I then set the value of the variable from different points in the project. ie: 0 = nothing 1 = away pending (two min timer where house turns off and if dark, certain lights come on for 5 mins) 2 = press away on the alarm 3 = alarm is in armed state (send notification) (if garage door open send notification) 4 = motion sensed while armed (send notification if outdoor sensors motion) 5 = disarmed (send notification, change all LED from red to normal colours) 6 = alarm triggered (send notification) 7 = smoke alarm triggered (send notification)
  10. Ask your dealer to get an export of the composer programming and check that to see what controls music programmatically. otherwise?? could it be an internet radio station losing connection for a period of time then coming online again....?
  11. I try to have all 'Processing' commands in a macro. I then use the key press/tap/release/.... to set the variables. I then use the When Variable Changes function to run the macro. It generally keeps all the action functions to 1 or 2 lines of code and all programming is essentially done in the macro. This has two key purposes. 1. I don't have to hunt around many locations to view or edit what a process actually does. 2. I can run the processing (macros) from multiple functions and my single result will always be achieved.
  12. I don't know 'When-Then' but Composer will allow you to this. create a new timer in the Agent set up for 10 mins. 'reset' this timer when garage door state changes to open 'stop' this timer when garage door stage chances to closed upon timer expiring, send a notification.
  13. I have not played with spotify and C4. I use spotify almost every day, but I control it from the spotify app and use shairbridge. I've not yet upgraded high enough to get Spotify on C4 - so I have no idea of the options available in programming. Good luck with the programming - hopefully there is a solution to the spotify playlist request - plenty of people on here will know the definitive answer.
  14. Stop will stop at that point in the function and not process any more lines of code Break will exit the current block of code and continue to process the remaining lines of code in the function. ie: break out of an If statement or While Loop. You have used Stop correctly in this instance. - However - here is where a Macro could be used instead of having all your programming in a keypress event. something like this example: --------------------------------------------- Macro "KitchenMusic" When macro kitchenmusic is executed: If variable Jona > 0 if variable Jona = 1 Play Pandora ........... if variable Jona = 2 Play Spotify ........... variable jona = 0 If variable Dad > 0 if variable Dad = 1 Play tunein channel oldies variable dad = 0 if variable Mum > 0 if variable Mum = 1 play tunein channel love songs variable mum = 0 ------------------------------------------------------------- When keybad button jona clicked variable jona = jona + 1 variable dad = 0 variable mum = 0 execute macro kitchenmusic ------------------------------------------------------------- When keybad button dad clicked variable dad = dad+ 1 variable jona = 0 variable mum = 0 execute macro kitchenmusic ------------------------------------------------------------- When keybad button mum clicked variable mum = mum + 1 variable jona = 0 variable dad = 0 execute macro kitchenmusic
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