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  1. Good advice - pretty sure all my relays use the NO connection - will double check when I get a chance. I get notifications when a reboot takes place, so I am pretty sure this was not the cause. Cheers.
  2. Control 4 is showing as 'On' - so I guess that means C4 has physically closed the relay. With that in mind, it seems a bit weird for a short to be the cause. And I just realised that I also have a switch outside which is hooked up to the C4 contact - this must be the cause - perhaps water or moisture is getting in here on storms and closing the contact...
  3. A couple of times, my waterfall has turned on by itself. One instance appears to have happened when my dishwasher caused a circuit breaker to pop. Another appears to have happened during a lightning storm. My waterfall is turned on and off using a 12v relay, which is wired directly to my HC800 is this possible?
  4. Thanks for all the input. I'm trying channel 25 now to see if I get an improved response. My Wifi is currently set to channel 11.
  5. Channel is currently 24. What do you suggest changing it to? I have two HC800, both in the same rack in the garage. 'Home Controller HC800' is the Zigbee server/Coordinator 'Slave Controller HC800' is ZAP Only 36 devices on the zigbee network, the routine mesh shows they are split between both controllers. Signal strength shows full bars for all devices except the three furtherest away - which show 2 of the 4 bars
  6. I'm using an SR-250 in my living room. usually once or twice per week, sometimes more often, the remote won't respond. - What could be causing this? how it happens: I click 'Watch' I select a source and everything works correctly. I will then pick up the remote to do something - the remote lights up as it should. I click a button but nothing happens. If I click 'Watch' or 'Listen', the screen tries to load, but usually after a few seconds, the options page shows instead of the watch list. If I click 'pause' nothing happens. Often this happens while in the middle ffwd or re
  7. You can avoid using the room name in the command once everything is set up correctly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I don't actually recall my exact process, But I am guessing I just asked Alexa to discover new devices some time after completing task 3 - the edits on the C4 website.
  9. I have not played around with this much - it just worked first time. I think I saw a post here about using groups from @msgreenf a while back. 1. Create a group in the Alexa App. ie: 'Lounge' or 'Patio' .... 2. Add devices to the Group which belong in that room. Be sure to include the Alexa echo/dot in the Group too 3. Edit the voice control options for C4 devices on the control4 my-home website. ie: use the 'edit' option next to the device name to change 'Lounge Netflix' to 'Netflix' Be sure to click the 'Save Changes' at the top of the page when done.
  10. I've been using the C4 option for Alexa a while now and using the Alexa Groups option helps a lot. You no longer have to say the room as part of the command. "Alexa turn the lights off" or "Alexa turn on Netflix" just works in the room I am in.
  11. I just heard from Ari, they are hoping for a fix for V3.1.3 at the end of the week. Fingers crossed!
  12. I've been trying to get the new driver working for the last three months, nothing is discovered and no response from epic from three emails to support and two messages on here. Still waiting for help...
  13. Is there a particular reason for adding in a contact? Would it be possible to simply piggyback on the output to the chime by running wires to the SIG and GND given voltage is already supplied externally? Cheers.
  14. Hi, there is no LED toggle setting, as this is the old LDZ102 dimmer, just the Top and Bottom colour options. I find it weird that the programming works perfectly for two of the three buttons on this keypad. (the other two are also the LDZ dimmers)
  15. If I set the dimmer top led on colour = red using programming prior to turning on the dimmer, the keypad seems to follow and shines red. likewise with the colour being blue. However, using my programming as is, the keypad led is always blue, even if the dimmer led is red.
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