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  1. I bought Roku, only to find Roku does not yet have the Disney app or Amazon Prime and many others enabled outside of the USA. I can use Roku for Youtube, AppleTV and Netflix - it works really well! I currently need to use my TV for the other apps though (as far as I know) So just looking to program the shortcuts as best as possible - the menu->arrow->arrow->select is not the ideal options....
  2. I found dedicated IR codes for HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, Component - even though my remote uses a menu sequence to change the source. I guess I'll just have to write macros to do the button clicks for the apps. not ideal, but has worked for me with other options....
  3. If you have the old 6 button/3 button - all you do is use the colour pallet to select a dimmer colour option. Do this with programming rather than any system design option. I do this for the dimmers in my kids bedrooms.
  4. I have a Panasonic TH-55FX640Z (I think) It has a few useful local apps such as: LightBox Spark Sport TVNZ What are my chances of finding an IR code for each app so I can get a watch list option directly linked? The remote has a 'Netflix' button and a 'MyApp' button. So I can link one of these local apps to the MyApp and use it's IR code. I'm hoping I can find IR codes for all the apps. Any ideas how to find the code and how to know if they exist?
  5. I was recommended Global Cache products. I think they have both ethernet and wireless options that could suit you. I'm guessing you would use something like this https://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/ip2cc-pspecs/ to control a relay. The relay would then switch the light transformer I have not tried them however.
  6. Any chance the device you are using for the source is not on the same local network?
  7. There are some discovery tools to help with this, but I think you need your dealer to use the Pro edition. Alternatively, your TV may be sensing input on an HDMI channel and turning on automatically - I have a Samsung which was doing this with Chromecast. I turned off the option in the TV's settings.
  8. Sounds like fun to enter a restricted zone at your place
  9. A 12V relay would be a good option if; you can run LV cable from the controller to the pool controller, Or you can install a Z2IO at this location And you are happy to only have control from C4 (or can rig another LV input on a switch to give a manual override.) I'd assume Matt wants a physical switch so manual on/off is an option without having to remember to take a phone out to turn off the pumps when maintenance is required. - or having to unplug. I have never added my pool pump to C4, but I have a second pump in the same location running a waterfall into the pool. This second pump is controlled by a relay - but I have two runs of 6 core security cable running back to the rack - so I have local switching using the C4 contacts to run the relay for the pump and pool lights etc..
  10. If you are in USA! Disney+ and Prime Video and many more apps are not yet enabled for other regions outside of the USA (And Canada?) on ROKU - yet....
  11. Thanks - yeah considering this.
  12. I have an outdoor heater with an IR remote. What are my options for drivers? I basically want a free driver I can have edited with ir codes for on/off and up/down and a bonus would be if the icon was a 'fire' or 'heater' Thanks.
  13. Thanks - the programming is pretty much what I do already. I look forward to seeing your videos - are these available for us all to view?
  14. I install Roku, add Netflix, add Youtube, go to add Disney+; No, damn it - Disney+ and Prime Video have not enabled their roku app to work for New Zealand yet. bugger! So I'm stuck streaming from my iphone for Disney+ for now. The whole purpose of Roku was to have an all in one streaming service. Oh well, should have done more research first I guess.
  15. So, these 'mini apps'; They will give me a nice icon on the OSD/iphone etc They will give me nice individual 'Watch' list options on my remote What happens when I select this mini app option? Does my rooms say 'Disney+' or does it go directly to 'Roku' ? - assuming control needs to be given to the Roku driver ?? Cheers.
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