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  1. Insurance is good protection! I had a surge kill my pool controller, pool LED's and several C4 dimmers and keypads. $7,500 NZD insurance money later and all sorted. I asked insurance if they would cover the cost of adding a whole home surge protector, they said no....
  2. I do this with keypads LED's in my hallway and master bathroom. Also, upon arming my alarm, if the garage door is left open I get an immediate push notification
  3. Yes - there is an 'Apply To' option for each light in your scene. Click on this and select all the other lights to apply the same settings to.
  4. Sure is! The apps on the TV are pretty average to be fair, they are unresponsive when the TV first turns on for anywhere from a few seconds up to about 12 seconds - which is why the big delay. button clicks are slow, the menus movement is not smooth, and they even freeze sometimes. While on the other hand, Apple TV and Roku are smooth and very responsive. I'm just waiting for the day Roku is available in NZ and all our local content is available....
  5. This. But if there are multiple lights in the room, the programming can be much tidier with a single command; In which case you are better using the toggle scene and using if 'my scene - toggle' is active then activate 'my scene'. (Assuming your toggle scene is all the lights off in the room)
  6. After a few trials, I have done the following: Removed the built in delay within the TV's driver. Moved all my code to a macro. Added a variable to record if the TV is 'powering up' Added delays to the macro based on the above variable. Commands seem to be a bit more consistent now. I'm really not sure what has changed, as this was all working fine for a long time. My theory is: The programmed commands are all queued and because they are for the TV, they don't run until the TV driver's in built delay is expired. However the programmed delays are probably started immediately, therefore all expired prior to the tv driver delay. Resulting in all commands running one after the other without delay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New macro:
  7. I'm just playing with this idea now. My TV's driver has a 13 second delay built in, but even this seems to be ignored in some instances. Will run some more testing over the weekend. For now, I have America's Cup racing to watch.
  8. I hope you are right - perhaps there is a better way? I use ROKU for Netflix and YouTube - using the mini-apps - no coding required - just works! I use my smart TV for TVNZ and NEON I use AppleTV Gen 3 for Disney+, Prime and Apple movies etc. To have TVNZ, NEON, Disney+, Prime on my 'Watch' list, I have used some mini apps linked to ROKU channels and added this code to run the TV IR commands when that selection is made. Note: my TV does not have direct IR codes for the apps, this is why I run the sequence of commands with delays. Cheers.
  9. When room video selection changes Running this code from composer with the room off does not do anything, all the if statements are looking at the selected video device - when room is off, nothing is selected.
  10. I have a situation where the programmed delays don't appear to be run properly all the time. If the room starts on, the code runs ok If the room starts off, the delays seem to be ignored Any thoughts on why and how to resolve? Scenario: I use Roku for YouTube and Netflix, but here in New Zealand many of the other apps we use are not available on Roku so I need to use either Apple TV or my Panasonic TV. But to cater to my watch list, I use the Roku Mini apps for these others anyway. Along with some code on the 'When the video selection changes' function example: If I am already watching TV and I choose 'Neon', I can clearly see the TV's IR bug send a command, wait 3 seconds, send the home command, wait 3 seconds and send the Enter command. I think get NEON. If the TV is off and I select 'Neon', I can see a long glow of multiple commands with no delay. I am left with the home menu. It has worked fine in the past. I've rebooted but no change.
  11. I've just been in touch with these guys for a quote. They ship to New Zealand which is a good start. No idea what sort of price to expect for four sheets of about 600x600. I hope I am not in for a shock, as this would be a perfect option for me as I do not like curtains or blinds in bathrooms....
  12. Thanks, I may have to take a closer look. Button sequence to re-enable locally sounds useful. I currently have variables linked to experience buttons which I control from the App for anything I need interaction with:
  13. I have a 6 button keypad-dimmer with 'Goodnight' light scene bound to the bottom button. During parties the young kids like to play with the buttons, turning off all the lights. Is there a way to prevent a bound action from happening? or is my only alternative to remove the binding and run the scene from programming on button click? I prefer the binding due to it automatically setting the LED colour from the scene... Cheers.
  14. I've hooked them up to the 12VAC and they appear like a solid light. I've got other step/deck lights which stated DC which upon hooking up to 12VAC had a very noticeable flicker. And always worried about undue damage (not that they are high price items, but want them to last...) Just got some more for in the pond which are labeled AC/DC and actually have blue, brown and yellow wires, which I'd assume you'd get red/black if DC ....?
  15. Hi, I have several landscape light circuits which are controlled by a relay. The relay is controlled by the C4 controller. What are the options for having these relays show in the light menu on the C4 App and remotes? I see there is a light to relay driver available from Alan - but it appears to be the opposite of what I am after??
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