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  1. I was reading this thread thinking - Great, they are looking into it.... then I saw this was from 2016... I still have this problem about every 1 in 5. Alexa says the device is not responding, then the command is executed... very slow first command, then second and third seem to complete much quicker.
  2. If the lights are unresponsive from any interface - remote, app, six button, Composer - then probably time to call your dealer. Sorry - can't think of anything to help at this stage.
  3. Thanks - for some reason I was assuming the MR16 were DC input - but spot on - they are AC so no issues here - just need to get a converter for my step lights which are DC. Thanks Alan.
  4. Not specifically C4 - but C4 is running the switching for me... Hoping some of the smart people here can help me with some answers please. So I have three garden light transformers - the old style outputting 12VAC I changed from halogen bulbs to LED many years ago and all has seemed fine. I add some more small step lights to a circuit and suddenly I notice the new LEDs are flickering. I then realize these are DC LED's running on an AC power source. Questions: 1. Why are most of my LED bulbs working fine - no noticable flicker - These are your stock standard MR16 bulbs you use to replace the 12V 50W halogen in your home. 2. Am I likely to be damaging my LED bulbs? 3. Am I likely to be damaging my Transformers? Note: the total Watt is low - only about 35W - 50W on a 150W transformer
  5. I think the simplest programming would be to create a new macro: Apple_TV_Off Call the macro from your 'Room Off' function. In the macro add the sequence of commands the ATV needs. From memory it is either 'Menu' or 'Cancel' (though I think these are the same IR hex code - just one of them pulses 5 times) If it's not working, you could add a delay and call the macro a second time and see if that helps. I do recall having problems with ATV not accepting IR commands while it was in the middle of loading, eg, While the Netflix or YouTube start up /splash screen is displaying - the cancel would not work.... I've also wondered what happens to the ATV when streaming content which requires DHCP - if the TV is turned off, ATV would fail and then does the Menu command work??
  6. I had the same problem with my ATV V3 when using the IR driver. I tried several programming options, but it never seemed to work. I've now moved to the IP driver which has options built in - they seem to work fine. Any reason you can't use the IP driver instead??
  7. Thanks for the offer, Not sure what actually worked, but after trying with 4button and 0 upon inserting batteries, followed by the leave network sequence, it came back online without having to re-identify it. so happy for now.
  8. Great, thanks! Also - should I be considering adding a fuse to protect the controller? Is it possible a relay can short and send 240V along the 12V cable? What sort of fuse and what Amp rating would I use? Pic of relay in use:
  9. Yes Thanks, I was hoping that would be the case. Does the HC800 have a set amp per 12V connection or is there a max amp total for all four connections?
  10. I changed the batteries in my remote and since then all I get is 'Waiting for Network'. I have two other remotes working fine from all rooms. I have tried a controller reboot - no change. I have tried new batteries - no change What next?
  11. Is there any problem with using the same relay connections from my HC800 to run two relay? Can I assume that as long as the voltage drop over two cables does not prevent the relay closing, this will be just fine? I simply have two garden light transformers running independent circuits, each is hooked up to a relay. I don't need independent control, simply want both on and off at the same time. And I have limited connections available on the controller.
  12. What is the Zio and CA1? The control by web looks like a neat option! Thanks
  13. The cat cable is going back to the rack, but I have already used all the contacts and relays on my controller - so either way I will be looking at new hardware. might be cheaper to find specific network devices rather than more C4 gear though??
  14. I have a water pump and a couple of light circuits outside in the garden. I have power and a single cat6 cable to the location. Are there any devices I can connect to C4 via the Cat6 through my home network, which can: 1. act as a switch, perhaps using a relay? - to turn garden lights on/off 2. receive feedback like a contact to tell me if the pump turns off (pump runs 24/7) Are there network devices which I should look at, or should I consider just splitting the Cat6 into 4 pairs of cable to use for 4 contacts or relays? Cheers.
  15. I'm using the IP driver with Apple TV (Gen 3) I have the auto power rooms in use with my lounge My lounge turns on automatically just fine from some apps like You Tube (from my iphone) But I have other apps (such as Spark Sport NZ) which do not force my lounge to turn on automatically. Any ideas why?
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