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  1. Is there a particular reason for adding in a contact? Would it be possible to simply piggyback on the output to the chime by running wires to the SIG and GND given voltage is already supplied externally? Cheers.
  2. Hi, there is no LED toggle setting, as this is the old LDZ102 dimmer, just the Top and Bottom colour options. I find it weird that the programming works perfectly for two of the three buttons on this keypad. (the other two are also the LDZ dimmers)
  3. If I set the dimmer top led on colour = red using programming prior to turning on the dimmer, the keypad seems to follow and shines red. likewise with the colour being blue. However, using my programming as is, the keypad led is always blue, even if the dimmer led is red.
  4. The dimmer which this keypad button is attached to is an older LDZ102 model with 'buttons attached' and 'leds attached'. The dimmer has it's top led on colour = red set via programming when a particular advanced light scene is invoked. And top led on colour = blue set via programming when the same light scene becomes inactive.
  5. Am I correct in assuming that with the voice control options on the C4 website now, I don't need to use the alexa app/website to 'Discover' my devices. So unless I want to use Alexa groupings or change devices from switches to lights in the Alexa app, I should not need to use the Alexa app at all?
  6. Plus 1 for what Rea mentioned. It does not matter if you already have scenes for some of the light circuits, a whole house off scene is a completely independent scene which is really useful for all kinds of programming and visuals. I have loads of scenes which include almost identical settings. House Off (all lights off) Good Night (all lights off except master bedroom/ensuite) Leaving (all lights off except entrance and driveway lights)
  7. I have a configurable keypad in my hallway. Buttons 2, 3 and 4 are each linked via connections to dimmers in three other locations. LED behavior is set to 'Follow Connection' The LEDs for buttons 3 and 4 light up the same colour as the top led on the dimmer they are connected to. - good! The LED for button 2 does not. - bad! - why? The dimmers have their top led coloured red when on a timer and blue otherwise. For some reason button 2 is not following the colour change of its connected dimmer. Any thoughts on what is going wrong here? Thanks.
  8. hmm, good question - I don't know the answer, however I wonder if you would need to use something like an experience button. This would allow a button click and can provide on screen feed back. I've not used experience buttons, but would assume you would then remove the sensor and relay from your favourites and just have the button visible.
  9. Out of interest - what programming were you going to perform with the text colour option?
  10. It does not look like that property is available in Programming.
  11. Instead of programming the remote button clicks to navigate to menu item, you should be choosing the source directly in the programming. When Entrance Door Cam senses motion If Family Room Is ON Select Entrance Door Cam Video in the Family Room if Alarm is armed Send Notification 'Someone is at the door' (with photo attatchement) else maybe do a voice alert or door bell chime ......
  12. Thanks. I was assuming this would be the way to go. But I was hoping there would be some magic way to say follow my programming for this state, but revert to following connection for that state. I like the simplicity of having the LED follow the light connection/scene toggle colour. But given this colour is changed via programming, I'll just have to have the whole process follow programming. Cheers for the response.
  13. Hopefully I can explain the situation, so I can get some advice on ways to achieve the desired result. I have a hallway with a study nook - two light circuits. At one end I have a dimmer for the study and a 6 button keypad dimmer for the hallway At the other end of the hall, I have a 6 button keypad. I am trying to get the LED colours programmed on the 6 button keypad. The top button is linked via connections to a toggle scene called 'Hallway + Study Off' The scene has colour = black for toggle active and colour = blue for toggle inactive. This works perfect. If either or both of the hallway and study lights are on, the keypad is lit blue, if they are both off, the keypad is black. The button turns the lights off when one or both are on, and both on if both are off. Now I want to have the led red if the lights are on due to the motion sensor triggering a lighting scene. I think my only option is to use the 'Set LED Current' property When lighting scene Motion_Study is Invoked Set Hallway LED on the Study->Hallway Keypad to Red This works, but I don't think there is a way to then set it back to using the toggle options for the linked scene? Can I set it back to allow led colours to come from the toggle scene or do I need to program colours based on all the combinations? Cheers.
  14. Any particular reason to move away from the Epic Driver? I've seen a few threads with opinions both for and against using the Epic driver over the C4 voice scene driver. I've just done a big clean up of all my programming and managed to simplify a huge amount of code - mainly due to my programming pre-dating Advanced lighting scenes and using a bunch of variables as change triggers. Currently apart from lights and scenes, I only have two programmed voice triggers (a water fall and a patio heater) Once I figure out what else I need, I'll be looking to program them in, but still unsure if I use Epic or C4's driver options.
  15. Cool, thanks for the info. The Epic driver is next on my list to get up and running again, although no hurry for me, as the Voice Scene driver seems ok for the limited use I have for it currently. It's been a while since I did some research on Alexa and the options, as the Epic driver stopped working with OS2.9 and I was hesitant to upgrade given my reliance on my HC300. I only recently swapped it out for the 2nd HC800 you pointed me to on eBay. I bought a power supply for it from China and it took almost four months to get here due to the virus conditions....
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