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  1. Optionally, you could program so the agent does not run when your alarm is armed. Of course this only works if a) you have an integrated alarm and b) 'we leave for a few days' refers to everyone in the house.
  2. The controls for the tv are generally through the driver and bindings, so any code you add would be run alongside the tv turning on and source selection. Sonic's suggestion of a controllable outlet probably suits your needs best - just turn on and off the outlet on your schedule. You would also have to add code to turn off the source(s) if they are turned on while the outlet is off - because if they are only one way control (IR) then C4 would think the tv is on when it is not actually.
  3. Correct - we don't program based on clicking 'watch' You don't really program based on the action of the remote such as 'Watch'->'Sky TV' you would for example program based on when 'Room Source Changes' and add various code based on what the current source is
  4. I installed a new reed switch and connected it to the controller. The controller is registering about 150 open and close commands each time the reed switch opens/closes. What would cause this? I have other reed switches working just fine. Faulty reed? too low current? anyone got any thoughts?
  5. They serve no security purpose, they are only used to turn on lighting from programming in C4. However my slave controller died and already using all contacts on my 800, so looking for 'free' options rather then spending on more hardware.
  6. Just my luck - installer code provided by the alarm guy is not working, neither is 5555. So will go ahead and try physical installation and hope this new zone does not interfere with the way the alarm currently works. This guy was not overly familiar with external integrations such as the IT-100 module, but did say he believed you could log in and view the installer code somehow using the code 006 or 007 - I could not work out what he was talking about... Anyone know if this is possible? and how? Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the info. Moving the cables is no problem for me - rack is not far from alarm panel. Alarm has never been used with these two unused zones, so hoping they are not defaulting or programmed to be an armed zone...Though I have since been provided the installer code by my alarm installer - installed over ten years ago and never monitored, so glad they could provide this to me with no hassle. So I should be able to add it to the alarm panel and C4 now.
  8. Any DSC experts out there? I have the Power Series PC1832 I think. I have two unused zones, so am looking to move my outdoor sensor onto one of these zones instead of directly into my HC800 contact. Question - will the IT100 just work? I do already have these two unused zones included in my project. or will I need to program this zone with my alarm panel? The reason I ask is I don't have the installer code for the panel - so not sure I will be able to do the alarm programming, and not sure yet if the original installer will give me this info....
  9. Hi, Are these still available? Looks like my 300 power supply has quit today.
  10. I'm assuming you will also need a trigger built in to your project either by adding a relay to the room and programming it to open/close based on room selections. or there may be drivers which do this already??
  11. I think you might want to use NO as opposed to the NC NC is normally closed - therefore the circuit is connected by default - providing you with your 12 volts until something opens the circuit.
  12. probably an IR driver. And probably the commands in the driver are set to pulse more than once. You most likely just need your dealer to edit the driver to reduce the value to 1 for each of the arrow commands. A pretty quick and easy job for anyone with access to your system - you might find some dealers on here that can log in and help you out.
  13. I don't use HDMI - but do have an old Leaf Component Matrix - but YES - a major purpose of a matrix is to allow same source to multiple zones. I'm no expert on HDCP - but I would expect if the zones playing the source do the handshake, then no problems.
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