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  1. I will be interested to know the price point .
  2. Please do you have to change the actual HD Head rail or your just connect the Somfy product? Please you tried it or know someone who have
  3. Cellular shades don't rise and fall on a roller. This is a roller shade. I don't know cellular shade mechanics, someone else would need to advise. Thanks for your help
  4. Please I would like to know if you can use this in a Cellular shades" Hunter Douglas?
  5. So do you think it is still slower than the first gen C4 thermostat?
  6. Is anyone using Nest Thermostat with C4? are they good. I'm having a free one for my Solar placement by Tesla
  7. Thanks for getting back to me. Please do you mean $ 250 / one light ? This is not that cheap.
  8. Hi, I really like these lights. How much do they cost? are they reasonable ? Something that has LED color that can be change during holidays season Thanks
  9. Thanks Theory. please I want to sure. If I get a motor for Powerview and the hub , can I replace the motor or will the motor fit that of power Rise hardware?
  10. I checked with Serena Shades, it looks like the cost will be no less than $550 per shade. Any difference from Q-motion and Somfy?
  11. I'm currently looking into Serena Shades. any thoughts?
  12. It looks like its a no go for me on HD. I called the HD local dealer and was told he is unable to retrofit my blind with the New motor. He said I have to buy a whole new blind if I want to integrate in C4.
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