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  1. Thanks for the explanation Ryan. I think overall, releasing a remote and moving forward is what C4 needed and although we all might complain about what could be better or how to change things, atleast they purchased a company and brought to market something rather quickly and things will only get better! That has been stagnant before OS3 so onward we move... Also, maybe by keeping the SR-260, it just will mean in the future (not distant future but future) a replacement will be made for it which will be a larger leap! We can always hope!!!!
  2. I agree, mic needed! Also, C4 needed to update its remote, but its disappointing if C4 just purchased Neeo and updated remoteOS then released it. In todays world, seems lazy and not innovative.
  3. Classic!!!!! ========= From picture it doesn't seem to have changed from Kickstarter Neeo (now C4 Neoo!)
  4. Even though most people say 'use an ipad, or phone, etc..' a basic remote with functionality can be sold if its marketed and innovative (plus, it depends on market and user base). I agree that hard buttons and functionality will sell the device. That innovation needs to be tied to function (could be mic/voice, etc...). Great companies get consumers to buy things because they show the customer how they should 'want' something even if its something the customer really doesn't 'need'. We shall see what c4 comes up with. Crestron's 2 remotes work because they are updated and not like other remotes but work with their ecosystem. Hopefully C4 will introduce something we all want.
  5. I Agree! So true! I had to laugh at the DOS comment...Good one! Atleast its orange not green! HA! Hopefully they will come up with something people will want! (Crestron, etc... all redo and produce new products people buy even if they are simple but with a different spin/innovative idea...hopefully C4 will do the same now that SnapAV is in charge).
  6. True but images don't lie and aren't normally removed ... We shall see...
  7. Take the voice from the remote and act on it using alexa skills (from remote). I guess technically you don't need a dot/echo in rack but by doing so only a driver is needed to interact with/act on voice with C4 versus integration directly with hardware. Keeping them separate so upgrading isn't c4 bound. As with iOS - 'Hey Siri' works pretty well... Some thoughts on innovation within C4 - C4 needs to be going beyond the obvious and minimize mistakes (intercom missing features, working when first released) (Elan has touchscreens with facial recognition...thats in the marketpace not a wish list) and not to just release another remote thats exactly like a kickstarter campaign.
  8. Other manufacturers have done voice remotes successfully (xfinity, samsung etc...). Battery/mic is tied to motion to limit drain. Wouldn't it be nice if you had your echo (or alike) in the rack and the remote controlled those actions with voice (less echo's/dot's around house but would need remote). Voice in open space isn't always best option especially if you entertain alot! I love visiting peoples automated homes and controlling them...and they can't stop it! - then they think twice of such convenience! 😁
  9. I agree the Crestron is nice. Hopeful C4's new remote is innovative and not like the intercom fiasco.
  10. Isn't speculation fun? Yup! Would be nice if hub was integrated into NEW controllers! Wooooooo
  11. Gene

    Updated touchscreens

    The facial recognition and voice control with customized menu/display is way ahead of most touchpanels. This Elan panel (8" and 12") is one innovation with thought in mind. Does look similar to C4's - would be nice to see C4 go further with their innovations and hopefully with SnapAV they will move further and faster. TIme will tell.
  12. Is the cost of the Holovision 424 around $1000? Did you add the camera option or use another camera not in doorbell? Also, did you need 2 CAT-5 cables or just one for it to work with C4? It shows 2 in their documentation.
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