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  1. I have the all brass fixtures and love them. A lot of options too. Easy install.
  2. I have Rachio and it works great with C4. As for landscape lighting, I have a volt transformer and use their LED bulbs and lighting with a Lutron RadioRA2 switch (https://www.voltlighting.com/). to turn it on at dusk and off at dawn. Simple and reliable.
  3. It’s C4, stand corrected. You can get all specs and installation at: https://www.wall-smart.com/c4t4iw10.html https://www.wall-smart.com/ws-for-control4.html
  4. I have Rukus 520's in the attic, on my ceiling 2nd floor and basement. I'm Pittsburgh and haven't had an issue for 3 years (have the 520's). No problems; great coverage; rock solid.
  5. I'm wandering if you need to have unifi cameras (or cloudkey) to use this device? What if your using another brand of cameras but wish such a multiview display to be shown through HDMI if you plug into your POE switch that has all your POE cameras. Does this work?
  6. I've had good luck with Binary's 8x8 B520. I think many of the Media over IP such as JAP are great if your starting from scratch.
  7. Let us know your review of DLI; I'm thinking of the same but I like OvrC. Interesting to see what you think of DLI. Thanks!
  8. The power supply is a known issue but usually nothing works for that to be the cause.
  9. What computer do you use for your Blue Iris? There is alot of information out there but other peoples experience is much more reliable with what actaully works. Or did you build it?
  10. On Monday Feb 24th we all will know what BIG is! 😲
  11. Love the marketing and speculation! Must be BIG!!!!!
  12. Could be your connection between TV and Receiver/box etc. I've had this in past and thats what it was. Just needed unplugged and plugged in again. If your using a matrix, check the connections (they work, but need re-seated...HDMI). Does it happen when you watch TV?
  13. Thanks for the explanation Ryan. I think overall, releasing a remote and moving forward is what C4 needed and although we all might complain about what could be better or how to change things, atleast they purchased a company and brought to market something rather quickly and things will only get better! That has been stagnant before OS3 so onward we move... Also, maybe by keeping the SR-260, it just will mean in the future (not distant future but future) a replacement will be made for it which will be a larger leap! We can always hope!!!!
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