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  1. Selling the following items: 2 - Wireless Dimmers (LDZ-102-W)stru 1 - SR250 remote - SOLD 1 - Recharging Station with Battery (250) & Cover, no remote (C4-SR250RS-B) 1 - HC-800 controller with Rackears (C4-HC800-BL-1) 1 - HC1000 v3 Controller with Rackears DM if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. Yes you do. The vs240 is just for viewing the realtime video and recordings in your NAS. In order for that to happen, licenses need to be bought for each camera.
  3. You would use an app called DS Cam from an Android/Apple device to view recordings or login to your NAS using a browser and run Surveillance station to view recordings.
  4. I have the DS412+ streaming movies to two Dune players and have no problems whatsoever. Synology has a dedicated Surveillance Station although I have no experience with it http://www.synology.com/en-us/products/overview/VS240HD
  5. I've been running Synology DS412+ since September 2012 and have no issues whatsoever, I use it to play simultaneous movie streams, DVR for my motion activated cameras, mac backup, vpn server and a slew of other services. A bit expensive but its given me peace of mind for the last year and half.
  6. I have a Sanus CFR2127 55" rack. Add the Ecosystem for low voltage power distribution as well as fan control. http://www.sanus.com/en_US/products/racks/cfr2127/
  7. I was about to add MyMovies using the EV driver but was reminded by my dealer that I need to change my existing Dune B1 driver to EV (currently its DD like yours and was free when I purchased my B1) to make it work. I ended up not doing it but still use MyMovies when I select Dune as my source.
  8. I have my yellow button set to VUDU and works fine. My Roku driver is 7.0.1
  9. I have a 412+ and it streams to two Dune B1 players with no issues.
  10. Let me know if you have one and how much you want for it. Thanks.
  11. I have Lutron RadioRA2 for the entire house but not yet integrated with C4 and the cost of the 600W dimmer is way less than $160. Lutron uses a repeater to talk to the dimmers/switches which is an additional cost that you don't have to spend on a C4 system. PM me if you have any question on RR2.
  12. HC300 sold. HC1000 still available and comes with rack ears.
  13. I'm using an iPad now so its More-> Edit(upper right hand corner) -> Synchronize Settings. Should be the similar for an iPhone.
  14. C4 talks to Nuvo GC via an Extra Vegetable driver. Your system has a driver to communicate with your TV/DVR but not sure if its a C4 driver or a third party like EV.
  15. I have the same problem with my Nuvo GC. Turn off the 1st audio zone and it keeps on playing yet the iPhone/iPad app removes it from the list. The other zones turn off without a problem. My dealer told me that this was an EV driver problem and that a fix would come out soon.
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