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  1. I was just browsing through this post and I think I have the exact same gas log kit with that switch. I didn't have the ability to pull wire into my fireplace so I needed a completely battery powered solution. I had the CA relay and installed a 24 VDC battery behind the firelog and protected it with fire brick. I wired the CA relay contacts in parallel across the switch. I do have to periodically charge the battery to keep the CA powered up but it works perfectly. The switch is my backup in case something goes down, but it works perfectly.
  2. Never mind.... Dealer is going to take care of this for me
  3. To clarify.... I need one of the relays to toggle the status and not pulse the relay.
  4. How do you make these "toggle type" instead of "pulse type"
  5. Thanks for the heads up.... hope vacation was nice.
  6. Where did RyanE go in this discussion? I have to believe the beta must not have helped. The fact that he was experiencing the same issues gave me some hope a solution might come a little sooner.
  7. Does anyone know if this upcoming upgrade addresses these issues?
  8. I have similar issues and decided to do a power down and reboot. The system is up but the time delays and lighting issues appear to be more of a problem after power cycling. Should all the controllers be brought back up at the same time, or should I bring the HC1000 up first and then sequence the rest on one at a time. (2-HC200, 2-HC200B, 2-HC300)
  9. After doing a little more research, the CFL's are almost certainly at fault. The inrush current is significantly higher for a CFL vs. an incandescent.
  10. I thought that might be what had happened. I have 6 of the 100w equivalent CFL's as the load on this switch. I'll install an interposing relay and see if that prevents it from reoccurring. When you say "punch it", can you explain that a little further?
  11. This switch happens to be in my garage as well. Left power off for maybe 5 minutes and all was back to normal. Won't be any fun the first time it happens to my wife when I'm out of town.
  12. Just had a new switch that has been workin great for a few weeks decide to stay on and quit responding. LED's changed states but load stayed on. Light status would change on remotes and Ipad, but light would not go out. Had to cut power to switch and it came back up and is working again. Anybody ever have that happen?
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