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  1. I believe your dimmer is short circuit or overload. reset via composer via the device properties, or click top button 15 times. -Jim
  2. they dont seem to support templates in v3.0, i copy the content from v2 to v3 and nothing is available.
  3. looks great, trying to follow your steps. However, i can't seem to find those default templates with DriverEditor v3.0.0
  4. thats for one TV, he has like 5 TVs.. Jimmy
  5. To all, my customer could not afford buying a HDMI Matrix, so he wants to put a small media player in each of his TV, and purchase a NAS to store all his movies. He wants to use the IPAD as his main control, and he would like to select a movie from the Control4 movie catalog, and let the automation take over so that the TV will turn on, and the media player will start playing the movie. Any recommendations as to using Plex or XMBC? what model of media player should I use? any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jimmy
  6. I have a used Shinybow SB-5564 with all the original packaging, and parts. I recently upgraded to Control4 HDMI Matrix, so I no longer need this. I live in Queens, NY. please email me or drop a note here. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. Thanks
  7. Once the system is armed, all the motion sensors are in a state where it does not issue any events. I have check with several ADEMCO installers, and they are all telling me the same thing. How do you have the motion sensors setup in your house in Ademco? Jim
  8. I'm currently using the Honey Vista-ICM module to connect my panel to the C4. As far as I can tell, the ICM module does NOT sent any event to the C4 when the system is in "Armed-Stay", please correct me if I'm wrong, cause I have not found a method to do so. Jim
  9. I have the same setup, and it does not work well. Whenever you armed the system "STAY" when i go to bed, all motion sensors are disable, making it completely useless. Anyone has a solution for this? Jim
  10. I recently purchase several used Dimmers which had 1.8.x software on it, which I cannot use. Anyone willing to trade them for 1.7.x ? Thanks Jimmy
  11. I'm not asking $$$, nor interested in selling them. I will do a one to one direct trade, so I will be willing to take Kp-2, 3 or 6
  12. I still have these 2 new in the box Switch available if anyone is interested. seeking to trade for outlet switch, keypad, or dimmer. Thanks Jimmy in New York
  13. Hi, I have 2 New In Box LSZ-102-W Switch which I purchased from my dealer which I don't need. It hasnt been upgraded to zigbee pro. I would like to trade for Keypad or Dimmer. (white only) Thanks Jimbo_wu@yahoo.com
  14. Hello, I'm currently using HC-300 with Vista20P with ICM integration. I have several motion detectors and contact switches which turns lights on and off. Everything works fine when the system is disarm. However, when the system is armed in "STAY" mode, the alarm panel naturally ignores all zone type (4) which are the interior motion detectors, hence disabling my C4 automation. Is there a workaround with this? The other problem is with my entrance door contact, it usually turns on the foyer lights when its open. BUT when the system is armed in "AWAY" mode, the foyer light doesn't come on til much later, any ideas? Jimmy
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