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  1. I understand the joke, but at the same time, if theres' only one 4k TV and your going to upgrade KScape, there there's absolutely no problems because you have so much money you don't need to worry. But really same may hold tru with kscape, may be less expensive to buy the 4k player for one TV than update the matrix, player, etc.
  2. Not knowing all the details and just reading this threat, sometimes a little change might make sense. Form what I can tell the issues is simply you went form a 1080 TV to 4k.... your connectors and the quality of TV signal are the things that changed. But the question is what sources of 4K do you have? You didn't mention going to a 4k UHD Blue Ray.... so forget the $12K and find the $100 converter. Also, when you get that 4K source, it's far cheaper to use an additional input to the one TV you have vs. going through a whole new matrix.
  3. not exactly true....the old driver has been working fine with 3.1 and the new one is what is giving me trouble with 3.1.1 I reinstalled the new driver under 3.1.1 but stoped prior to putting in the password. so far no error beeps.
  4. With 3.1.1 I also upgraded the Concord4 driver to 111. Unfortunately it's causing random beeps. I have a feeling my firmware isn't up to date. That said, how can I find the previous driver? thanks.
  5. I really like the ecobee over C4 especially since after using the ecobee smarts, I've seen additional savings. However if you are racking the main thermostats and using remote sensors, I don't think the ecobee is the right thing for you. If your willing to push the ecobees to a room - go that rough with a driver, but don't rely on the wireless sensors (which are not meant for the primary space as your rack will become part of the team average in your scenario ). I have not idea if the C4 would work with being centralized....
  6. There's a lot of talk about the Infinity system, most of the priority controls have to do with "maintenance info" not operation. As for the variable speeds and how it operates,, that could also be set with the dips. the priority thermostat sets that up automatically without having to adjust dip switch setting on the main board. Also not you have to rewire the thermostat to the main board when you switch the thermostat. We had the infinity working with the infinity thermostat for many years. A couple of years ago I finally changed them all to Ecobee's and haven't looked back. All around comfort factor seemed to go up, and bills went way down. I also haven't had any issues with the Ecobee driver. I do have a humidifier, but not zones running on each system.
  7. I would think C4 wouldn't loose money if home users could have composer, only dealers. Heck, I would think c4 would make more money as folks who are against a "closed" system would now give c4 a try. And if more folks try...more money to c4. Also more money to dealers from those who try and fail.
  8. The Unifi 5G defaults to a vht40 channel size. you can change to vht80 and your BW should double. However there's a lot of congestion using this channel size, thus stability may be an issue.
  9. As @C4Iona mentioned, disconnect your router from the Internet. I will assume that your Unifi controller is local. Your home network should be stable. Make sure you're not reaching out to the cloud for anything at this point (DHCP, Cloud controller, C4, etc). The only thing that might look for a connection is DNS, and that should fail. For Unifi and C4 to work in a web browser, you should be using IP addresses for your local network. With the Internet disconnect, this should all work. Don't even connect the router to the internet until you get your network stable.
  10. you may also want to look at Plex + Infuse. Best of both worlds. I think Plex does a much better job maintaining all the library/metadata info, but Infuse will transcode much better.
  11. Well if bluestacks does what a lot of OS emulators do, it's probably just doing a NAT on it's address. In theory C4 app shouldn't know if its local or remote, not sure but thought 4sight is used when the local is unreachable. A good example is on my iPhone if it's on wifi shows LOCAL, on 4g shows remote. I understand the your logic. But my C4 app says local Connected (LOCAL) with bluestacks.. I assumed that mean not using a 4sight connection. Same deal if you use Parallels.....you can connect to a local directory even though parallels uses an internal address vs the network's block.
  12. I'm no expert on Bluestacks, but I did notice that my C4 app shows local connection and the 10.x address of my controller. I can also pull up chrome and access 10.x addresses. I looked no further, but that seems to show it's capable of accessing the local net.
  13. I've been using the homebrige driver since it's beta (http://www.varietassoftware.com/control4/) but that allows HomeKit to access C4 devices. Unfortunately there's no way C4 can access anything unless there's a driver available. Your best bet is to see if there's a generic driver (IFTT?) for your gate that can be used in c4. You could also ask the folks at Varietas if they're know of any possible ways to bring HomeKit to C4.
  14. strangely out of nowhere I had this too. As someone else mentioned, I restarted my controller and all is working again. For some reason, I think this tends to happen when apple releases an updated on the ATV
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