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  1. It was still doing it on 3.2.1, but I had made some changes to some other things, did a few reboots and hopefully it won't come back! thanks.
  2. we have directv. no issues. works great. fully functional with remotes (250/260). wife approved.
  3. A few more reboots and it seems to have gone away…….very strange
  4. Just did the latest update yesterday. Problem was before and after the update. I figured the update would have fixed the problem.
  5. We’re trying to add a few rooms on the touchscreen to play music. unfortunately it won’t give a room list to select and instead I get a spinning circle that won’t stop. works no problem on my phone. many ideas? Thanks.
  6. It's nice that ruckus does that, definitely a benefit! Unifi added a tool to do this too. May not be as accurate as using Ekahau, but definitely useful. https://design.ui.com/
  7. There's definitely the risk in loss of internet. Thinking out loud.... I'd wonder if there's a way to learn a device to 2 controllers??
  8. Can't disagree with what you experienced. I had 2 problems I worked with support on, the first had to the with how wrong the topology was showing - lot of emails, and escalations with no resolution. The next was a me completely blowing away the software on an upgrade. With Unifi, you better have a backup of your config! that's my lesson. It also kills me that if my UDM-PRO ever died I'm seriously SOL until a new one shows up. Anyway if you think about it.... Unifi support is like Linksys or netgear, etc etc. The high-end companies have pay for service plans on all the har
  9. I would thing this is easy. Since they are VPNd, make sure all C4 is on the same network. Then put both in the same Config. Obviously you'll have 2 Kitchens...but you can deal with that.
  10. Ethernet is always preferred. But if you don't have the ports, easy access, etc go wifi.... You didn't say, but if you're going to stream to a smartTV I would definitely look for ethernet.
  11. Actually pfSense would be an excellent Firewall for IoT because it knows to block, it has the capability to allow specific traffic, it can help find DDOS attacks, etc, etc. And to clarify my response, pfSense or any firewall doesn't care what your doing on your LAN. Obviously it is well aware of protocols, addresses, etc. But for the most part it won't doesn't care if you're running a smart home or just web browsing. And yes, there are exceptions with NGFWs.
  12. With all due respect, you're comparing an apple and a pig. pfSense is open source firewall/router and cares not about what you have on the LAN. Personally it's a smart thing to protect your network. some people might want more than NAT and pfSense is a great FW choice. On the negative side, some implementations of pfSense are not for the novice.
  13. No clue....but have you turned True Tone off to see if it makes a difference?
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