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  1. 433 might be used by garage door opener, baby monitor, alarms.... just think it could be anything that's not not WIFI, bluetooth, or Zigbee. I like the above idea...go dark....
  2. I think you could either upgrade safari (assume you're not on Big Sur yet). or DL the safari tech preview, which also works here.
  3. Since you said you're getting 400+ on the wired connections, there's a simple approach to check your wireless. Unplug all the access points. Then one at a time connect them and check your speeds. This should remove any chance of interference between the access points. Since there throughout the house, there should be various results. And just to double check, all the access points are hardwired to the switch that gets 400+???
  4. Actually, the evil hacker could take your doorbell, and scan for ip & Mac address..... once this is found, it's fairly easy to replace with a wireless device in the middle that could be used to allow remote hacking. Like an alarm box, some physical security cold give priced of mind..... there's a camera...so obviously there's a picture before the camera is unplugged. I'd also hope there's a way to script sending a picture just before the button is lost on the network (unplugged). Someone mentioned security screws.... Come to think about it...I'd be more afraid of someone replacing
  5. No, if you're still running DHCP a laptop could spoof the MAC address (assuming your MAC limited on the port) and still request an IP address if DHCP is active. It would then be "on net" By removing the DHCP a person would have a much harder time coming up with both he MAC and IP address needed to get on net.
  6. There's a couple of things you can do to secure an ethernet port 1. MAC filtering. (only allow the Mac of the doorbell) 2. 802.1x (if the doorbell has it). 3. Use a static IP address on that port and block DHCP. 4. guest VLAN (of course you need connectivity to C4 world).
  7. WOW!!!!! Now that would just about make my day. Outside of controlling the TVs, I don't think we use C4 remotes anymore. I like their app, but lets face it - the Home App just pops up and is ready to use.
  8. The typical ISP router uses the basic processing on their router to get by. So they may not be able to move packets at line speeds when you turn on features - especially security related, NAT/PAT, then add DHCP, etc etc. If you have a cable connection, you might be stuck with it to change from COAX to Ethernet, thus it's advised to use in bridge mode and add your own router. If you have FIOS, you can remove it (assume no TV to keep discussion simple).
  9. changing the mesh is something for a dealer. However, you can easily move your controller near the lock in question, turn off your wifi and see if that make a difference before going to your dealer.
  10. I have no idea if this would apply to you....but I have a Yale lock, and found it needed a good signal from the controller, especially with all the wifi in the house, I had to do some adjustments on location and zigged controllers and their addresses. We worked with C4 on this, a house that had only 1 zigbee mesh now has 4...
  11. ps...the latest CarPlay will show the garage door. and it only shows when close your home.
  12. on the iPhone the control panel is accessed with a swipe down from the corner....even if you're in an app. the widgets are accessible by being on the Home Screen and having to swip all the way to the left. basically - control panel is easy fast access, limited items on it.
  13. Screen shots of what? the Varietas Software Driver uses driver to send C$ device data to an App running on Pi. The Pi app then allows apple HomeKit integration of the devices. So any "screen shot" would just show devices on the Home app's screen (lights, doors, etc). You would not see anything on C4. Here's the control panel on my iPhone.... I have 3 garages, and just fav the one I use.
  14. Best bet might be to use Varietas' Homebridge app. You can then add devices to the Home app, and they will show up in your dashboard...I even have the garage showing in CarPlay when I come home.
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