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  1. ps...the latest CarPlay will show the garage door. and it only shows when close your home.
  2. on the iPhone the control panel is accessed with a swipe down from the corner....even if you're in an app. the widgets are accessible by being on the Home Screen and having to swip all the way to the left. basically - control panel is easy fast access, limited items on it.
  3. Screen shots of what? the Varietas Software Driver uses driver to send C$ device data to an App running on Pi. The Pi app then allows apple HomeKit integration of the devices. So any "screen shot" would just show devices on the Home app's screen (lights, doors, etc). You would not see anything on C4. Here's the control panel on my iPhone.... I have 3 garages, and just fav the one I use.
  4. Best bet might be to use Varietas' Homebridge app. You can then add devices to the Home app, and they will show up in your dashboard...I even have the garage showing in CarPlay when I come home.
  5. technically if you only had one device, you don't. but since you probably have more than one device you need to create your own home network. At a high level.... the router is the device used to send packets between your network and the "internet".
  6. this sounds like the plan that used to be DirecTV now, ... do you have local channels? If not it's the old Directv Now. I can watch via phone or appletv. (included with older phone plans).
  7. you should bundle....depending on the plan you can save $$$$. I think we're about $30/month just on combined, paperless billing.
  8. funny you mentioned cheaper. I get some great deals with bundling DIrectv and my phones....wonder if this would do the same and still be cheaper?
  9. he's being a troll? and didn't read his old posts?
  10. Yes and no..... AT&T has a confusing collection of TV Services. There is a new internet service that has a "box" and remote. From what I can tell DirecTV isn't really being "maintained" as it was in the old days (new boxes, software, menu updates, service, etc), but none of the new AT&T services have the same look (cleaner high-tech looking menu). https://www.att.com/tv/ PS.... if anyone has the new AT&T TV, is there a C4 driver so that my C4 Remote would work?
  11. Stay with Unifi, they're now adding the wifi 6 to the early access store. There are several APs listed. My guess they'll have general shipping soon, far before most end devices will have 6.
  12. With Serices like FIOS, set top boxes rely on MoCA technology to get their Internet access. To get this to work, simply connect the ISP Router's WAN port to an ethernet port on your network (when using your own router). Say a little prayer, and feel free to do a jig if it works.
  13. what do you mean you bought a new system to add as a dual NAT..... are you running 2 different WIFI systems??
  14. This is a good thought.... Personally I think the C4 hardware is kept a few steps behind what they could..... let me explain... the hardware is scaled for home automation. They're using the basic MBs and Processors to due just that. And those with a large home automation can easily hit it's limits. C4 could easily increase processing power with much stronger chipsets and MBs. But these cost more and start to play in their profits, business case, etc. things way beyond my control. I'd love to see them offer a controller capable of so much more (ie Plex Server built in). The home user "world" today easily has this hardware available. 1G LAN, i7 & I9s...all easily available. New technologies like 2.5g LAN, and wifi 6 are slowly rolling out. So basically, what really holds back our world, right now, is what C4 believes they want to provide and at what cost.
  15. this would be almost impossible to measure across the distance at home.
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