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  1. And you're probably a Rukus dealer..... Ubiquiti was not involved with the definition of test cases, planning, device configuration, execution or analysis of results. All these tasks were independently undertaken by Alethea.
  2. https://alethea.in/wifi-performance-benchmark-testing-class-room-environment/ I'm sure there are others showing different results. In the end, for home users the cost of "enterprise" HW probably doesn't make sense, especially if you need recurring licenses and/or support.
  3. There's almost nothing that won't work at that speed, and that wouldn't be bad if your internet connection was 100MB, but 2.4 should see more, assuming clear line of sight/strong signals. The speed is also very dependent on the device. My MacBook Pros will easily get 200MBs on 2.4 but something like a ring or ecobee is in the sub 100Mbs range. Phones and iPads moving around the house also get 150+ on 2.4.
  4. I believe the newer 4k FireTVs do both. Always dependent on signal. And just because a devices connects at 5ghz, doesn't mean it will use the entire BW available by the access point. It's really only a problem if you can't stream...my guess, based on your numbers, you probably don't have that problem.
  5. The Eero is going to get 240Mbps at 2.4 GHz and about 600Mbps at 5 GHz, I would guess your connecting on the 2.4, so you're probably doing ok. You could spend a lot more for Rukus but realize that if you connect at 2.4 some devices (Like H510) peak at 300Mbps. Not really a big change for the money..... At the same time your client's wifi might be the limiting factor..... And above all your won't get the same throughput as the wired connection.
  6. if you have a wired connection to the FIOS router, and your doing a network speed test and see only 100mbps, call Verizon. maybe they forgot to change the speed. when you upgraded to 1G, did they come to the house and do other upgrades and a new modem.
  7. why not just post your question?
  8. Several things going at once.... 1. WAN to LAN - 492MBS.... This is a show stopper with FIOS@1GB. Obviously you will never get the most out of your FIOS. In theory, the highest speed you'd ever see on your network is 492MB. And the 492MB would have to be on a device directly connected (wired connection) to the Araknis. This is why you must now change your router. 2. 1GB to 200MBS. You didn't say, but I would guess your testing from a device that is wireless connected. The 200MBS is probably a limit on the wireless. Here's what you probably should look into doing. 1.First, and not debatable, replace the Araknis with something capable of 1GB. I have 1GB FIOS and if you're also wanting FW capabilities, your selection gets very small, very quickly unless you want to spend a lot of money. FWIW, I moved to a Unifi UDM-PRO. Get great thorughput with all the security features on for $380 2. EERO is meshed and probably slowing you down. at 7500SqFT, consider moving to wired WAPs.
  9. Sorry....still laughing about the $4k...... anyway, based on the 1G, you might check out Ubiquiti Networks. Look at the Unifi UDM-PRO for FW/Management. This was one of the most cost effective FW's I found that could do the full 1G. The Unifi APs do a good job, with apple devices too (I assume based on your existing equipment), And that's just my opinion......
  10. Everyone has their preferences..... but look for a NAS that can run PLEX. Google is your friend. Synology & QNAP are nice solutions for small to large collections. Remember, a PLEX is very dependent on the server, so if you have 4K video, take note of better processors (more expensive), or another solution is a cheap plex server and run Infuse 6 as your client (quite honestly I like this way better).
  11. first thing I'd check is addresses subnets.... something sound mixed up.
  12. Can someone confirm is the Dual Path Communicator can be used to connect to Control4 too? thanks.
  13. delete the C4 driver, confirm all flickering went away and install from scratch. what did you mean by when the AppleTV is on wifi the remote doesn't work......?
  14. I didn't realize Interlogix is shutting down..... I just got a new GSM module for use with GeoArm...so not to happy. Also seem to have this odd bus failure I'm trying to figure out (either the GSM or Serial interface is causing I think). Anyway, if I have to switch parts, I'd be interested too in the best hard-wired options.... I thought DSC & Honeywell both work with GSM.....?? thanks.
  15. I assume from your description you're seeing the light on the AppleTV flicker? Try turning off PoE on the port going to the AppleTV. Does the apple remote work?
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