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  1. this will allow your HomePod to C4 audio in, but to get true airplay2/shairbridge, you'd need one for every sharebridge instance. that said...thanks, i might pick up one for the homepod!
  2. with airplay 1 you can only stream to 1 shairbridge or airplay 1 device, from there it is up to your control4 setup to stream to other rooms. With Airplay 2, you would be apple to connect to multiple shairbridges (ie office, kitchen) and not have to rely on C4 to set that up. Airplay 2 also would have the benefit of using a device like the homepod to stream to control4 instead of your phone. Personally i think it would be a great 1st step if C4 got Airplay 2 on shairbridge. Using the homepod would allow you to walk into a room a say "play music"!!! (for us apple music
  3. Never give up the dream...... Apple put the music app on smart Tv's.... maybe one day C4 can get it too.... that's my dream.
  4. my guess is your internet connection is only in the main house. Just have a switch at the outbuilding and bring everything back to the main house. No real value to have a router at the outbuilding.
  5. I find it funny that I didn't see anyone suggest Control4Sucks is probably an Elan dealer trying in the oddest way to create business....... I would think anyone who had problems with C4 wouldn't spend a year on a board bitching and moaning...got to get on with life.
  6. I had to replace my GE Concord too..... Looked at Clare becuase it "looks" like C4 and is supposed to have easy intigration. Since I use GeoAlarm for dirt cheap monitoring and they won't monitor Clare I decided to try Qolsys. I did look around for others that might do Clare, but like C4 it wasn't DYI friendly. The Qolysis install was a piece of cake. Just moved the Hardwired sensors over to their board. Everything works off the main touch screen, and all the boards then talk to the touchscreen wirelessly. Easy as crap to set up. Next comes the C4 integration. Load driver..
  7. That might be left over from the days they did offer....... well actually i think it was only a Tuner..... I believe the matrix is before the Amp...Speakers attach only to Amps. The dealers here can easily confim.
  8. Go back and read the original question and your google link. Rachio cannot control/distinguish multiple sources, which answers the original posting. The google link is a work around using relays to trigger a source. Technically this has nothing to do with Rachio.
  9. 1. if you have the UDM, you can whitelist the URL or IP address (Security->advanced) 2. White list the IP and ports. Try turning off IPS first to confirm. 3. there's a endpoint scanner under threat managment. 4. I'm not a fan of doing that unless you have a lot of advanced knowledge. this is where most people break they're network and C4. 5. keep it simple.
  10. Installed about 13+ years ago.....never a problem after something is setup. Many years on this forum, and this thread is a perfect example of an uneducated user probably working with a bad dealer. I'd say get a Harmony, but it looks like the old fashioned box of remotes and getting of your ass to turn off all the lights is the way to go.
  11. It could also be the HDMI audio extractor is bad.
  12. you now have the option for 2FA. You should enable it. Also, change your password.
  13. unfortunately i did this with my work 2FA....always fun ..... Anyway, recommend using two difference apps or devices for 2FA just in case. Backup keys seem to be a problem at times, depending on the system
  14. or get an iphone. there's a know vulnerability with android & GA.
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