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  1. Still trying to figure out how to wire into the protocol converter, but now thinking i want to upgrade to intellicenter next summer....... thanks for the info. just to double check....intellicenter is wifi back to C4??
  2. Dude....you ran out of ethernet ports..... Add a switch, done. from the details (at least what i think i can understand), consider switching the 8 port with a larger port switch.
  3. I thought I might have had it backwards (digital no playing in zone 2) and I did...so I checked the manual for your unit.... If the input for ZONE2 is set to “Source”, both digital and analog connected devices can be listened to from ZONE2. If the input for ZONE2 is set to a specific source (like CBL/SAT), only connected analog devices can be listened to from ZONE2.
  4. I had a AVR-2000, pretty sure it wouldn't pass analog sources to zone 2. Maybe the same with 2700?
  5. Many thanks, i think when searching C4Forums your one of the only ones talking about this..... I also read the Pentair is actually RS485, so blew a whole $7 to get a 232/485 adapter, just in case, as I think the protocol adapter was 4 wires.... As for wiring, if your not using wireless, i assume your intellitouch -> extender -> extender -> protocol adapter -> ethernet. My hope is the connection between the Extender and Protocol adapter is a connection to C4, that's the details Im looking for. Many many thanks.
  6. But the trick question, can i do it off the protocol adapter, or do i have to run my serial back to the intllitouch panel?
  7. So today we have the Pentair wireless connection kit. It basically has an antenna connected to the control box, and goes to back to a wireless box and protocol converter As an example: Pentair Screenlogic Interface & Wireless Connection Kit | 522104 (poolsupplyunlimited.com) Anyway, next to the protocol converter is a EA-1. I was wondering if anyone tapped the protocol converter (Im going out and assuming it might be a RS232 on one side) and go to the EA-1 for C4 integration? thanks.
  8. i thought you implied only some. i'd definately remove all inputs to the amp....see if they still buzz. then i'd check volume levels. It's a little harder, but also confirm only one speaker per terminal. lastly remove all but one. good luck!
  9. 1. Remove all inputs to AMP - do you still hear buzzing? (if so may not have been a grounding loop). 2. swap the connections from a buzzing speaker and non-buzzing speaker. Does the buzz follow the speaker or stay in the room. (if it follows the speaker, it's a speaker issue). The next steps are more time consuming, but first check the OHMS on speakers. I'd also wonder if rooms are cabled in Serial, which changes the resistance. If after 2 buzz stays in a room - do you have in-wall volume control too? this can be an issue. But i'd also remove all connected speakers except the one buzzing. If it's still buzzing and only one speaker one connection and proper resistance, i'd think there's a problem with the AMP. Id also play with the AMP volume, by chance are some rooms maxed and that's where the hum is?
  10. Sounds like a grounding loop. Is the Amp plugged into a seperate outlet than the source devices. If so, try plugging everything into the same outlet.
  11. i'd look to move the switches int he closet to replace dump switches. You can probably do all the work and use a remote dealer to do all your bindings. If you're using your own Sonus speakers in the rooms that already have in-ceiling speakers, that might be a waste (unless the ceiling speaker just suck). Otherwise, you could look to integrate the sonus. (i dont have sonus, but think it's doable).
  12. I'd love to see this working in the opposite direction..... So I can create a Netflix Icon in composer, that runs the Apple Shortcut that calls netflix on the ATV..... or other programmed shortcuts. Otherwise I assume this has a lot of features of using Apple Home with homebridge.
  13. That's not exactly correct. DDNS get you to the "public" IP on your routers. Apple uses icloud to talk to a device on the internal network.
  14. well that original post flew over my head till now.......
  15. Didn't actually ask for a 2nd stream..... but based on what you said, then one could look at the EA-1 as being "incomplete". Think about how many devices, like and ATV or TV that has HDMI and also a Digital or Analog port for the sound (same stream minus video). Not saying i feel C4 is cheating me or screwed up. Just a little thing on my wish list, but more than happy to buy a $10 part.
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