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  1. you may also want to look at Plex + Infuse. Best of both worlds. I think Plex does a much better job maintaining all the library/metadata info, but Infuse will transcode much better.
  2. Well if bluestacks does what a lot of OS emulators do, it's probably just doing a NAT on it's address. In theory C4 app shouldn't know if its local or remote, not sure but thought 4sight is used when the local is unreachable. A good example is on my iPhone if it's on wifi shows LOCAL, on 4g shows remote. I understand the your logic. But my C4 app says local Connected (LOCAL) with bluestacks.. I assumed that mean not using a 4sight connection. Same deal if you use Parallels.....you can connect to a local directory even though parallels uses an internal address vs the network's block.
  3. I'm no expert on Bluestacks, but I did notice that my C4 app shows local connection and the 10.x address of my controller. I can also pull up chrome and access 10.x addresses. I looked no further, but that seems to show it's capable of accessing the local net.
  4. I've been using the homebrige driver since it's beta (http://www.varietassoftware.com/control4/) but that allows HomeKit to access C4 devices. Unfortunately there's no way C4 can access anything unless there's a driver available. Your best bet is to see if there's a generic driver (IFTT?) for your gate that can be used in c4. You could also ask the folks at Varietas if they're know of any possible ways to bring HomeKit to C4.
  5. strangely out of nowhere I had this too. As someone else mentioned, I restarted my controller and all is working again. For some reason, I think this tends to happen when apple releases an updated on the ATV
  6. Hate to say, that really doesn't speak for the 1000s of apps out there. PCALC is well known and it's been around since the time began (im a big fan as its one of the best RPN calculators) and James, the author, even stated it was a formatting issue that slowed him down. He has a dice app that's been ported and more video intensive. And the other app is not from a major well know company. The article did bring good focus to pricing problems, but that's not an issue as you mentioned. Again, I refer to apple arcade..... There's no reason (other than some manpower) that C4 can't look into porting the IOS app to MAC. For all we know, they are......
  7. Do you have a list of all these developers with problems? Reality in cross platform development is that the more complex, the more custom screens you have, etc, the more "tweaking" you may need. Thankfully this is all "macOS" based, not like trying to do cross platform in a windows world. Compiling is as easy as a check box. I don't have anything extremely elaborate that I've developed.. And the few instances I've read with apps being delayed had nothing to do with compiling issues, only screen formatting. Give it a few weeks, there's probably going to be tons of apps. Don't forget, the new Apple Arcade is a great example of the capabilities to cross compile.
  8. Mitch, please....... MOST apps are as simple as hitting a check box in Xcode and recompiling. There are a few reported issues with how applications are displaying on the screen causing some more modifications. The main point is, tools are available for C4 to move forward and provide a MacOS working client without developing from scratch.
  9. Me too I'll stream from the phone until it's native. Don't tell, but I also have SirusXM on my C4.
  10. Sometimes the API is only as good as the feedback through the development cycle. It's hard to place blame...a lot of times the problem is simply a developer calling the API in an unexpected way causing random problems. Somethings it's the API. Hard to say who's at fault not being part of the development team. That said, I run 4 appleTVs at home, have the latest IP drivers and haven't had any problems with the latest apple SW releases. (fingers crossed I didn't curse myself). It have had a few remove disconnect then connect notices on screen. HomeKit has been slowly developing, it wouldn't surprise me if some of the behind the scene development cycles caused problems.
  11. How long before we see a Mac Catalyst version of the iOS App?
  12. you can download IP Scanner from the Mac app Store. There's a free version. If you're not seeing other devices when you have a problem, good chance the switch is bad. If your Mac is a wireless connection, there is a chance the wireless is having a problem.
  13. if you know your IP address of your router, probably or go to a DOS prompt in windows or terminal on Mac and type "ping" followed by the address. If it responds, awesome. There's also a few free tools you could always download. Google network scanner.
  14. Based on everything you said, and the fact you didn't have the POE/Camera prior to the first outage, it could be a switch going bad. Did you change that yet? When you have the outage, have you tried to ping your router and other devices on the network? Good sign its a switch problem when you can't.
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