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  1. Agree, but only if you need and use them. For those rare times we want to turn on something remote, we have a the home bridge app running. (yes hate to say apple makes remote access free and I really love that garage door button in carpplay). And as a reminder, this is just my world......
  2. because FOR ME, the only time it would be used is someone at the pool calling up to the kitchen....... otherwise if we didn't have Ring and used C4 door cameras, etc it's definitely worth it.
  3. If rebooting the appleTV doesn't work, the controller may need to be rebooted. latest IOS 15RC works too.
  4. Just a shame that I'd have to get the yearly 4sight to use it
  5. ekohn00


    As a user myself for 14 years or so, all I could say is stop spending money with this dealer!!!!! As around here for recommendations for some of the dealers, either in your area or maybe get a remote one that can take a look.
  6. I just upgraded my home from 5 Unifi Pros to 3 x Unifi 6 Lite. Not to be technical, but the new Unifi stuff definitely has better signal (thus I have less WAPs) and capable of faster throughput (hello wifi 6). There's a lot of folks here who favor other (cough ruckus) brands of WAPs. But the Unifi is a very cost affective sweet spot for the home user. On big installs with 100s of users, you can't touch a Cisco, Aruba or Rukus solution in security or handling of large users. But for home use, you'll get the same service for a fraction of cost....
  7. I've been lurking here for many years trying to get ideas. Whenever I think about "what can I automate", it comes down to one answer. What do I do repeatedly? Sure there are good ideas, I go set them up...then find I never use them because it's once in a blue moon. What really makes the system worth the effort are the repeatable little things and actions that your wife notices..... Lighting scenes like "backyard-night" that lights up the pool house and backyard. But also the little things, like when you unlock the back door, it turns on lights at night, or off when locking. Also have buttons for "doggie poo-poo" that turn on lights for the dog to see where she goes at night. Buttons for turning of the basement as you walk back upstairs. Again all based on things we do all the time - repeatidly. My wife's a nurse and gets up very early...button for WORK, turn on a dim light in the hallway and kitchen and makes sure there's lights in the driveway, etc.... then turns them all off. Find your patterns is the lesson I've learned.
  8. So I've been looking at both. Im convinced, and think you should recheck, you're probably comparing the Terrace with the Veranda. I personally don't see a comparison, as there veranda doesn't stack up to the terrace. I'd compare a veranda with a plain old simple 4K monitor.... to do a fair comparison the terrace comparable with the signature. If you see a signature for much less than the terrace, let me know where!
  9. I've been looking at the Terrace for a while now, and was amazed that people are saying the sunbrite tv is less, so I just went back and checked assuming I missed something. Here's some facts: The Sunbrite has 3 models, Veranda, Signature and Pro. The Veranda is the cheapest...it's basically a regular tv that's made weather proof. And this is cheaper than the terrace. The Signature is the one that would compete with the Terrace. MSRP on the 55 Signature is about $1000 MORE than the Terrace. The Pro would be the best Sunbrite and will cost you $2500 more than the 55" terrace From what I can tell....you're paying for a really thick glass on the Sunbrites. My kids are old enough not to hit the TV with a hammer and I watch the giants indoors........ And for anyone that watches sports 120Hz Refresh on the Terrace, 60 on the Subright.
  10. I'm with you...... I buy a shinny new UPS too.
  11. The IQ2+ can connect to 5G wifi....go to the panel and check your signal strength. Perhaps it's getting kicked every now and then.
  12. APC support is awesome, worth asking a question. Normally with an old UPS you could just get a new battery and save $$$....but being it's just shutting down, I'd check with APC first. PS....And probably the first thing to check.... A UPS may have problems being on a circuit that goes to a generator. It's possible since the generator is new, the UPS is being "triggered". You may need a UPS that has a generator line mode.
  13. read above.....he's in direct sunlight.... sunbright has 3 models, I think, ...yes the cheap model is less than Samsung, but is for shade only.
  14. Look at the Samsung Terrace outdoor TVs and save some money....
  15. No it's definitely set for Fahrenheit... there must be some sensor that's looking at temp and battery level that blew...
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