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  1. Depending on your firewall/Router, consider a VPN instead. MUCH MUCH safer.
  2. I really really really hope, but not holding my breath.
  3. I can't say I've had any reliability issues in the past. I probably just cursed it.
  4. its fast, noticeably faster. But slower than HomeKit, so I wouldn't go as Really-Fast.
  5. see if you can change the channels. things like this also happen with conflicts.
  6. These should be good APs and very popular. I'd first make sure your Cisco is running latest SW versions and all the setting for roaming are selected. You didn't say, but is each AP hard wired back to a switch?
  7. if you tie it into Control4, you have a number of ways to access. Native Ecobee app, Ecobee Webpage or Control4. All work remotely, assuming you have C4 subscription. Ecobee doesn't need a subscription for remote access.
  8. Ecobee looks better (IMHO), Has more settings and is Saving me money over time vs control4 (some will argue this). The savings easily paid for driver.
  9. Well if you're going to add 4K to an EA, please add Plex
  10. Instead of relying on the door's auto lock, why not create a new timer in composer? Remember that timer is there for people who don't have control4 too. So every X minutes composer will lock the door IF door is closed. You can even expand this further depending on needs....We stay out in the yard late at night so you can lock all doors under the timer but no the backyard if people are present and lights are on.
  11. I'm using Gen3 and 4k. So far so good. One of the earlier betas required random resets to connect my 260 remote for the 4K. I still have to test todays beta, fingers crossed. Strangely Gen3 seem to be the most stable for me. You might try removing all your C4 drivers, change the name of the apple device's airplay name and reinstall.
  12. what I am saying is it's not the job of a firewall to block or allow traffic between VLANs. Or at least that is what I meant to say. Need coffee....
  13. I might have read your original post in haste. I thought you said the function is what allows crossing VLANs. Let's take VLANs out of the discussion. The Allowed Networks function basically allows the composer to communicate with devices on different subnets, nothing more. Your network infrastructure (whither using VLANS or not) still needs to provide the routing.
  14. go back and re-read my questioning of a statement. I was pointing out that an app can not select VLAN routing (in theory, unless it's acting as a router, in which case it doesn't work throughout the network infrastructure). Basically what I'm stating is in a working infrastructure with VLANs separating "users", there's no way composer can select which VLANS it wants will use unless specifically given access to the VLAN. And your remarks are half right. you don't need a firewall to to prevent un-necessary traffic between VLANs. Firewalls are VLAN agnostic. (yes I know there are home FWs like a Unifi USG that have VLAN settings....this is router/switch functionality).
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