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  1. Found these guys when I got tired of cost creep. https://www.geoarm.com
  2. Not sure if I read anyone who posted this, but I wasn't able to use Cat 5 successfully to extend video. That said, we only tried once and can't even remember the gear used. When pushing 4K UltraHD video over Cat 5, distance, connectors, crimps are very important to keep track of.
  3. The coax provides the network connection. Im fairly certain you have the option for wifi on the Minis (I'm not using them). I'd do a couple of things... make sure you have the latest driver. The driver has 1 IP address when it's set up, and that's the IP of the controller - make sure it's always reachable and unique - use a fixed address, and make sure connectivity between the controller and genie is "perfect" and hopefully same subnet/vlan, etc. Next - go change the " network" name of a room or two on the minis. I had a problem when I switched to the 4k minis and changed the name - that seemed to work. Outside of that, hope AT&T finds a better replacement for directv - cause I think it's slowly going to die.
  4. are your mini's wired or wifi? the only times I've had problems is when the network has problems (thankfully no many).
  5. No idea what’s right....couldn’t find it on HPs site.
  6. I did. I got https://www.cnet.com/products/hp-laserjet-pro-200-color-mfp-m276nw/
  7. I think that printer does have WAP2..... but if not or unsure, your best option might be to use the ethernet port on it (direct wire). Don't even have to connect to a PC... Another thing to check if all else fails, have your "programmer" (I prefer IT dude and not to insult programmers) set up a SSID that ONLY does 2.4 on the and has no internet access on the inside WAPs...... You didn't say, but just in case, I'm fairly sure that if your outside and inside WAPs have the same SSID but different controllers (vendors), you're going to have problems.
  8. Are you using the new driver, because I don't thin you enter the IP address. It uses the HomeKit name of the appletv.
  9. unless what I've missed what you're asking, that's been around for years.....
  10. I might be looking at the wrong device, but mine identifies with 4 pushes. Reset by holding button and reconnect power - release when LED turns amber.
  11. It might be a bit more tedious to set up at first, but the static is there to prevent countless hours of trouble resolution. Personally I don't see it being tedious to get devices up and running using DHCP and then change them to static. A few more steps, but simple. There are also a lot of home routers that don't do reservations.... Not to mention if you had to swap your router you'd have to redo all that work.
  12. Actually static is safer with swapping gear, since you won’t make a mistake by changing the wrong reservation. If you swap gear, you just reuse the gears up address. most likely you’ve used a static- your router typically has a static. best practice on network gear is to use static - it prevents network problems for when dhcp servers crash or become unreachable
  13. Everyone has a preference, but it’s better to have network equipment, servers, etc use static addresses. It prevents a lot of problems. Or like a router that goes down and take the addresses with it.
  14. Most likely scenario for this is a power failure. if your router and switches crash at the same time you got serious problems.
  15. You just proved proved everyone's point, who's been disagreeing with you, using this example. This is exactly what a lot of control4 dealer do.... You go to Apple and spend $XXXX dollars for a laptop and you're happy. You could also go to an apple dealer and spend the same money on the laptop..... Since C4 doesn't sell direct, you do to the dealer and but the hardware. End of story. If the dealer wants to mark it up from list because he's adding service that's not well defined or needed by you tell him and if you can't operate it, then go to another dealer. There are plenty of dealers that would sell just the hardware. Of course you probably need to spend some money to have someone add the hardware to your project..
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