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  1. Just drag the rooms in the design tree window. Definitely works in 3.0
  2. 1st ask yourself which is more important in your house, having wired ethernet (vs wireless) or mini apps. If you have weak signals or stream 4k you may want to stay with wired Ethernet. If 1 touch access to Netflix, vs a few clicks to choose the app, and there's no problem with wireless, then Roku is an option. I have a number of AppleTVs....don't really miss the mini apps at all (though it would be nice) and use both wired and wireless with them. And I use my C4 remotes withe the appleTV. ps.... I have the Samsung - but don't like to use it for streaming. For shits and giggles I played around with the "smart" features. There was a noticeable difference with using the TV's internal apps vs AppleTV. (speed and quality). I use my Samsung only for the picture...it's a dumb tube for me.
  3. Another SWAG, but based on the age of CPUs and development, maybe it has to do with 32bit vs 64bit compatibility???? The apple environments have moved to a 64bit only way of life in the latest versions.
  4. just a SWAG, but I would assume this is all about securing devices and the OS more appropriately, especially as the OS changes/matures. Remote controlling a device is a cyber nightmare in general. Yet we need access for C4 integration.
  5. There is a Version 111 AppleTV 4k IP driver available. That said, I'm using the new driver, and you're correct it does require and EA. I can also say it is working with iOS13, though today's beta might change that. I'd go IR before ripping out the system.
  6. yes it is..... the way you asked, I thought there was a driver I missed....
  7. Janky definitely, but I'll look into the network too. I will say one main thing is getting zone 1 to play, but zone 2 won't is definitely an AMP issue.
  8. Are you asking if the room is bound properly?
  9. Hi Folks, Currently we have a pool house that has an EA1 providing Sirius & airplay to a Denon that drives 3 pairs of speakers. Physically EA1 goes HDMI to an HDMI audio extractor and plugs in via RCA jacks to the Denon. This is a pretty shitty solution......speaker aren't terminated correctly (Denon is a 2 zone amp) and we're lucky when Airplay or Sirius works. I'm looking for some suggestions for a replacement of denon that would allow a good C4 baed solution. Was thinking of a control4 4 channel amp on eBay....but wanted to check with some other ideas. I also realize with the EA1 the only audio I'm getting is via an HDMI port.. thanks!
  10. Same here....EA5 and does take some time to launch app and have access to devices.
  11. No problems on my side. It's either that I'm using dark mode or Beta 2.
  12. I don't seem to have this problem on 10.15 or ios13....can you say more of what you're seeing?
  13. I'm at 7 AP plus one with a wireless uplink....no problem roaming here.
  14. I'm probably in the minority, but appleTV. - use my C4 remote get Plex, Netflix, Amazon, Directv Now, etc, etc. Big difference for me is the apple ecosystem...we also airplay (when no other devices) and Apple Music. Otherwise, I think Ruko is less expensive.
  15. obviously, but there are no specifics available on what's needed for composer.
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