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  1. Years ago I almost walked away from Control4, as it was nearly impossible to find a dealer who was responsive. That said, I ended up working with a fairly new company. 10+ years later, the owner still finds a way to answer the random questions that pop up here and there. Based on buying only one remote and a lock over the last few years, I doubt I'm profitable for him, but he still provides great service. I'd like to make sure he's around for many more decades....so anyone looking for a Platinum Dealer in the Norther VA area, feel free to PM me for his contact.
  2. Is this the new driver that works with Apple Bridge? I can't find an auto-on setting?? thanks.
  3. I don't have it, but if he doesn't install the apple bridge driver or know what it is, just get a new dealer. There's tons of folks here who mention the driver.
  4. They could have updated the driver, but there's no way it would've worked. If memory serves.... There is actually 2 drivers to install. The first is Apple Bridge, then a AppleTV driver per device. The Apple Bridge has a setup code for HomeKit. Do this first. Once this is setup, then you can go into appletv turn on airplay (don't forget to give each one a room name) and pair the remotes. I also think you need to also need to Open the Control4 iOS app and enable Apple TV Integration. If your dealer questions any of this, there's a number of fairly good ones on this board.........
  5. A couple of things to help... especially if your installer just said I pushed the new driver....... if you only have one "appletv" showing and the IR works, you don't have the new IP driver. Also, he would have to give you the HomeKit accessory setup code.
  6. I have a Marantz 8805 with the AppleTV 4K. No problems with screen saver. I'd make sure your TV is dumb mode and not using CEC. Same on the Marantz side. Control4 would have absolutely nothing to do with it, as it's not in the signal path between your TV and APPLETV.
  7. Gotta say....COOL! I'd probably take a leap into more home bridge integration, but frankly I like using a remote when watching tv. I do control anything that uses manually activated lights and scenes with my iphone using apples app. It's rare that I would launch the C4 app at all. Thanks to Veritas, I can do a lot of automation (shut lights off an lock doors at 12PM) then use apple's app to unlock the door or open and close the garage.....it's all about flexability!
  8. Hi Folks, I know a lot of folks are using Tapatalk and was hoping to get some ideas on a problem. If I try to reply to a post I get an error saying I don't have permissions to reply. I also don't get any messages. At one point I was getting an error to check with my Forums administrator. I can't find any setting that I could relate to Tapatalk on the forum. I also cleared and resisted c4forums in Tapatalk with no joy. Any thoughts why this is happening? thanks.
  9. It would be nice if C4 had full integration with HomeKit, the C4 iOS app is just to slow for my taste and we use HomeKit for quick access to lights, locks, etc. However, Josh's Veritas app on my pi is just perfect!!!! And he deserves the income from creating homebridge. If C4 or Josh wanted.....we could really really use the something in HomeKit that mimics a C4-remote for controlling TV/DirectTV/ETC that are defined in C4. That might be the holly grail. Unfortunately the home bridge add ons just didn't seem polished.
  10. Are you talking about the homebridge plugin from varietos? That most excellent system allows Apple HomeKit to see your C4 lights and some other stuff. You will still need it as this update seems to just change the appletv driver to use AirPlay. It doesn’t work with anything else. (As far as I can tell)
  11. what's the name of the new driver? please All I can find is the AppleTV (Gen 1-3)[IP] which I just realized is probably not it. thanks.
  12. I'm looking at the new apple Bridge driver. Not sure what does it do? is this a replacement for Sharebridge?
  13. I'd have to second the Ubiquiti. I have a fairly decent size home setup. Running 7 Access points, 2 of which are outside (I go wireless to a pool house). We also have 6 switches in place, most doing POE to AP and some POE devices. I've had no problems with Macs, PC, Rasperry PI, Control4, Ring, Ecobee, etc. I also us the USG-PRO (their firewall). I have the cloudkey (management platform) and run all myself. I personally think Cisco would be overkill in cost and complexity. Not keen on Zyxel, and never use any of the others mentioned. Unifi doesn't seem to have any problems with VLANS (I played with them), and quite honestly I don't see the need for VLANS in a home network. But that's just me, I like to keep things simple.
  14. From comments, I understand that the problem seems to follow IP control. But what are your saying about the menu and "drop"???
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