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  1. I will have to look at this. It's much easier for my family to chose listen thru C4 for a zone then go to the sonos app to control apple music
  2. Exactly.... Now my sonos can be dedicated to Apple music. All I would like is an easy way to select it in the listen menu. We would use the sonos app itself for controlling content selection
  3. one good thing - SiriusXM add music driver will allow the US stream in Canada!! Now...I can change Sonos from SIrius XM to Apple music. I need it almost like an experience button but a listen option. There must be a way to have it as a listen source. I understand that once I chose it, I will have to switch over to the sonos app to control apple music itself.
  4. So how do people chose listen and a sonos source if it can't be put in the listen menu?
  5. There is no way to do this. You cannot put Sonos services on the control for listen menu any longer so that's why my listen says sirius but it goes thru sonos. It's been renamed. Do you think I could have a second instance of the sonos driver but rename it in listen as Apple music?
  6. Yes it is. I just want to add it to my listen list. We are okay to use the sonos app but need a way to select it quickly from listen. Right now my sonos is for Sirius as I'm located in Canada but have a US sirius account. If someone could tell me that I can use a sirius USA account with native c4 sirius then that would be a great surprise.
  7. Quick question... if we have added Apple music to sonos, will the sonos driver or sonos connect automatically pick it up? I ask because it hasn't
  8. Honestly...not convinced. I've also done the cheap TV outside for years. I got the full shade (cheapest series) thinking my gazebo would provide enough shade but the sunlight leaks in and creates glare. It's on a swivel arm so I can kinda troubleshoot it.
  9. We have the sunbrite veranda 4k hdr tv. We have two issues. 1. Volume control. We have the IP driver. Using the sr-260 we can only get the volume up/down to respond 15% of the time. Anyone else have issues with it? My integrator wants to change to the IR driver but then I lose 2-way feedback. I only want IP controlled TVs. 2. 4k not displaying with Netflix. I have roku ultra into a JAP system. Prime and plex play 4k30 hdr. Mind you its 4k30 hdr due to JAP limitations. When using netflix we can only watch at 1080p. I have a 4k account. It shows HDR tag but not UHD tag.
  10. I'd like to mount a 6 button keypad in my gazeebo. Does anyone have a weather proof bracket or external encloure for this? It's being mounted on the frame so it will be sticking out and not inset into the wood post...ie surface mount
  11. I'm looking at the F868L-ORB would this have bidirectional communication?
  12. I make the call group thru programming. See the jump coding. Each announcement group lowvol, Lowvol excludeMB, normal vol, normal vol exclude MB has been set up in the announcement agent with volumes set. It's currently calling 7 TS and 5 TVs
  13. Not receiving push direct from doorbird. What do you mean by that? The programming works sometimes. I was wondering if it was too complex for the ea5 processor. I guess I should keep my programming and not use any of the new features in the driver itself. Any ideas why it doesn't work all the time? Should I change my TS camera jump to 5 TS only? I don't use the doorbird v2 for the jump and do it by programming and snapshots
  14. I have the new (updated) doorbird driver installed by my installer. However due to the issues with doorbird they are not warrantying the install. I know the new driver is supposed to simplify the programming such as call groups and executing the announcement. I'm on OS 2.10.6 Prior the the driver upgrade, I had programmed 4 specific scenarios based on time of delay and manual exclusion of a room by keypad button press. 1. If between 6pm and 7am and Master bedroom is excluded 2. If between 6pm and 7am and master bedroom is NOT excluded 3. If between 7:01am and 5:59pm and Master bedroom is excluded 4. If between 7:01am and 5:59pm and Master bedroom is NOT excluded Can this programming be replicated by V2 of the driver or should I keep my programming as is (see attached)? Is there a maximum number of TS that I can send the DB camera feed to? We want to see the video feed prior to answering the call. I read somewhere that 5 is the max. I would say 75% of the time my TS show a black screen during a DB doorbell press (the doorbird buttons such as answer still show up (less than 50%) but no picture). Is there a processing power issue with my programming? All my TV have an EA1 for OSD. I've programmed a camera jump with audio/video snapshot for the TVs to show a feed from the front door hikvision feed. Again this works less than 50% of the time - we either get a grey processing circle or just a blank screen. One thing I have noticed that if I execute the programming or physically press the doorbell then I don't always get the icons that show up on the TS. If I go into the V2 driver and select simulate doorbell then I alway do. Any ideas??? Help greatly appreciated PS the DB app never fires a push on any of our android or iOS devices. That's another issue
  15. Which displays are those? 4k hdr? Ip control. Are you using JAP or something else? I like the idea of 2 H x 4W as then can have central 2x2 and 4 other flanking shows..sports bar Ive been trying to plan it with a central 75 or 85" set and 4 flanking monitors but cannot get the bezels to link up to have one giant screen.
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