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  1. does something like https://www.2nusa.com/en_US/products/intercoms/2n-helios-ip-verso/touch-keypad require a separate 2n controller or does the c4 driver let it act as a simple keypad??
  2. Was hoping for something simple like a Yale keypad with no dead bolt
  3. Unfortunately this would not work. I need something I can install in the external cladding beside the door to replace the old school manufactuter keypad
  4. Looking to swap out my external garage door opener keypad with something c4 compatible. Need: Wall mountable, battery operated, water resistant/proof Idea is to use separate codes for each door, but also trigger other programming if other codes entered. Eventhough I have no August locks, can their keypad be used for general access control?
  5. You need to consult for my installer. Are you based in Canada?
  6. Yes I have Cisco #1 via sfp+ to cisco#2. Then both Cisco #2 and #3 into router via sfp+.
  7. All three Cisco switches are L3 capable but only operating as simple switches. No vlans, qos, etc. I could be wrong but it's my understanding that the intranet traffic will pass thru the router. Ie ea5 to Cisco switch#1 to router to Cisco jap switch and NOT ea5 to cisco switch #1 to cisco jap switch.
  8. I currently have a Mikrotik router https://mikrotik.com/product/CCR1036-8G-2SplusEM and 1 gig internet service. My router does my switching and handles a VPN connection with a dedicated computer and ethernet cable. It has 2 SFP+ ports and 8 x 1 gig ethernet ports. I have 3 cisco switches - 10Gbase-T and POE - all with SFP+ connections between them. One is for my JAP install and the rest are for the network. They connect to each other then to the router. I was looking to offload the switching from my router to a Top-of-rack switch and have all SFP+ interconnected network. I would connect all my cisco switches via SFP+ to this new switch. I also want to upgrade my ruckus three R710 to R850. I've found two different poe++ Nbase-T small switches to use for them. Both have sfp+ as well for connecting to the top-of-rack switch. Yes this is overkill but I love this stuff. I have a minilab with two computers that have dual port SFP+ cards - one port on each is used as a direct connect between them. I would use the other port on main server to connect to the new switch and the other port on the second computer to connect to the second SFP+ router port for the VPN connection. This second computer doesn't need access to my network..ideally it is firewalled off the main network. I know C4 doesn't like managed switches. I decided against VLANs to avoid complicating things. I'm looking to maximize switching speeds and reduce network hops. I've found: https://mikrotik.com/product/crs326_24s_2q_rm - 24 sfp+ and 2 qsfp+ https://www.fs.com/products/108710.html - 20 SFP+, 4 x SFP28 and 2 qsfp+ I need switches that have a GUI as I cannot program CLI. I guess two questions - 1. Will a network like this cause any headaches with C4 2. Anyone tackle a project like this?
  9. This is what I have in all my rooms https://www.supplyhouse.com/Tekmar-084-Indoor-Sensor-Flush-Mount-7953000-p Allows my zoned carrier system and zones tekmar system to get accurate temps
  10. If android - delete cache, delete app data, open app and setup as new again. I fought no push for 6 months before I figured this simple fix out
  11. Fixed - so when you uninstall an android app, the data remain. Messing around with deleting cache and c4 app data WORKED! It didn't delete the c4 app, I just launched and I saw a first time use screen I hadn't seen with all my other uninstalling of the app. Plugged in my account info and bang - working push.
  12. one thing I have learned - if I open the door, the alarm panel shows not ready BUT my C4 touchscreen says READY and also shows the zones icon with a "1" above it which states there is a zone in error. Shouldn't C4 recognize this state as Not ready to arm??? It's not a concord - its a NV-8E
  13. Control4 properties say firmware 5.38 No other info How do I enter the menu on alarm keypad? I tried 9 then master code then 010 but it just armed the system The outside covers of the equipment say NV-8E and Networx NX-4V2
  14. How do I find this out? In c4 or at the alarm panel?
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