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  1. There are some TVs already out that support it. ATSC 3.0 TVs
  2. Remember that Atsc 3.0 is coming - uhd ota and want to future proof for it.
  3. How will people on 2.10.6 get these TS updates?
  4. There is three-dimensional non-touch fingerprint scanners but they are not cost friendly.
  5. Does anyone have experience with invixium? They have IP drivers for their finger print stations. Does the driver allow for enrolling? Would likely need standalone units unless there is a central controller for multiple units (looking for 2 doors). I just need the smallest and most basic unit.
  6. Some further research Doorbird with fingerprint reader I currently have a DB but it hasn't worked properly in years. Their app doesn't register a doorbell press on any of our iOS or android devices. I have intercom anywhere and no calls come thru using it either. It does partially work locally (only some TS and camera jumps work).
  7. I have 8 points of entry which all have Yale c4 locks. Instead of typing a code, I'd like to use a third party finger print reader (likely will need to be battery powered and Wi-Fi) for access at the most commonly used 2 doors. I'm looking to spead up unlocking if possible. I guess I would have to setup a server to act as access granting and then need to send a unlock command to Yale via c4 driver. Any ideas or solutions come to mind? I thought about the ip camera facial recognition driver or license plate reading driver but I'm looking for a works everytime solution. Maybe a hidden RFID or NFC reader in the wall (prevents stolen cell and Bluetooth geofencing unlocking) but this then requires taking the phone out of pocket/purse and holding up to the hidden sensor. That effort might be more than typing in a four digit code. I think the finger print is the best option with today's technology.
  8. I will have to look at this. It's much easier for my family to chose listen thru C4 for a zone then go to the sonos app to control apple music
  9. Exactly.... Now my sonos can be dedicated to Apple music. All I would like is an easy way to select it in the listen menu. We would use the sonos app itself for controlling content selection
  10. one good thing - SiriusXM add music driver will allow the US stream in Canada!! Now...I can change Sonos from SIrius XM to Apple music. I need it almost like an experience button but a listen option. There must be a way to have it as a listen source. I understand that once I chose it, I will have to switch over to the sonos app to control apple music itself.
  11. So how do people chose listen and a sonos source if it can't be put in the listen menu?
  12. There is no way to do this. You cannot put Sonos services on the control for listen menu any longer so that's why my listen says sirius but it goes thru sonos. It's been renamed. Do you think I could have a second instance of the sonos driver but rename it in listen as Apple music?
  13. Yes it is. I just want to add it to my listen list. We are okay to use the sonos app but need a way to select it quickly from listen. Right now my sonos is for Sirius as I'm located in Canada but have a US sirius account. If someone could tell me that I can use a sirius USA account with native c4 sirius then that would be a great surprise.
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