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  1. Is there a point to updating the driver?
  2. Looks awesome. I'm waiting to see what happens in the next 6 months before deciding on Josh vs Amazon vs Google home voice and C5
  3. I have 10 Hik Cameras thru a POE switch. I also have the DS-9632NI-I8 NVR. I can see the cameras individually in C4. I supposedly have the C4 firmware for my NVR. I have camera jumps based on programing and live view on TS/OSD and don't want to break this. Am I able to upgrade the NVR firmware to the latest Hik firmware. It won't be the c4 specialized one.
  4. Happened to me last week. Guess we all got a bad batch. Dealer replaced with no cost to me
  5. I'm talking about the old rs-232 integration with the SAM module. I thought it was more robust. I'm not sure if it's the driver in the C4 database or not. I understand the IP driver is not existent
  6. I have a zoned carrier infinity system. I have the two SAM modules installed. Does my installer use the carrier driver in the C4 database or the homenation driver?
  7. In the schedule itself, it is activating an advanced lighting scene
  8. I have it bound to the chowmain outlet driver and have programing setup thru scheduling. They are not bound to key pad or physical switch. When I'm in the properties of the experience driver, it only shows me keypad buttons or schedules. I bound on to Christmas on schedule and off to the Christmas off schedule. This is not working. The lights are physically on but the tree is not lit up. When I toggle the tree on my TS nothing happens
  9. I have Tp-link outlets where my tree and garland are plugged into. I'm struggling to set up this experience button. Does it have to be bound to a keypad button or light switch? I have my lights come on as a scheduled event. I just thought it would be cool thr have the Christmas tree icon on the touchscreens for instant access
  10. Anyone have a 2x2 video wall with residential TVs? With cyber Monday sales here in Canada, the 65" xbr900h is on for 1399 plus tax. 95% of the time we would watch as one giant screen. I already have a JAP install for my other tvs but would want a 4k60 hdr image. Any other tilers out there that can do this? Or I look at the LG or samsung UST with 120" image. Would still need a tiler to split the image into 4 for sports. This might actually be cheaper as its one receiver instead or 4. What do people think? Covid isn't going anywhere soon so lots more home movie time.
  11. I'm also experencing no push notifications for the last 3 weeks. On 2.10.6. 4sight is active. No other changes in drivers or programing. Does C4 know about this? Rebooted controlled multiple times. Still no fix.
  12. The wall is double acoustical drywall - so 4 x the normal drywall thickness. Not so easy to patch and repair. We don't have any left over. My installer knew my plan but why they installed the speaker where they did....??? I should have picked up on it but was dealing with a million other build issues at the time.
  13. Can the jap tiler take a ust projector and break up the projected single source nto 4 different sources? Any have suggestions for the 4 flanking TVs with minimal bezel to go around a 85" Sony tv with the total height between the two flanking and 85" being similar
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