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  1. Check out: Netgear M4500 Cepro article Cepro netgear These 100g/50g/25g/10g switches already can be preconfigured for baluns such as JAP. However I'm hoping balun manufacturers will update their tech as these switches would allow 8k uncompressed video and lossless audio over IP. The 8k soc already exists: Realtek More articles: Ravepubs
  2. I'm using the TS in the respective room. I manually backspace and delete the text and type the new text.
  3. I also have an issue but it has been there since the driver was installed. When choosing listen I can type a message and it plays in the kitchen. The weather driver announces the weather every morning in the kitchen. However, in all other rooms, I choose listen and type in the message then it either plays over the kitchen speakers or doesn't play in the selected room at all. All other audio sources (sonos, cable boxes,) and audio from watch sources play in their respective rooms with no issue. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks guys. Will pass along to my integrator. The 2019 shield looks good with both atmos and vision (jap can't pass along vision though). We like the direct app launching on roku and since we have two, system is smart to automatically use the other if the first is in use. Can shield be setup this way as well?
  5. I currently have a large JAP setup at home. Sources include 2 x OPPO 203 (1 in rack and 1 local with back fed audio to receiver atmos zone), 2 x roku ultra, 3 x dtv hr24, 2x cable DVR, 1 ext source as needed (ie game system or computer for presentation). Roku is used for plex, prime tv, Netflix. All (9) displays but one are Sony 4k uhd smart tv, other is 80" sharp 1080p non-smart. I have backed up all of my uhd discs using makemkv as hevc uhd 4k hdr. Issues: 1. JAP hdr 30hz mode is not working. The roku boxes which use plex to watch backups will not detect the 4k 30hz hdr. The highest resolution they will display is 4k non-hdr. All of my 4k movies are displaying as white-washed on the screen. This is a known issue with roku and plex. Cannot transcode hdr to sdr. I need to fix jap to output 30hz hdr. Installer is not sure they can get it fixed. Potential fix? My installer told my that I'm the only one using a jap system. Most people are using smart-tv apps for Netflix, roku, plex 4k uhd hdr. This would work for my non 5.1 or atmos zones. None of my tv's currently have hdmi 2.1 eARC for outputting atmos from the tv. My installer suggests using the arc or toslink audio out from the tv back the audio matrix via audio over IP. For my 5.1 and atmos zones I would need to move my 2 roku's from the central rack and mount them behind the TV. I have roku ultra so there is a toslink but that won't do Dolby truehd or atmos. I would need to split the HDMI coming out of the roku using hdfury VERTEX 4K60 4:4:4 600MHZ and back feed the audio to the central rack receivers using Audio over IP box with atmos support. This woukd get me audio for the multi-channel zone but I would also need to get it into the control4 audio matrix so I can share the audio with multiple other non-multi-channel zones. Think party mode with one screen but multiple audio zones. How would I do this? I also lose the ability to have multiple video zones sharing one roku source...think video party mode. However I would still need a partial JAP system for my DTV x3, cable boxes x2 and external source x1. We aren't doing 4k DTV or cable...yet. I feel like: this will be an expensive change; waste of a 20k Jap install; overly complicate things. I just wish JAP, like most of the HD over IP upgraded to provide full 4:4:4 60hz HDR with dual audio output atmos and downsampled. Are there any other suggestions?
  6. Will be testing tomorrow and let you know
  7. How do you deal with a zoned system. I have 3 air-handlers, 4 a/c units and multiple zones. We have tekmar in-wall temp probes home run back to the server room.
  8. Quick question - the same weather has been playing everyday. Ie "Good Morning, Its Nov 23...". I check the LUA output and it has the Nov 23 weather. I cleared it and fetched the current weather and it is now uptodate. I guess we will see tomorrow if it updates or not. Can anyone think of a reason why it kept playing the same weather daily?
  9. I would also be interestED in a working driver
  10. I'm trying to copy this. Using the event When the Weather has been updated...I go to the device actions for the dark sky driver, there are no conditionals listed. IE it is blank. I can't select if weather in 3 hours equals... Shivam found a bug as I'm on 2.10.6. I wonder if this is another bug
  11. I thought I was following the documentation. Will PM
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