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  1. @South Africa C4 user I'm still on 2.10.6. Not ready to go to 3.1 yet
  2. I have to double check but it is version 1.00. Do you know the latest version?
  3. I have the houselogix driver for hikvision and the NvR with c4 firmware. Do I need a different driver?
  4. This can't be very complicated. I know it's not a jump to camera but I cannot find any other function capture the image as a still
  5. Do you mean my dealer will be linked or the remote programmer will be linked?
  6. Got it fixed - authentication needs to be digest and not basic. I have the snap shot URL but am sure how to program to take the snapshot and send it. I pasted the URL into an email notification message and I get the URL in the body and not the photo itself
  7. I wish C4 would allow for dealer info and a separate spot for a remote programmer on our customer profile. I don't want to remove my dealer as they still help me with new equipment and the monitor my system remotely but I also have the need for a remote programmer for some complex programming that my dealer doesn't have time for
  8. How do I fix "bad creds" ? Do you mean login and password for the IP camera?
  9. I went into the camera properties in monitoring and found "get snapshot URL". I tested it and it failed error 401 unauthorized. My cameras are plugged into a cisco switch and I have the houselogix HikVision NVR driver. I can see the cameras and feed on the C4 OSD and my popups work on my touchscreen when a door bell is pressed. Just can't seem to figure out how to send a still image via push or email
  10. Hi I have an exterior motion detector. I'd like it to push a snapshot of an image from the Hikvision IP camera in the area when motion is sensed. I cannot figure out where to take the snapshot of the IP camera image. I looked at the action panel for the camera and there is no option to take snapshot or store image. I'm on 2.10.6. I think I have to use the email notification as push doesn't allow images?
  11. Ok, best to wait for next year's atsc 3.0 and a driver for direct app launching. Sticking with the roku ultras I have
  12. Are there direct app launchers like the roku driver?
  13. Has anyone looked at the TiVo edge? Of course in Canada we get the 500gb version instead of 2tb. It has 4k HDR hr10,HLG,DV and atmos. I wonder what version of Atsc it has as 3.0 was just announced last year for over-the-air 4k streaming. I don't see the mention of IP control. TiVo edge antenna
  14. ERDrPC


    Sounds awesome
  15. Take a look at what Elan just released...https://www.elanhomesystems.com/intelligent-touch-panels Face recognition with Alexa built in. We needs some of this
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