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  1. My dealer added the Door Auto-Lock driver by @RyanE I'm using HE but cannot find where to configure the driver or program using the driver. It doesn't show up in agents or programming. My goal is to have it as green for locked and red for unlocked. I want to have it show up in the first security screen without going into the locks & sensors sub menu on a bunch of TS. One thing my dealer told me is that the timer won't start unless the door is opened or closed, meaning if we unlock the door and then walk away without opening the door or without re-locking the door then it will not auto lock. Any ideas how to program around this since the Yale auto-lock has to be turned off to use this driver??
  2. I opened my garage door and stuck a recycling box in the way of the safety sensor. The door couldn't autoclose and sent my first notification which included video of the IP camera on my TV and ts, push to my devices, audio announcement. 36 second later because it still open, the second macro (which calls itself) ran with just push and audio announcement. I let it loop 5 times then I closed the door by pressing the button. The only thing I haven't incorporated yet and doubt I will is the door trying to autoclose with each announcement. I want it to try once and if there is an error, I want someone to physically look at what's happening and press the button to close the door once the issue is resolved. Once I closed the garage door - the announcement stopped.
  3. @RyanE yes! For the win. I loose a little functionality but gain the experience buttons
  4. That's why I was going to program on the conditional of the alarm door open contact then turn off auto lock. However this functionality is not available with the current c4 Yale driver. The work around suggested will work but then I cannot quickly change the time for the autolock. It will be fixed as per the programming.
  5. It's a nested call. Although I'm an MD, I have a minor in comp sci. I always find it difficult to relate traditional programming to c4 programming. What I can tell you is that it works perfectly. I will make the change from delay to timer though.
  6. Thanks for that. I was hoping for a Yale specific method as I often change the duration of the autolock for different events / contractors, etc. I won't be able to do that.
  7. Can any of the dealers tell me if this is possible? If not, who wrote the Yale driver? Who would I contact to add this to the driver?
  8. Ok - tell me if this will work...afraid of causing an infinite loop In the original code Recall snapshot delay 40 sec if garage closed end if garage open invoke macro infinite door fail Macro - infinite door fail send push notification snapshot audio and video play announcement recall snapshot delay 40 sec if garage open invoke macro infinite door fail {the calls the current macro again} if garage closed end
  9. i have a contact closure in all doors that I want to do this with. My question is on the Yale side
  10. Steamist does. Steam and normal shower control. There is a driver. Not IFTTT.
  11. This code is currently it's own macro. So this new timer would go after the recall snapshot audio. This means that the repeat announcement would occur over the current audio? I guess I could take the video and audio snapshot again, execute announcement East garage, skip all the camera jumps, delay 5 seconds then recall audio. This would be the loop that repeats. I guess I'm having trouble seeing how it will continue to repeat more than once. I want it repeat infinitely every 40 seconds until the garage is closed. Side note: when recalling a snapshot - I'm only recalling the audio. I never noticed that I'm not recalling the video separately. But it all seems to work??
  12. I'm sure everyone has had this issue - you have an autolock setup and the deadbolt is triggered to lock although the door is still open and when closed the deadbolt leaves a no-so-nice imprint in the door casing. I thought this would be easy to program to prevent IF door open Turn off auto lock However I cannot find a turn off autolock as an option in the Yale lock programming options. I could try "unlock" which should keep the deadbolt in the unlocked state once the door is open. But I still think the autolock will toggle the deadbolt closed.
  13. I've set up my garage auto close programming. If the garage fails to close after the auto-attempts then a push notification is sent out, audio announcement is made and camera jump is done. This all happens once. I'd like the audio announcement only to recur every 40 seconds until the garage changes state to closed. I guess I'm trying to setup a loop within the macro. I'd love some help. The rest of programming works
  14. Not sure what changed but notifications are working again
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