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  1. Thanks - I will test this weekend
  2. Is there a specific freq audio file that you use for the dogs
  3. Do these new favorites replace experience buttons. Ie moving the door lock to the front page as a favorite. It can show lock and unlock status now as well as toggling it for usage.
  4. So to answer your question - all of the zones are named and numbered in the alarm panel. They seem to be in C4 as well when you look at the properties and zones picture above. However, they are not listed under programming in the security alarm. All that is listed is Home security with its variables below, partition 2 to 8 below it. The water flood sensors have their own sensors so I guess that's what you mean with respect to binding into C4
  5. I've spoken to my dealer and he is not sure where to get the info from. I'm hoping you superstars will have an idea. Does each zone have to have an alarm drive bound to it. I have lot of zones and my dealer didn't set it up that way
  6. Anything about upgrading the resolution of the cameras on the 4 screen and 4k gui?
  7. Bump... anyone have any idea where I can get the info for which zone caused the alarm not to arm?
  8. What if there are multiple zones not ready? Ie more than one window open?
  9. I'm trying to setup push notifications where I can send the name of the zone that was in trouble or not ready state when trying to arm the alarm. I have a GE panel and the control4 driver for the Interlogix NetworX security system. I cannot find a variable where the zone number or name is stored. I'm hoping the Zone Name will be in a string variable that I can include in my push announcement. Eventually I'd like to create an audio announcement as well. I just need to figure out where to get the info about the zone causing the arm to fail
  10. Questions about this as I'm trying to implement a similar idea. What if someone else comes home before the person in question leaves and presses the lock button. I can see this happening where person in question leaves but doesn't press the door lock button so when someone else leaves hours later and presses the manual lock button then the alarm will try to arm the previous state as recorded in the sample program. OR if the second person comes home and person in question leaves and presses door lock, then person inside could be stuck with alarm arming away. What if the second person inside leaves ( after the person in question and lock button not pressed) and arms the alarm to away but when person in question left the alarm was in stay mode. According to the programing the alarm will try to arm itself in stay mode, but the countdown for away mode would be running. I know I'm over thinking but I'm trying to cover all possibilities
  11. Rebooting the alarm panel including disconnecting the backup battery to the alarm worked to fix this. The old turn it off and on again 🤣
  12. Was told by me dealer that new TS will come with a camera-less option. People complained about bedroom and bathroom privacy
  13. I was told from my dealer that the acquisition was for patents only as told to them by the regional c4 Rep.
  14. I'm waiting for the eARC so we can send Atmos back to the central area. Are there any extenders that do full lossless audio over cat?? I was going to buy now but want to wait as I'm going to start to use my Sony TV apps
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