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  1. How do you deal with a zoned system. I have 3 air-handlers, 4 a/c units and multiple zones. We have tekmar in-wall temp probes home run back to the server room.
  2. Quick question - the same weather has been playing everyday. Ie "Good Morning, Its Nov 23...". I check the LUA output and it has the Nov 23 weather. I cleared it and fetched the current weather and it is now uptodate. I guess we will see tomorrow if it updates or not. Can anyone think of a reason why it kept playing the same weather daily?
  3. I would also be interestED in a working driver
  4. I'm trying to copy this. Using the event When the Weather has been updated...I go to the device actions for the dark sky driver, there are no conditionals listed. IE it is blank. I can't select if weather in 3 hours equals... Shivam found a bug as I'm on 2.10.6. I wonder if this is another bug
  5. I thought I was following the documentation. Will PM
  6. I get "Concatenate 'PARAM1'" and not the text itself I put in the correct proxy id but the variable names are different from your example. I don't get Today Summary. I get Equipment Room->DarkSky Weather->Today summary My dealer who installed for me has never used either of the two drivers before and installed at my request. I'd be happy to let @Shivam Paw teamviewer in to my Comp HE session. I'm hoping it's a simple driver install error
  7. The text i insert in the Text to speak actions doesn't appear as your examples
  8. So I am not seeing what you are showing. This is exactly what I have done and see. Maybe the driver was installed incorrectly? I have rebooted the controlled and refreshed the navigators
  9. Need some help getting this going Go to Agents – Announcements and create a new announcement with the rooms you want the announcement to play in. - DONE Check Play Audio File and for the audio file select the audio file which is shown in the driver properties. - DONE Go to Programming and find the driver event for Audio File Updated. When this event occurs, execute the announcement you just created. - DONE I think. This is located under programing--> text to speech --> when audio announcement has been updated --> execute announcement Morning Weather Should it be a generic "execute announcement Text to speech"? Otherwise if I program other announcements, when audio announcement had been updated, execute morning weather will always be called even if I'm trying to announce extreme weather. Or Do I use - set true/false...have all the announcements listed under audio announcement has been updated if Morning Weather true execute morning weather set morning weather false stop If Extreme Weather true execute extreme weather set extreme weather false stop Question number 2 - I'm not getting the text to show up like your example. PARAM1 instead of the actual text to be spoken
  10. Makes sense. I don't know how to set that up. My installer has a separate network guy across the country and does everything remote
  11. @LollerAgent seems like you know your networking stuff! Second question for you: I have a server that connects thru a VPN to a different country and it connects directly to the CCR ethernet port. VPN is setup at the router level. I keep traffic on this VPN isolated from my home network. The server itself has dual 1 GbE NICs. Currently if I have to move data off of the server onto my synology, I have use teamviewer or trek to the basement with a USB drive. I'm not a fan of teamviewer for this as the files are typically 30 - 50 Gb in size and my understanding is that the data leaves my intranet, goes over the TV servers and then back to my other TV computer. This takes a long time and half the time the file transfer fails. I did have both NICs setup where one was on the home network with intranet access only and the other to the VPN connection.(VPN NIC1 192.168.x.x range with subnet mask, and intranet NIC 2 on the 10.0.x.x range with subnet mask and blank default gateway) However I am concerned that "someone" could gain access to my home network thru the VPN connection into the switch or server and learn my true IP location. Teamviewer has a intranet only mode so this was used to transfer files from the server by connecting to NIC 2 from my synology. It was much faster.Questions1. Am I right to be concerned about the dual NIC and potentially exposing my IP address2. I'm planning on upgrading my hosting server (currently a synology) to an unraid build (new box) and keep the function of the downloading function of the old server. I was thinking about using two Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT ConnectX-3 cards in a DAC to provide 10GbE speed for transfers. Would this open up my home network to IP address detection or put it at risk with network sniffing malware?3. Is there a way to tunnel or static route the VPN data from a shared CCR SFP+ port to my download server if I decided to attach the download server via SFP+ to the spare port on the SG350XG or SG500X-48P? I would still need to be able to transfer files from the download server to the unraid server which would be connected by SFP+ to the other spare port on the SG350XG or SG500X-48P?? Or is it better to use a dual SFP+ card on the unraid - one connection to home network and other DAC to download server (separate IP addresses)? If the CCR had a third SFP+ port then this would be much easier I presume.4. if the answer to 3 is no then what if I add the CRS326-24S+2Q+RM (24 SFP+ ports) above the SG350XG-48T. I could either bond both CCR SFP+ to the CRS for better bandwidth and I would have plenty of SFP+ ports. Would I still have the issue of the getting VPN connection out from the CCR as per question 3? I could use one CCR SFP+ port for my home network (would I lose out on bandwidth??) and the other SFP+ port dedicated to the VPN connection for the download server?
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