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  1. Forgot the c4 link https://www.residentialsystems.com/technology/automation/orro-announces-control4-integration-and-pulse-remote-management-system
  2. I just stumbled upon Orro. This thing looks awesome and has c4 connectivity. https://getorro.com/integrators It is swipeable. I wonder if this is the solution for a TS in an area where there is only Single gang room. I would like to know if double tap/press&hold possible What do you guys/girls think??
  3. ERDrPC


    Service resides in Europe I believe. Not out copyright laws. Lifetime subscription
  4. https://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/vs94o1zo7y?videoFoam=true Lots of cool stuff coming
  5. ERDrPC


    I just wanted to make sure the box I was thinking of would be IP controllable and quick launch. I reached out to the company and they did a test for me and the app that Alan's driver requires works well.
  6. My wife and I haven't used the wake up agent in C4. We both get up at different times especially with me being shift worker. I wonder if this new Android routine can be tied into c4? https://9to5google.com/2021/08/31/google-assistant-routine-alarm-trigger/ I would rather have my wake up agent fire when I dismiss my phone alarm as it means I'm getting up. Anyone else have any cool ways to make something like this work? Another idea is c4 programing based on Waze. If there is an accident on my route to the hospital that requires me to leave early or wake up early, I would love for c4 to let me know or fire the wake up agent early to get me up. As an aside I'd also like Waze to trigger my phone alarm earlier but that's an android thing. I guess I'm waiting for the day where we all live in Tony Stark automated homes.
  7. ERDrPC


    I was hoping that someone has installed something similar. Trying to avoid $400 usd on a dud box
  8. ERDrPC


    Anyone use a device such as the monsterbox to stream IPTV? Basically an android tv box. I want to use Alan's android tv driver for IP control. Monsterbox x1 max
  9. I have a JAP video distribution system. Is there a way to get the doorbird video feed direct to tv instead of using camera jump/ea1 and lower resolution video. Ie display the IP feed directly? I have an extra jap transmitter. I'm already planning on using the ip camera feed for a second camera view on certain TVs front my Hik.NVR
  10. Thinking of switch to this service Epico 4k It is based on an android box and requires a Google account. Anyone have a driver for IP control? Will the universal chowmain android TV driver or any other driver work?
  11. I'm on 2.10.9. I don't think intercom anywhere is fixed for my version. I have it on my phone and it's setup but never get an alert. The doorbird app rings however but that doesn't help me
  12. Have something similar to @Neo1738 can get very creative with this. I have a doorbird as well. I have noticed that I'm trying to jump to the feed on 6 TV and 6 TS. Rarely does it fully work. I'd say a third to half the displays just demonstrate a "thinking circle". The others show the camera. Not sure how to fix this. Maybe upgrading from ea5 to ca-10?? Also thinking of upgrading to a wired chime. Maybe that will improve as doorbird does have limitations on the number of displays that can see the feed I have ea1 at all screens. I just got a spare jap transmitter. I have a hikvison NVR with the special c4 firmware and standard driver I believe. I wonder if I hook up the jap to the HDMI output, will I be able to programmatically get the NVR to jump to the camera I want. Ie bypass the ea1 so I can get a higher resolution feed on the tv. Not sure if possible to get a better feed on the TS?
  13. does something like https://www.2nusa.com/en_US/products/intercoms/2n-helios-ip-verso/touch-keypad require a separate 2n controller or does the c4 driver let it act as a simple keypad??
  14. Was hoping for something simple like a Yale keypad with no dead bolt
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