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  1. I currently have interlogix and have realized that I cannot program higher level automation. I would like to be able to get the following info from an alarm: 1. Which user code disarmed 2. Which zone caused the alarm to fail to arm 3. Report open zones for other programming...ie using dark sky weather driver to signal a storm is forecast for two hours, x, y and Z windows are open. Will DSX neo or Elk do that? Interlogix does not
  2. I thought about that but we have the locks on different timers depending on which door and circumstances. The timer would not work for us. We adjust the lockout timers at least 3 times a week for most doors.
  3. Can anyone tell me which alarm panels will allow this functionality. My dealer believes that my GE interlogix panel doesn't. It also won't record which alarm disarm code was used...IE if I want to track use disarmed the alarm. We are using the Interlogix driver. Somehow C4 is smart enough to report which zone is open but we cannot find where this information is stored in a variable which can be read and programmed with
  4. I had a previous thread where I was hoping for a solution to prevent the deadbolt from firing when the door is open and causing damage to the door frame when the door closes. @RyanE created a driver - Door Auto Lock Experience button driver which fixes this. However, I was told by my installer that we can no longer use the T3 TS to adjust the autolock timer. We do this quite frequently and have 9 Yale locks. I cannot lose this functionality. I then began to think how to program what I need without losing the ability to use the T3 TS to change the autolock timer. When front door opens Get Front door AutoRelockTimeout setting Store Autolock timeout setting in a variable {type?} Change Autorelock timeout setting to ?off/never When Front door closes change autolock timer back to value stored in variable {changes it back to the value saved when using touchscreen} From reading the lock documentation, it seems like this can only be done in Composer PRO. My dealer tried to find how to see the autorelocktimeout setting and how to record it to a variable but hasn't been able to figure out how to do so. If @RyanE could add this functionality to his driver then I would buy it instantly. Conversely, if someone knows how to get the setting, save it, turn to off using programming that would also be very helpful. From the documentation but don't know how to use the info Autolock timeout setting Used to display and set the auto relock timeout at the lock. The driver does not validate values entered for this property and will not restore the original value of the property if the lock returns an error. The current value may be verified by executing the Get Lock Settings or Get Mandatory Attributes actions.
  5. This can't be as hard as it seems....
  6. It seems like it should be simple, in the T3 shot, C4 recognizes "Front door open". Where is this stored so I can send it in a push notification??
  7. I'm trying to send myself the name of the zone that causes the alarm to fail arming in a push notification. I would assume that would be "Trouble text" would have it I just opened my front door and tried to arm stay so I could see what values get written into the variables. "Last Arm failed" has the string value BYPASS. It always has this and I don't know why as I never bypass my alarm. "Trouble Text" is always blank "Trouble type" is always blank Partition state is always "disarmed ready" even when I have a zone open that would prevent arming. If I open a zone that would prevent the alarm panel itself from arming, it shows the correct error that it's unable to arm then by pressing the button on the panel it will tell me which zone. HOWEVER, C4 alarm screen on the T3 will always show the green ready to arm even if there is a zone open. Once I try to arm then the T3 shows unable to arm with the open zone. I just went through all of the system variables and I cannot find any variable that captures this info. Could my alarm be setup incorrectly? We have flood sensors in all of the bathrooms which are tied into the alarm but they don't count when arming or disarming the alarm...my installer did this. Could this be why Last arm failed always reports BYPASS as I figure the flood sensors have to be bypassed so they don't count??
  8. @msgreenfSo I've opened the agent and here is the screen capture I'm stuck at what to do next
  9. So all of the alarm zones are bound into C4. I've created a push notification for alarm fail using ${Security->Security::TROUBLE_TYPE} - reports blank everytime ${Security->House Security::LAST_ARM_FAILED} - reports "BYPASS" everytime ${Security->House Security::TROUBLE_TEXT} - reports blank everytime ${Security->House Security::OPEN_ZONE_COUNT} - this works ${Security->House Security::DISPLAY_TEXT} - reports "System ready type code to arm" however this isn't correct as the alarm display panel shows "System not ready to arm, press arrow" and when I press the arrow on the alarm panel is shows "25 Fault FRONT DOOR". When I open the front door and then open the alarm interface on my T3, C4 recognizes the front door is open. See attached screen shot. This can't be as hard as it seems???
  10. I remember seeing a thread which provided the direct launch codes for android TV apps. I'm trying to find the one for Nest for a 2018 Sony. Anyone have it or know where to find it. Google search was not helpful.
  11. Can you show us a pic. Want to get my integrator to do something like this.
  12. ERDrPC


    Has anyone thought of a way to combine Waze and C4? I have 5 different sites where I work. I'd love to walk into the master bath and have Waze tell me the expected travel time or better yet time to leave to get there for x time. Does Waze have an API that C4 driver creators can use? Maybe use the T3 TS and the driver that shows webpages. Combine it with the new Google calendar driver so the system knows which of the 5 sites to show me. The trigger will be the tricky part....Emergency physicians are shift workers and there is a possibility of 11 different start times. As well my wife works at different jobs and I wouldn't want her walking into the bathroom or pressing the lights on scene and trigger my Waze. Heck....why not set it up for her schedule as well. Just want the system to more like Jarvis
  13. I'm interested in this but I'm not sure which variable states I should care about. Any examples?
  14. can the wyze cam's be set to record to a hikvision NvR?
  15. Thanks - I will test this weekend
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