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  1. Not the cheapest guys for a tiny job. Not saying they don't do good.
  2. I have 2 TVs not working. I think it has something to do with the cat 6 extender. I am using an HDMI matrix from SnapAV. I also have about 5 dimmers that need to be integrated into my system. Some of them are old like embernet old. some are ZigBee. I have an old hc300 laying around to upgrade them.
  3. I have a bunch of non working SR250 remotes, maybe 6-8 of them. I really need about 3 more. Is there any way to get these working, does anyone do any repairs to these?
  4. They were the Binary 560 series 4K and they were brand new, so they weren't an off brand or anything.
  5. I know they aren't 4K, but would it make sense to start buying newer components so that when I do upgrade my matrix all of my receivers would already be done. I wouldn't buy them for the sake of buying them, only if they broke buy a newer one. I would hate to buy 4 or 5 older ones and then upgrade the matrix and have to throw all of them away. For example I saw a B300 receiver on ebay for like $40-$50 and I saw a 4k transmitter and receiver for like $70. So for $20 more, seems like it might be worth it.
  6. I need to get a new receiver for this Matrix. I am wondering what receivers will work with this. I have a mix of b300 and b500 receivers now. But I am thinking if I need a new receiver should I just get a newer model that might support 4K for in the future but will work now with what I have? Thoughts.
  7. How do you even do that? I usually only use the remote.
  8. I have 2 dune players with about 2500 movies and probably 50 different TV series on there. So we don't really use the DVR much.
  9. What do you mean by this. Normally if I want to see the DVR content I do it from direct TV, not from control4.
  10. It isn't that I hate direct TV, I don't, but I am just trying to save some bucks. And it isn't like I don't like my Gigabit Internet up and down. What do you mean by they are slow and the integration is horrible?
  11. I currently have ATT Uverse Gigabit internet, Direct TV, and Vonage. I am paying about $300 for all three. Lots of international crap. Anyway, got a quote from Spectrum, to switch internet, Tv, and phone for $150 per month, with taxes $160 per month. So I am thinking of switching. Really the only thing that worries me is getting all of the remotes working with the new TV service. and I am using an HDMI matrix. I have 8 TVs but only 3 boxes right now. Could anyone do some remote programming and get this set up for me?? How much?
  12. Give yourself 10 more years, and you will just try and figure out which wall the TV is on.
  13. I have 10 HD TVs in my house and whenever we watch a TV series we watch it in SD. Don't care. Also, in my older age, sound doesn't really matter, I just need something loud enough to drown out the tinnitus. I honestly can't tell the difference between 1080 and 4K, I have looked time and time again. they look exactly the same to me. I went to a friends house for Super bowl and he had a 4K TV with cables all running down the wall to his cable box. Had alexa and would yell stuff at it and it worked pretty well. He was extremely happy with it and he set up everything himself very inexpensively. It is like buying a fast car. You can buy the fastest thing out today and tomorrow something is faster, better, and cheaper. So buy something you like that fits your budget and you will be good.
  14. What do you guys mean by local IP DNS. That doesn't really make any sense. Are you referring to the local loopback address, the address of the device itself, the address of your router, your ISP, or something else?
  15. DNS is just name resolution. Names can be statically entered in DNS or dynamically. What are you using for a DNS server? Most likely the customer won't have a DNS server onsite. The only reason they would probably use DNS is for doing internet look ups.
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