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  1. You should write up a good post of your install and process. It would be good stuff.
  2. I just reseeded/overseeded my lawn recently so I am drenching it. Holy crap $600 for water. I don't miss that bill. you could justify paying $300+ for a controller pretty easily.
  3. Do you seriously get into all of that. Mine is watering twice a day. honestly I turned off the rain sensor and don't care, I water in the middle of while it is raining. On a well so it is free. Who cares.
  4. How much "smartness" do you really need. 1. Its raining - don't water any more. 2. Set up zones and how and when to water. 3. I have been using my manual controller for 10 years, and I still wonder why I need/want anything different. The ONLY reason is when I am troubleshooting zones it is a pain in the butt to run back over to the controller for the next zone. Otherwise set it and forget it. Is there really anything else?
  5. At one time I was looking at some Raspberry Pis that could be linked together and then use opensprinkler to control it. Anybody tried that or is it dumb?
  6. I was just reading up on that and they don't seem to be able to seemlessly program together. Am I missing something. I currently have a manual Toro 24 zone controller.
  7. I need a 24 zone controller. What would you guys recommend?
  8. Obviously most onsite work would probably have to hold off until all of this crazy corona crap is done.
  9. My HC300 has 2.5 on it already. I have a couple laying around. most stuff can be done remotely, but if someone was local. some stuff could be done locally as well. Hard to hang a TV remotely.
  10. I have older controllers available. an HC300
  11. I have some remote programming needed as well as some onsite stuff. Here are the basics for remote I have a remote that needs to be connected - SR250 I have 5-7 embernet light switches that need to be upgraded and then connected to the system I am gonna get a new TV to replace one that I have. I think I am running either 2.9 or 3.?? - wanted to upgrade to the newest thing. Onsite - in Raleigh, NC I have a non working TV - I think the Baluns are messed up. - They are SnapAV. I want to install a TV outside and connect it to my matrix, run wires, bunch of crap. Got one Video camera not working. Give me your best price.
  12. Not the cheapest guys for a tiny job. Not saying they don't do good.
  13. I have 2 TVs not working. I think it has something to do with the cat 6 extender. I am using an HDMI matrix from SnapAV. I also have about 5 dimmers that need to be integrated into my system. Some of them are old like embernet old. some are ZigBee. I have an old hc300 laying around to upgrade them.
  14. I have a bunch of non working SR250 remotes, maybe 6-8 of them. I really need about 3 more. Is there any way to get these working, does anyone do any repairs to these?
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