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  1. OMG that is a depressing GUI. Did they get the design inspiration from a windows phone?
  2. LOL, agree on the Windows. Everyone updates their phone, computer, tv the second it becomes available. It's the way technology is these days. Sure no one is forcing 3.0 on anyone. However, I think it says something that in 3 years your secondary equipment is no longer upgradeable. Especially a secondary controller that is supposed to be mounted behind TV's. I can understand if it was the main controller but it's silly that something be used for IR and Serial outputs can't be added on a 3.0 system (again assuming the rumor is true).
  3. What exciting information has been shared so far? A new GUI? The only information I have seen, so far, isn't very exciting. I'm assuming there will be things to get excited about, but nothing released so far is exciting.
  4. I feel bad for people who paid MSRP for HC250, a few years ago, and will now find out they need to be removed from "behind the tv" and replaced (if rumor is true since Control4 doesn't preannounce, blah blah blah). It hurts a lot less paying $75 on ebay then $599 to my dealer. An excellent reason to not buy a replacement, fool me once....
  5. Yes, I have PowerView Pirouettes. My friend has them as well, they work great.
  6. I have HD installed and it works beautifully. Any other option was significantly more expensive and HD window treatments are very high quality.
  7. We are all anxiously awaiting our equipment to be EOL'ed. Can't wait for 3.0. All the "exciting" rumors are pretty underwhelming thus far. Thanks for sharing, though. This is also similar to what I have heard.
  8. Looking to purchase rack ears for my HC800 and 16zamsv3-b matrix. PM me if you have an extra, aren't using or just looking to sell.
  9. Good luck to all the Control4 employees, you have built an amazing product, I hope SnapAV recognizes that.
  10. Looking to buy the following (new, open-box, reconditioned, used): In wall Silver LCR/4 (QTY 3) In wall Silver Surround (QTY 8 ) In room Silver sub with rackamp 700 (QTY 2) JVC RS1000 or RS2000 Send me a PM with cost and what you have.
  11. I was pretty much given the run around. I had to email them multiple times over a month long time frame and told me it was in queue to be completed. Finally, they said that I had to be on 2.10 in order for it to work. I'd stay away from them.
  12. I tried to buy the driver from this company and was quoted $355 for the driver and install. They had me add them on to the C4 system and needed my Carrier login (I used a generic one) and then never responded to multiple emails, calls. I wouldn't recommend them, unfortunately, no other options to integrate.
  13. What a ridiculous process to have to go through for an end user.
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